Spoiled Rotten!

I am indeed treated well. My Knitters Treat Exchange spoiler went above and beyond! Thanks again, Barb. As a new knitter, I must confess that I’ve never really looked at Interweave Knits, so as soon as I finish this post, I’m going to go enjoy a cuppa’ and take my time flipping through. Choosing which tea to enjoy from the assortment Barb sent will be tough! The big box in the back (orange in color, with a ball of yarn on top), is Stash ginger peach, which is a favorite of mine, but there are also several “singlets” too choose from too, some varieties unseen to my American eyes. I’ve hidden the Kisses with caramel, because my hubby is as big a caramel fan as I am. (Is that care-ah-mel or carmull?) On the far right are some bath gels and the sweetest little bag of stitch markers you’ve ever seen. As I tend to use scrap yarn or the Lion Brand stitch markers, these are a REAL treat! Then there’s the yarn. THREE skeins! On the far left is the Bernat handicrafter’s cotton in a fabulous varigated green, then a large, soft skein that I’m already thinking will be something sweet for my mother inlaw, and then that grand, bright varigated LaPayla ball on top of the tea. Whew! I’m glad I’ve already signed up for more exchanges. Nothing like a special package to chase that allergy headache away.
I must also give Wolfie a moment in the sun. I know his MommySusie gives him his due, but I am trying to shame Mugsy (see right) into being so civilized. Sue said Wolfie had to have some of the lotion I sent, as in, she had to put some on him! Hear that Mugs? Wolfie’s Mommy doesn’t have to reapply her lotion because he licks it off and annoys her to no end. He simply and kindly has his own lotion applied, the end. I know you’re an old dog, but I keep saying how smart you are, so how about learning a new trick? Instead of trying to lick all the lotion off my legs while I’m trying to get dressed each morning, would you settle for a little pretend lotion application of your own?

So, my first exchange is complete, and it was an incredible experience. Sue likes her treats, I feel very special thanks to Barb, and I am inspired to try hard to make successful matches with my group for the Spring Felted Bag Exhange! (Sign-ups are closed, but mark the site and check in, because I think Anne is going to do another one in the fall or so.)

Just so Mr. Freddie doesn’t feel left out, here’s my favorite picture of the honey hound. He’s much more photogenic than Mugsy, because he’s much more inclined to just be still for more than a half of a second! I must also note that he doesn’t lick lotion, or even bother with kisses very often, but when he does, they are sweet, surprisingly dry little blessings of love!

5 comments on “Spoiled Rotten!

  1. Sue J. says:

    OMG, your babies are sooooo adorable!
    I know about doggie kisses being sweet little blessings. And I am so glad you were spoiled so appropriately. I’m really glad you got an Interweave Knits. My favorite magazine and publisher of knitting books. Head to their website and check it out. They sponsor KAL’s and swaps all the time. Have fun, have fun!

  2. Dominique says:

    thanks for the comment on my blog. Could not find your e-mail; so I am responding here. The lizard ridge afghan is a lot of fun, because the color changes keep surprising you. Sure, the Kureyon is a tad scratchy, but it is real wool. It took me some time to appreciate real wool also, but now I am loving it.


  3. Barb says:

    I’m glad you liked everything, I had fun putting it togeather 🙂

  4. Anne says:

    Freddie IS all sorts of a cute pup, is he not?? I mean, not that mugsy isn’t. Just saying. freddie looks cute there LOL

  5. Devonshire says:

    Love your cute doggies! Hope the sock is going well!

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