More Joining

Yes, it’s true. More socks! Socks and swaps. Does it get any better? (Love that colorway too… I love brown and turquoise together.) This one really gets underway after Sockapalooza, so if you like socks, please join us. Thanks, Amy for keeping me sock swapping!
Now, on that note, Amy and others have finished their Sockza socks. I just got the yarn, and am feeling like I’m waiting until the last minute. It’s more than a month before I should ship them off, and I know the pattern will fly off the needles, yet all these early birds are making me feel behind! Pout!
In other knitting news, the back of the vest is finished. I doubt I’ll show pictures until it is finished, including blocking. This baby is definitely going to need it. At the very least, it wants to be steamed and pressed before anyone else ganders at it.

One comment on “More Joining

  1. Kit says:

    Hey there, have you gotten your package yet? It may be there soon, I sent it off on Wednesday.

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