I’m Gonna Knit Socks!

I am. Really. I bought the yarn today, so it’s really going to happen. I slipped into the other LYS on a long lunch run, and picked up the very yarn that The Pro had recommended. I knew it was destiny when the shop owner handed me the very color I’d been drooling over online. And isn’t that a great picture? It’s amazing what the close-up setting and natural light will do. Of course, natural light isn’t an option when I’m posting late at night, which is often the case, but I had a little aha! moment while letting Fred inside, so there you go. Can I tell you that those are just about my favorite colors? A little rose, a little rosy coral, some almost kelly green, some sage green… Sigh. Can’t wait to start, finish and have them on my feet! It’s been a cool spring for the most part, but you can bet your bippy that since this Artyarn is 100% merino, it will be 90 degrees when I finish my socks. I’ll wear ’em anyway.
While I was making decent pictures, I dragged the finished Special Companion out for its moment in the sun. No, not really; there’s no sunshine to be had, but here it is, just the same. The colors aren’t really that bright; I guess my close up was close enough that the flash added a bit to it. I think the one below is better for the colors, but not for the design of the bag. The purple is not as vivid as the picture on the right would have it.

I do live in the woods. I tell people that all the time, and I don’t think they really believe me. So, you can glimpse our poor dead grass that will look pretty and green for two weeks in July, when it has had enough sunlight and water to thrive, just before our August scorcher. The little bag doesn’t mind though. I think it liked sitting on the porch and looking at the dogwood blossoms, which are about all I have to offer in the way of flowers, thanks to our late, hard frost and snow.
I tried to arrange a cute pose with the purse handle around Mugsy’s neck, and while it slipped over very comfortably, he didn’t think it was cute and refused to pose. Just as well. This blog is supposedly about knitting, not about my dogs, no matter how cute they are. A friend asked if I was going to design “made by” labels. I don’t think that’s necessary. As with my wardrobe, each of my handknit creations is marked by its stiff, short, white hairs from Mugsy, and the lovely burnt copper and/or white long hairs from Fred. Yep. No matter how careful I am, they’re in there.
Back to the rest of my mother’s birthday present. It’s another dishCLOTH, in a nurse’s hat pattern. If I finish it tonight, I’ll slide it in here too.

3 comments on “I’m Gonna Knit Socks!

  1. Anonymous says:

    yeah on knitting socks, I LOVE it, and I just learned through a Secret Pal swap a few months ago, it’s not as had as you might think, the yarn you chose is very pretty, can’t wait too see progress pics 🙂
    KTE Pal

  2. Channon says:

    I suspect I will love it. I seem to enjoy project that are kinda’ quick and offer a bit of change, and socks seem to fit that bill! I’m waiting on the Bag Lady. I won’t be able to do much tomorrow night, but I hope we’re starting in the next couple of days!!

  3. Anne says:

    Hey I actually really like the way the colors turned out in that bag! It looks great!! 😀

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