All By Myself

Well, Mugsy’s at my side, as usual, but Anne and Ingrid have headed back to Atlanta, and Mark is at the firehouse for duty. It’s going to take a bit to get back into our steady routine, but the upcoming week will make it easier, as it is our meeting week – Monday, Wednesday and Thursday for both of us. It’s always a treat to have Anne here, and it was especially nice to get to not only meet her mom, but to spend time with them both!

Their visit actually ended as all good yarn-focused visits should, at a yarn shop, but more on that later. I’ll backtrack to Friday night. Before a very bleak, disappointing meal at Ludwig’s, Charlottesville’s German restaurant, we stopped in at Michael’s, where Anne and I both bought more Patons SWS. Michael’s is markedly cheaper for the SWS, at least in this area. It’s such a great yarn, and I can’t wait to try out Natural Denim (on the right) and Natural Navy (on the left). I’d also like to pass along Devon’s very common sense advice that didn’t occur to my own little mind – it’s probably not a good plan to try a restaurant you haven’t eaten in before with guests. Duh? It’s safe to say that none of us were impressed, and Mark will have “I told you so” rights indefinitely, as he did suggest a restaurant we frequent rather regularly, but I ignored him.
The Virginia yarn crawl ended at Limerick Fibres (or Fibers… I’ve seen it spelled both ways), my favorite local yarn shop. They never cease to amaze me with their down-home friendliness, organization and selection. I made a couple of purchases I can’t/won’t tell you about for swaps, but the bulk of my shopping was for me. The Cascade Cotton Rich just jumped into my hands as soon as we walked through the door. I love the color and the softness, but have no grand plan for it. It could be a face cloth, but I don’t think Mark will be excited about a hot pink one, and I use the pouf thingees, so who knows what it will become? There are some little babies on the way, and one already here whom I owe a gift, so maybe it will find a purpose in baby knitting.

Evidently, the last stop with Anne and Ingrid had me thinking blue, because the vast majority of my purchases were blue. I fondled the Plymouth Boku (wool/silk) last time I was there, and I think it might be a Noro Kureyon alternative. I have a plan for the little 99 yard skein, but it involves someone I know reads my blog, so only Mugsy knows my secret, and unlike Duke (of Bush’s Baked Beans fame), he REALLY isn’t telling. Y’all know I can’t come out of a shop without sock yarn, and I am happy that Lola (the owner) has added more sock yarn! The Sockotta in color 14 NEEDED to come home with me too. Can’t you just see me knitting with it at the beach next month? Same with the Cascade Fixation. It wants to be a darling little pair of yoga socks. Mary found one pattern for me, and my daily knitting calendar also had a footie version earlier this week. Yum!
I just couldn’t stop crawling though; on our way to a very early dinner with the inlaws, Mark and I stopped in It’s a Stitch for one last item for a swap box. I was shocked that he wanted to go in. He was dressed for crew at the firehouse, and I think he just wanted to see how the ladies who own/run the shop would react. I don’t know the nice lady who was working, but she was polite, and even at two minutes to closing, took a moment to show me how to do socks on two circular needles, which you’ll get a report on later this week. Say it with me… I must not start new socks until Thursday. I must not start new socks until… You see, that’s when the Summer of Socks begins, and that’s when my first socks on two circs will take to the needles! I just need your help. This will be the first time since my first sock (all of what, a few weeks ago!?) that I won’t have a sock in progress. Add in my overwhelming urge to try the needles and yarn my Felted Bag pal sent me, and truly, I need all the help I can get!
So, no crawling tomorrow. It’s Fathers Day, which means heading to Mark’s paternal grandfather’s for a cookout with the extended family, followed by a relaxed evening at home with lots of knitting on some non-sock item. I think my Oat Couture vest to be done in the Plymouth Royal Bamboo is calling me, but I’m really have a hard time hearing it over the roar of the circs and Trekking…

4 comments on “All By Myself

  1. Sue J. says:

    I know, I know how you feel. Why would I start new socks (Bearfoot) before the 21st? Because I couldn’t help myself. You made some lovely purchases on the crawl. Isn’t it fun to plan and prepare for projects? Sometimes I think the FO is rather anti-climactic. Have a terrific weekend.

  2. vegasangelbrat says:

    Oh I’m in love with those colors 🙂 All my colors in 1 skein..I’ve looked for that Tofutsies in that color your showing and can’t find I need the name, its gorgeous!! Love that Boku too, great find on the crawl you got!! Now can’t wait to see how many anne wound up with for her Happy knitting and NO SOCKS til its time, You CAN DO IT!!!! lol Have a great weekend! Happy Fathers Day to Mark!

  3. Devonshire says:

    That cascade Cotton Rich reminds me of watermelon – so yummy! Sockotta needs to be at the beach! What great finds!! Best of luck with the 2 circulars – hopefully it will be better than the magic loop (sorry Anne)!

  4. Virtuous says:

    How did you like the Plymouth Boku yarn?

    I have been wanting to join the Cascade Fixaton KAL for a good while now! I can’t believe that tiny ball makes 2 ankle socks!

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