Froggy Socks

I was cruising right along on my first pair of socks, when I realized I’d somehow gotten off-kilter with the pattern. Frogged back to the start, because figured the practice wouldn’t hurt. HA! Now, I can’t make the first row happen. First, I twisted the join. Then, I don’t know what I did, but the last stitch was a trainwreck. So, I’m casting on again, after I take a little break here.

This is the Mothers Day cloth I did for my mother inlaw. It’s actually in a rather vivid blue, but with my great photography skills, you could either have the pattern OR the correct color, and I decided you wanted the pattern. I’m certain Rachel would rather I show her pattern in all its glory than the right color!

Using my new “hey, you can see the pattern!” skills, here’s the nurse’s hat. It’s the old fashioned, stand-up on the top of the head cap my grandmother favored, so I hope my mother enjoys it. My mother did some nursing in the cap, but her last few years were without it. My grandmother never did get used to nurses in scrubs and doctors without ties, but the world moves on.

Now, a big sigh, and back the sock I go. It really was going well. Magic loop, pretty colors… What more could I ask? Oh yeah. To be able to replicate the process.

A few minutes later… We have a sock. Again. Mugsy is sleeping through the success, which is too bad, because he was trying to make me feel better when I frogged my cast-on for the xth time.

One comment on “Froggy Socks

  1. Anne says:

    That dishcloth looks SO cute! Now I have to catch up on socks, soon!

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