Better Safe Than Sorry

I’m nothing if not conservative. (That’s not a political statement though.) Would that bit of ball have been enough to do the 100 rows of lavender in the straps? Maybe, but I couldn’t take that chance. (Somebody tell my hubby I need digital scales AND the winder and swift for my birthday!) And no Anne, that’s not i-cord. I believe I would rather do 400 rows of i-cord than 400 rows of stockinette at 10 stitches wide.
The good news is that by bedtime, my felted bag pal’s gift will be knitted. Then comes the finishing and felting and such, but that’s the only picture you’ll see until it reaches my pal.
That also means that I’m casting on with the SWS tomorrow, or later tonight! Yeah!
In other knitting news, I have finally selected a pattern for my HSKS pal’s bag. The sock yarn and a pattern are on the way, so that leaves needles, stitch markers and other treats to find. The yarn for the bag too, as I cannot sew a bit, must be purchased, but I’m hoping to do that Tuesday on my mini road trip to check out the promising new-to-me yarn shop the next little village over.
See?! I’m knitting. I just can’t show you what I’m knitting. Sockem? I miss you, but we’ll be together soon. Very soon…
Thanks to all for the well-wishes for Mugsy. He’s doing well. We, however, are not. It’s no fun trying to keep even an 11+ year old Jack Russell from running and jumping. By the time the 8 weeks pass, he will think his name is “Mugsy, no. NO MUGSY!” and he will believe those words are always followed by a human grabbing his little nubby tail, or at least, lunging in that direction.

3 comments on “Better Safe Than Sorry

  1. pantoufle says:

    I feel your pain. I just did six feet of icord for a bag and it managed to knot itself up while felting. I’m currently working on 6.5 ft of stockinette at 15 stitiches wide for my SFBE bag.
    why oh why can’t I pick bags without knit handles?

  2. vegasangelbrat says:

    Woo-Hoo..go Gusset go…its done I take it? lol Pretty colors, love that purple!
    I am so glad Mugsy is doing so much better…dang animals, make us yell at them…lol All outta love though. 🙂

  3. Sue J. says:

    So glad Mugsy is on the mend. It is so difficult to keep any dog quiet, but a Jack Russell! All that energy! Will we see pics of the finished bag? Hope so. Also hope you are having an enjoyable long weekend.

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