So, question #3 has come around. Three folks in the exchange I have something in common with, knitting aside!

  1. Lia and I both evidently like Harry Potter.
  2. Laurie C and I both hate Barney, that big purple menace. We disagree on Pooh though.
  3. Jenny M seems just as into fresh tomatoes as I am. We have six little plants in the flower bed in front of the office (but alas, the camera is at home)!

I must also report that I have finally purchased the sock yarn and pattern for my HSKS pal last night. I hope she’ll like it. I’ve also decided what yarn I’m using for Sockza, and I need to get it ordered. I was going to ship out packages for my SFBE pal and the prize for Mary from my first contest for the dishcloth swap, but I forgot one little thing… Mugsy. We’re going to the vet today for his annual stuff, and a dog and packages with FOOD inside don’t mix, aside from the fact that it’s warm enough I don’t want to leave him in the car while I ship things. So, maybe tomorrow, folks!


Picture me, hands thrown in the air, NFL ref style. My local Michael’s had the not really short but shorter than I could find elsewhere #7 metal needles, AND… drumroll… Patons SWS! Even in the colorway (Natural Pink) I’d eyed. Life is good today. Gonna take Mugsy for a walk in a minute too, so it’s ALL good here.

And a million thanks to Lori from the Spring Felted Bag Exchange, for the awesome list of other self-striping yarns. Same day service. Better than my dry cleaners, Lori. You rock. (See Lori’s comment in the post most previous to this one if you’re looking for non-Yuck yarn. And to those lurving their Kureyon, I have some partial skeins I’ll send you, because I don’t care to ever knit with the rough stuff again, typed while stroking my SWS. Even Mugsy has turned his head.)

You do realize the pal’s felted bag, at about 33%, is going to get shoved aside so I can love on my wool and soy product fibers. See, the way I figure it, I almost have to be supporting my local farmer family & friends. My childhood is filled with visions of soybeans, waving in the breeze, and there are a couple of sheep farms around here too. So, never you mind about the made in China part of the label. In my little feelin’ the love world today, the soybeans for my yarn came from Uncle Dave’s farm, and the wool came from Mrs. Robinson’s sheep. Don’t try to reason with me. I don’t want to hear it.

Oh What A Beautiful Morning(from Oklahoma)



There’s a bright golden haze on the meadow,

There’s a bright golden haze on the meadow,

The corn is as high as an elephant’s eye,

An’ it looks like it’s climbin’ clear up to the sky.

Oh, what a beautiful mornin’,Oh, what a beautiful day.

I got a beautiful feelin’

Ev’rything’s goin’ my way.

(There’s more, but I’ll spare you. Send the pity Mugsy’s way. We’ll be walking to some Rodgers & Hammerstein. Suck it up, pup. You see, he’s more of an Uncle Kracker kind of dog… If he’s a good boy, I’ll hit shuffle/random as we go out the door.)


I always think of a vocal warm-up when I see that. I miss singing, but that’s another story, and not at all related to knitting, aside from the fact that it would take away from my precious knitting time.

Anyhoo, Shannon tagged me this time, so I’m going to see if I can come up with 7 more unique things, but no more tagging BY me. If you’re moved to take up the game, that’s cool; post a comment so we can all get to know you better, and to visit your blog.

1. My sister’s husband is a long-time friend of MY inlaws. (Small towns are great, huh?)

2. There’s nothing like having a beautiful three year old literally throw herself at you with a great, big hug.

3. Today, my hubby’s cousin and childhood neighbor, turns 40. Happy Birthday, Gary Lee! (And we’re Southern, so that’s read as Garileeeee.)

4. I’m gonna get Anne to be a tea drinker too. (I’ve ordered a tea she won’t be able to resist, but as always, I’m not tellin’!)

5. All I want is a LYS that carries metal #7 knitting needles, in a kinda’ short length. You know, just right for a dishcloth? Not those ubber-long things that could double as a skewer on the grill. And a self-striping yarn that feels better than the Yuck yarn, as Mary calls Kureyon. Is that too much to ask??

6. I love okra. I have one little bag left in the freezer, and it might have to be part of dinner tonight.

7. That apple green, spring green, whatever you want to call it, is growing on me. Especially when paired with pink, it’s lurverlee!

Mixed Bag

That’s what today has been. Highs and lows. Ebb and flow.

The high points – a great chat with my awesome Sockza spoiler. Some cute finds for upcoming packages (and no, you can’t see!). Ice cream sundaes with friends. Winning the drawing for the Charmed Knits week #2 contest.

The lows – a friend’s sweet mother has cancer. Lung, breast and likely more. Another friend is moving back to New Jersey. Hubby hit a deer last night (but the fire department’s insurance is covering it, so that’s not as low as the others).

Some retail therapy is in order. I did a bit of shopping today (awesome stitch marker find, and once I give them to their intended recipients, I’ll share the grand source), but much more is in order tomorrow, after some sleep.

Felted Bag Contest

Anne wants to know where we knit. Well, dearie, you’ve been here, but hubby rearranged the furniture. Mugsy and I still hang out on the sofa, but it’s now across from the front door. (The TV moved to about where Fred’s bed was…) So for the rest of you, I knit mostly in the corner of my sofa, under the light, unless Mugsy wants to sleep in that corner, and then I’m in the middle of the sofa. Otherwise, the sock and I will travel. Once in a while, I’ll knit in bed, while Mugsy and I watch a movie, when hubby isn’t here. Can’t give you a photo at the moment, because the bulk that is the bag for said swap is taking up that corner, and I’m not about to move it just for a photo.

Tea for…

Thanks to everyone who chimed in! I wish I could have a tea party with all of you, truly.

Devon is the winner, thanks to the random number generator. Let me know if you do loose tea or bags, and I’ll have your prize on its way, soon enough!

Clearly, there is interest in a tea swap. It looks like a little later into the summer will suit most, so keep visiting, and details will show up in due time. I’m also going to clear up a little confusion. I do drink tea hot, cold, tepid, or any state in between, year ’round, all day long. Being a good Southern girl though (aka: a GRITS – Girl Raised In The South), I do like a nice, run of the mill glass of a blended black tea over ice. Personally, I like it with a bit of lemon and no sugar, but as long as it isn’t so sweet my teeth hurt, I’ll drink sweet tea too. For those across the pond or otherwise unfamiliar with Southern lingo, sweet tea, ice tea and iced tea are all the same thing.

A couple of you had some great ideas! I’m still mulling over the details, but this will be different enough from the tea swap I didn’t get to in time to join that I hope there will be some cross-over. It will also be international in scope, because well… I happen to think the British do tea in a way most of us over here can only aspire to do tea.

So, keep those tea comments coming. If there’s something you think would make for a great tea swap, let me know.