Dog Days Questionnaire

1. Do you knit, or crochet, or do both? How long have you been knitting\crocheting?

I knit, and I’m trying to learn to crochet. I’ve been actively knitting about seven months now.

2. Have you knit dishcloths or dishtowels before?

Yes on the cloths, and not yet on the towels.

3. What are your favorite cotton yarns? Is there a cotton or linen you’ve been dying to try but have not?

So far, Peaches & Cream is my favorite. I’d like to try Knitpicks’ CotLin and/or Shine. I really just enjoy trying new yarns, so send me your favorite, especially if it isn’t something I’ve used before.

4. Are there any cotton yarns you don’t enjoy knitting with?

Chenille of any sort.

5. What type of needle do you prefer using? (Metal/Wood/Plastic)

Metal, although I am enjoying my Bryspuns. (I only have #8s in those.)

6. What other projects do you enjoy knitting or crocheting?

Socks, socks and more socks. I also like felting and have a host of different projects for Christmas.

7. Do you have other hobbies or enjoy other kinds of crafting?

My hobbies include yoga, tea, walking, spoiling my dogs and cooking. I also am into rubber stamping, scrapbooking, and have done needlepoint, cross stitch, and other needle arts.

8. What kind of treats do you like? Chocolate? Candies? Nuts?

Dark chocolate. Nuts of all kinds. I’m not much on other candies, except for breath mints, and with those, the more intense, the better.

9. What colors are your kitchen and bath decorated in, if any?

Good question. (What did I put last time, I wonder?) My kitchen is trying to work around the very ugly burnt orange/rust colored countertops. Anything will work. My bath is done in white, blue and green.

10. What are your favorite colors and what colors do you dislike?

My favorite colors are constantly changing. My dislikes seem to be too. I dislike golds or road sign yellows, and orange is definitely out. (However, there are exceptions to every rule. Shannon’s multicolored cotton is awesome, even with orange in it!) I’m not crazy about purple either.

11. Do you drink coffee? Tea? Other beverages?

I do. Tea, especially green or black, is my favorite. Coffee? Not so much, but Anne is slowly converting me. Chai is good too. This time of year, a sugar-free lemonade is refreshing as well.

12. Do you have any kids (human or pet variety!)?

Yes. We have two dogs, Mugsy the Jack Russell and Fred the Basset Hound.

13. Do you have any allergies?

Not that matter with yarn.

14. Please share 3 tidbits about yourself that you think your pal and other swappers might find odd or interesting.

Oh gosh. That’s open-ended, huh? Let’s see… I hate cows. I’m a country girl, but for whatever reason, I have no tolerance for cows. I’m not afraid of them or anything, but they’re gross and stupid. I went through a phase in high school where I took the flowers off the table at every restaurant I ate in, including McDonald’s. (I carried a big purse then.) One more? Summer makes me think wicker and white and blue toile…

6 comments on “Dog Days Questionnaire

  1. AllyB says:

    Greetings! Thanks for co-hosting the Dog Days! I’m looking forward to getting to know you. Have a great day!

  2. Sharon says:

    Ask my Miss Sunshine what sound a cow makes.. “Mooooooooooo” 😉 even though we live int he ‘burbs we pass a farm with cows, sheep and horses every day, go figure. Oh and I have to remember to send you some of my Blue Heron GOOD chenile. Oh so soft! I don’t knit with it I just rub it on my cheeks LOL

  3. vegasangelbrat says:

    LOL What I want to know is WHY you took all the flowers off the tables??lol Do we have a flower fetish? 🙂 & No purple,

  4. says:

    Hi! Just wanted to say let you know I am your “Dog” for the DDOSE!
    Very much looking forward to sending you some goodies to enhance your summer knitting pleasure!

  5. Maria1975 says:

    We really are twins! One of my bathrooms is white, blue and green! and cows…all I can say is that this is really the only kind of cow I like:

  6. Virtuous says:

    I am surprised you don’t get tired of these swap questionnaires! LOL

    I woud literally copy and paste! HAHA!

    But reading all of them have been very helpful! ;o)

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