Lucky Me!

Friday the 13th holds no particular meaning for me. I generally dislike Fridays as they tend to be a little grumpy and chaotic at work, but then again, Friday afternoon brings the weekend! This weekend is a little too hectic to be a great break, but I’m looking forward to my trip to Boston, even if I won’t get to see the outside of the hotel much at all. I’m looking forward to the shower where blankie #3 will be given too, but not the mounds of laundry I need to do to get ready to pack.

Back to my good luck. I had to go spend a small fortune and pick up Fred’s prescription, so that he can remain mobile and pain-free while I’m away (assuming his human Dad remembers to follow the detailed instructions I’ll leave), and pick up lunch for several of us. Well, that path took me very near one of my LYSs, so of course, my vehicle just carried me there. I found some great yarn for my KTE pal hand-dyed by a local artist, and some yummy cotton chenille for my hubby’s face cloth I want to make. No pictures, as I’m at work, but perhaps after my haircut, shopping for very large baby gift bags and cards, shipping out a few treats, finishing the LAST FIVE ROWS of blankie #2, going to a Stampin’ Up party, printing out our Federal Taxes and getting them in the mail, maybe I’ll still have the energy to post a finished picture of #2 and at least the yummy yarn I bought. I also grabbed four balls of Sugar ‘n Cream cotton last night for dishcloths for the mothers for Mothers Day, but that’s not very exciting.

So yeah, I’m lucky. I got out of the office, into the sunshine. I got some great yarn, even if I didn’t have time to venture past the one little spot in the floor where I stood and grabbed the yarn for my pal with my right hand, took maybe one step, and picked up the cotton (I can’t call it chenille too much, because I don’t like chenille!) for hubby’s little “think of me while I’m gone” gift. Then, two little steps to the right, and I checked out and headed back to work.

Life is good.

3 comments on “Lucky Me!

  1. Anne says:


    Pwease? 😀

  2. Anonymous says:

    I joined sockapalooza too 🙂 I’m having fun thinking of things for your package 🙂
    KTE Pal

  3. Channon says:

    Well, TBL has been pacified with some pictures, so it’s all good.

    To my KTE pal… TBL and I have been emailing about my Amazon box that arrived today! It contains two sock books and a work of fiction I want to take on my trip, but I don’t trust myself to open the box… I don’t have any sock yarn, or time to learn until after I get home again, and then some.

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