Inch by Inch

There are the first 20 rows of my sock. My first sock. I had to try it on last night, with only 17 rows complete, and my husband wasn’t at his supportive best, at midnightish. “What’s that?” he asked. Like he didn’t know. He’d made the mistake of trying to talk to me during one of the failed cast-ons. “The first few rows of my first sock.” He gave me one of those, “Are you sure?” looks, and said he was going to bed. Hrmph. He knows of the call of the sock. Last week, he politely asked about the yarn for the sock, and then only said “How much?!” twice when I realized I hadn’t taken the price tags off the yarn before showing it to him. He kept asking when I was going to begin the sock when I’d cast on another dishcloth. I had expected more enthusiasm when the sock got under way, but maybe tomorrow?
In other on the needle news, I’m doing my first KAL, with Rachel. I’m trying out Cotton Ease, in the irresistible terracotta. I’ve loved that color since my Nannie brought back a teeshirt in a rose-terracotta-ish color from New Zealand. I’m knitting it on #7s, and since it looked a little prone to splitting, I’m using regular aluminum straight needles rather than the beloved favorite Knitpicks Options. No pictures though, because this is my sock’s moment, and because frankly, what do ten rows of a mystery pattern do? Maybe after tomorrow’s ten rows, if there’s some sunlight left, but more likely, you’ll just have to wait until the dishcloth KAL is complete.
Note to TBL – come on dearie! We can’t knit our first socks together if you don’t cast on. I did hold you up last night, what with my endless questions about Magic Loop, but I’ve got it now, so no excuses!! 😉
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3 comments on “Inch by Inch

  1. henke in AK says:

    It looks AWESOME! Look at you GO! I am finishing up my friend’s socks, and then I’ll get started on mine to match you guys…


  2. Devonshire says:

    Your first socks look great! Aren’t they fun? I use double points, but would love to learn to use the circulars just so I know how. Love the dish clothes too!

  3. Anne says:

    I have only 12 rows 😦 And my cast on looks MUCH fatter than yours 😦 They said do it loosely!

    Must find a different cast on for socks, but for now this’ll do. I just wanna finish some first thing, then i’ll worry about making it pretty.

    Yours are looking great though!

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