Can’t Help Myself

Hi. My name is Chan, and I am a join-aholic. I’m also well on my way to being a sockaholic. I’d already planned to finish my Sockza (my own pet name for Sockapalooza 4) socks while I’m on a working vacation of sorts in July, so why not?! No, there’s no crime in that, but Sue pointed out that ordering more sock yarn before my Loopy Loot arrived coupled with a late-night run into Barnes and Noble to buy Sensational Socks (my third sock book) just might make me want to block off some free time for sock therapy. Do you think it would be a bad idea to drop a sock in progress in my felted Booga and knit during that session?
Um, yeah. It’s that bad. Even my need for line-by line coaching, twice, during sock #1 didn’t stop the seduction of the sock. And guess what readers?! Fate WANTS me to buy more yarn, probably SOCK yarn! I got a call from one LYS, saying that part of the yarn I had to order for hubby’s summer afghan (probably to reach completion for spring 2008, because you know… socks call) is in, so I’ll pick that up in the morning on my way out of town for the afternoon. But see, I’d already set my heart on swinging into the other LYS in town to pick up a few things (if I don’t say it, does it still indicate a problem?), so I’ll be able to hit both shops before my little afternoon on the road.
I hope to get home in time to catch the Derby. I’ll miss going to a rockin’ Derby party in cool shoes with a fancy hat, but that’s okay. Think of the money I’ll save to spend on… things.
So, I’m sitting here enjoying an empty office, with the satisfaction of knowing it’s been a good week at work, wondering why the sock very truly captivated me. I’d figured out a few weeks ago that I like comparatively quick projects, that I enjoy *NOT* garter stitching into oblivion, but even if you allow for those to somehow synergize each other into some big knitting mojo, I’m not sure it explains the intense case of sock seduction I have. Why do y’all love socks?
Speaking of socks and joinings, do I have sock spoilers for the Hogwarts Sock Kit Swap and Sockza? I have nice ladies to spoil for both swaps, but no one seems to want to spoil me. Pout.

5 comments on “Can’t Help Myself

  1. Kit says:

    Because your HSKS spoiler hasn’t got enough stuff together to tease you with yet!


  2. Sue J. says:

    Great post! I don’t quite know what is the mystique of the sock. I just know I could sit and knit the darn things all day. Perhaps it’s the multitude of hand painted, hand dyed yarns, or the thousands of patterns out there waiting to be knit. But they all call to me, and are now calling to you. I’d say I’m sorry, but, in reality, I’m pickled tink. 🙂

  3. Channon says:

    Teased?! Uh-oh. Sounds as though I’ll have some sleuthing to do…

  4. Devonshire says:

    Socks: My name is Devon and I am a sockaholic! It is a good club to belong to I think….but why are we addicted, that is the question.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Tracked you down!!!

    She of the small feet!

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