Contest Entries

See, now that I’ve joined all these swaps, there are the contests. So, for Anne’s dishcloth exchange, I’m supposed to note here what I am most looking forward to about summertime. That’s easy. Toes! While my husband would insist otherwise, I hate shoes. I live for the warmer days when I can ditch the shoes and socks and get pedicures more often than hubby thinks I should. I have a girlfriend with whom we update our “toes showing” status in the spring and fall. A good day is one where we both have toes showing, especially if the toes aren’t too cold.

I’m also working on the Felted Bag Exchange contest questions. I feel I’m kinda’ cheating; I printed the questions to help me track the participants I’m matching up for Anne. I do hope to get through all of the blogs before the deadline for the contest, but we’ll see. I have socks to knit, and that last dishcloth for my mother inlaw, and I do have a life away from the computer and the knitting needles ya’ know.

On a happy note, my secret pal of KTE now knows who her spoiler is, and Sue was pleased with her treats. So, half of my first exchange was a success, and I’m still trying to figure out who my spoiler is. Of course, when the package arrives, I’ll know, but I’m trying to guess before then!!

4 comments on “Contest Entries

  1. Sue J. says:

    Yes, I do know who my spoiler is, and I am still tickled pink. I used the hand cream last night, and Wolfie went wild. I had to rub a little on him. And a life away from the needles and the computer? What’s that? I hope you receive an awesome package like I did.

  2. Anne says:

    I figured Sue would like it – and she’s my pal for the Coffee swap!! I love toes about summer too 😀 even if they can be in spring and fall here too 😮

  3. carole says:

    you are so close… I’ll reveal the answer later

  4. Devonshire says:

    I too love me some flip-flops!!!

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