Get Your Trivia…

I completely forgot that we’re supposed to be answering trivia questions for House Points. So, if my prefect is looking, the answer is Voldemort and Dumbledore. That’s a nice, Ravenclawish blue there, to help her find it! I still can’t believe that I get to combine two passions – knitting and Harry Potter – not once, but twice! There are the Hogwarts Sock Kit Swap and Charmed Knits, one for rather selfish fun, and the other for a great cause. I plan to start my first Charmed knit probably next week. I have that KAL dishcloth to finish, and the first sock to hopefully polish off this weekend, and that will allow me to whip out one last dishcloth for my mother inlaw’s Mothers Day assortment. The first hat comes after that. My husband’s blanket’s yarn is now back ordered (just the yellow, but then two other colors I’d selected were from an outdated color chart), so we’ll be well into May before I can start that. I’m not happy, but such is life. I can say I’ll be ordering most of my yarn online from now on.

Oh yeah. There are the baby blankets too. Both will be in non-gender-specific colors, but they’re not due until July. The blankets, that is. The babies aren’t due until August and September. Lots of knitting will be happening here!

2 comments on “Get Your Trivia…

  1. Gramknits says:

    Wow, are you busy knitting. I got your triva question and will check but It seems to me that should also be a mention of how the swap is going on your blog as we don’t have partners yet. Good job on the trivia. It has been a while for me too.

  2. Sue J. says:

    Hi Chan,
    You sweet thing, you! My goody box just arrived today, and I am just thrilled. Thank you so much. How did you know I love Claudia’s sock yarn? And Lindt chocolate! You must be a mind reader. The lotion is already by my beside, and the magazine will be poured over tonight. I do feel so very treated. Thank you, thank you. Look for pics on my blog tomorrow!
    Hugs, Sue

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