Blogging is Good

Blankie #2 is about to enter its last skein. So, whether I get to the prescribed 39 inches or not, the end is in sight. That means that it might, MIGHT be ready to be wrapped up Friday night and handed over to the recipient’s sister inlaw for the shower on Saturday, not to be confused with the shower I’ll attend on Saturday, nor with the shower I will neither attend nor get a blankie to another guest to give… Phew. And still get to a family birthday dinner by 6pm.

I’m seeing the use of this blogging thing already. I was able to look back and see that indeed, I have made progress on blankie #2. When it’s a mostly stockinette stitch, little row after little row, it seems I’m just spinning needles, going nowhere. But thanks to my trusty blog, which I was all but dragged into kicking and screaming, I know that I had a very productive weekend, and the end is near.

Sending happy thoughts to The Bag Lady, who is having a rough Monday. A big shout out to my pal in the Knitters Treat Exchange, and to my spoiler. My spoiler knows who she is, but I don’t, while my pal doesn’t know anything other than that she does have a spoiler. Got that?

One comment on “Blogging is Good

  1. Anne says:

    Yup, and I love that about my blog whether anyone visits or not (though please don’t stop I love sharing it with you!) – that I can look back to old projects and find out the name of that yarn I liked, or see what size needles I used on something or what not – it’s awesome for that.

    And thank you for the warm thoughts – I could almost feel them 🙂

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