Check this out

Y’all know I love Carodan Farm. Their newsletter had a bit in there about a new project they’re doing, in conjunction with Socks for Soldiers. I thought some of you might be interested. I also want to stress that one needn’t knit socks to participate! There are other, non-sock options, including washcloths and beanies, but read the guidelines, because they’re very specific.

I remain in awe of the knitterly kind karma out there.

PS – Blogger? Knitterly *IS* too a word. So there! (I’d stomp my foot, but Blogger wouldn’t hear me.)

2 comments on “Check this out

  1. Virtuous says:

    LOL @ knitterly!

    You just can’t stay away huh?

    Blogging is so addictive! Haha!

  2. Paula says:

    Okay you are all set up at

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