What to do when there’s no sock to do

(Mugsy and I scared a squirrel when we went out on the back deck for the photo. Sorry!) The Oat Couture vest in Plymouth’s Royal Bamboo is a little yellow-greener than my monitor shows. (Those point guards are coming in handy already, Felted Bag pal!) I’m knitting it on my Bryspun needles, and I like them a lot. Great tip, some flex to them, warmer than metal… but not my Knitpicks Options. I do like those best, but these are a nice straight needle. I’ll have to order them in a #7 for dishcloths.
Before I forget again, happy Bloggerversary, Nancy! She’s having a little contest too, and while I’m not sure my answer is the right answer, I’m trying anyway! Pop over and wish her well, will you?
The best news is that tomorrow, Summer of Socks begins! I will be casting on my first two circs. sock, maybe even tomorrow morning, if I can get to bed at a decent hour tonight, which isn’t likely. (A meeting, and another tomorrow night, DARN IT!) I will decide firmly on the yarn tonight, and a pattern too, so that all I have to do as soon after 5AM tomorrow as possible is pick up the yarn, the circs and cast on!

2 comments on “What to do when there’s no sock to do

  1. Amy says:

    That blue is fantastic!

    I was going to try to take a break from socks, but I don’t know if I can do it. I’m about half way done the first part of the Clementine shawlette from Interweave Spring (in red – it’s a Christmas present for my best friend who is in college in the UK), but I do want to get Sockapalooza done as soon as I can!

    Good luck with summer of socks!

  2. Devonshire says:

    Best of luck with your circular socks! Keep me posted on which you prefer – DPN, ML or 2C?????

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