Poor, Poor Pitiful Me

Warning – the precious little knitting content is at the bottom.

That’s what Mugsy is thinking. It has been a rough day, for both of us.

Annual visits to the vet aren’t bad. My dogs love Dr. Nancy. (If you live in Central VA and need a good vet, leave your email and a comment.) But today sucked. Mugsy’s 11+, so we weren’t expecting anything eventful. Here’s how the “goin’ to the vet” day works:

The dog in question goes to work with me. This is considered a treat for the dog and the employees not working in the office. Those in the office are excited for precisely as long as it takes dog in question to get on their last nerve, generally less than ten minutes. You see, as Anne can attest, both of my doggies believe the world revolves around them. If you don’t see it that way, they will attempt to educate you. So, at some point, we head to the vet, where said dog also walks in like he owns the place, and the dear people there seem to encourage these notions with too many treats, kisses, and glares at me when I attempt to demand manners from the dog. Afterwards, we swing by Arbys, where the dog gets his own small roast beef, hold the bun for Mugsy, but not for Fred!

That’s how it went for the first part. Then, Dr. Nancy looked at me over the top of her glasses when I mentioned Mugsy’s “loose hip” was acting up. Dumb me. She has a million patients, but *SHE* remembers it is his left hip, yet he is favoring his right rear leg today. Uh-oh. So, after the shots, toenail trim, looking at a warty growth on his neck, letting him lick her face, etc., she asks me to give her a hand. She begins to manipulate his right rear leg, all the while telling me that normally, they have to put the dog under to perform this test, but we both know Mugsy has a whopper of a pain threshold, and he will let Dr. Nancy do stitches, staples, etc. without the usual anesthesia. The result: my old baby has a torn ACL. Surgery isn’t an option because of his age and his size, so for EIGHT WEEKS, no fetch, no long walks, no running, no jumping, etc. With a bit of luck, enough scar tissue will develop to support the other ligaments in that knee.

So, between two shots, the whole temperature taking-thing, and a long day at the office, Mugsy is exhausted. Too much so to protest posing with the two packages that arrived today. The long awaited, twice-shipped Charmed Knits, and my prize from the Charmed Knits contest, Not Your Mama’s Felting are here. The Creative Knitting is in there to remind me to tell you that my July copy never arrived. Sigh. I’ve filled out the appropriate online form on their website, so hopefully, I’ll hear from them soon, and it will arrive soon too. POUT.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go snuggle the invalid and flip through my new books. And knit, of course.

6 comments on “Poor, Poor Pitiful Me

  1. Anne says:

    OH NO! No WAY he’s going to go for that 😦 I’m so sorry 😦 I know even from maddie how hard it is to keep them from moving too much.. and.. um.. she didn’t even know how to play fetch. And I’m coming to see him and woulda thrown the ball 100 times!! Poor mugser, give him a kiss for me 😦

  2. Sue J. says:

    Your dear, sweet Mugsy is so adorable, but my eyes teared up hearing about his ordeal today. You could not have gotten a more darling picture of him. Keep up the snuggling, the reading and the knitting.

  3. Devonshire says:

    Hope Mugsy feels better really soon. How are the books? Let me know about Charmed Knits – I’m very interested in that one!

  4. martina in ak says:

    Aw, poor Mugsy! I hope he’ll heal fast! Has a few minutes to read some back posts…sounds like you’ve been busy. I am envying your new books/magazines to read…I need to get me some.

  5. vegasangelbrat says:

    Poor Mugsy, he looks really comfy but I know he’ll be even more comfy once Mom joins him 🙂
    Let us know how the books are.

  6. Ruth says:

    Poor Mugsy ….

    The bedrest can work. Our Goof injured his ACL a few years ago, when he was five, and we put him on bedrest and anti-inflamatories. We were all miserable for a couple of months (all that pent up energy), but he’s done well. The angle of his knee is wonky, but it works and he doesn’t seem to feel any pain … runs and chases things like he used to, and goes on long walks with me a few times per week. He does have arthritis in the joint, for which we give him an anti-inflammatory every day.

    Hoping that your Mugsy sees similar improvment …

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