Oh Baby!

So, here it is, baby blanket #1, which didn’t quite meet the deadline. I had hoped to have it done before little Helen arrived, but she was eager to greet the world, so… I’ll get it to her later this week. It too was done from a Lion Brand pattern, for Homespun. I used Baby Homespun, and with those awesome Knitpick Options, had no trouble knitting it right up. My only complaint, which has happened with Noro too, is that I, who so carefully joins without knots, find the “manufacturer” produced joiner knots VERY annoying. I tucked it into the soft, fluffy stitches around it, so I hope the awful knot stays hidden for as long as little Helen and her family use blankie #1.

Blankie #2, done in a varigated blue and a (gasp!) non-Lion Brand pattern must remain a bit of a secret until we see how fast it knits up. If it will hurry along better than it has been, it is intended for a little boy coming along in late May. If #2 and/or a friend who is due a bit sooner fail(s) to cooperate, it may go to whichever little boy is born first. Sigh. The invitation to the shower for baby who was on my schedule to receive blankie #3 arrived today, so maybe I should just accept that he will be getting #2?? (Did you follow that?!)

And socks. Did I mention that I am nearly obsessed with learning to knit socks?

Oh yeah. There’s another pink blankie (#4??) sitting in the stash, waiting to happen rather quickly too. Note to self and anyone else thinking they might cut into my knitting time: no more “updates” that must be installed three (yes, THREE) times before working as they should, and no more meetings that aren’t already on my schedule until I get these blankies done!

One comment on “Oh Baby!

  1. Anne says:

    Oh it’s adorable 🙂 I like that pink, actually, which is surprising since I usually think pastels are icky :p I can’t wait to see the other ones you have coming 🙂

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