Goals and More

Anne issued a challenge on Fitter Knitters, and you know I love a challenge – and a contest! You know, I discovered while in Chicago on business earlier this week, that it’s not so hard to be fit while traveling. I drank lots of water, ate a salad with every meal (even with the deep dish pie at Giordano’s!), and picked up a piece of fresh fruit every time it was offered. We walked a lot, and I unabashedly packed nothing but my favorite “thong” style Birkenstocks, so hoofing it around the McCormick Center and downtown was almost painless, even at Val’s brisk pace. (She’s not a blogger, folks. She’s my dear friend, who’s just moved back to Jersey after becoming a single mom to two BEAUTIFUL little girls…) Lorraine (a local friend!) and I shared a whole wheat turkey sub one day for lunch, partially because it was a whopping $8.50, but mostly because we knew we didn’t need or want a whole one. A little self-awareness, healthy friends, and it’s a breeze to feel you’re making progress on fitness while traveling!

Some of you know I was in Chicago with four of my best friends for Pampered Chef’s annual conference. They talked a lot about dreams and goals too. I’m still working on that, but it’s interesting that the same words show up in different phases of my life. Do you have dreams? You do know that if you take a deep breath, develop an action plan, and set goals along the way, virtual any dream is achievable, right?! I know that for me, as I’ve aged, I’ve forgotten to dream. Oh, I have goals, but right now, I lack any kind of big carrot out there to motivate me. (Cables though, for my knitting goals, but that’s another post for another day!) Working in a family business, there’s no need to strive for another step on the ladder. When my inlaws retire, Mark and I will step up. No assessments or competition, just the natural life cycle within a family business. I am complacent, and I need to change!

So, how ’bout it? Will you share your dreams with me and help me find something about which I can truly be passionate again? (So much for knitting content, but I did mention cables, right?) I know many of my friends have big, beautiful dreams, and I love to hear about them. They inspire me to reach higher and to continue to work on my personal growth. (I took my shoes off in the airport and cooled my feet on the concrete! I let Missy sit on my bed pillows without freaking out!)

And if you haven’t tried Pampered Chef products, swing by my website and check them out!

5 comments on “Goals and More

  1. Bubblesknits says:

    First and most importantly: I want to get back in shape. I don’t want to be embarassed to show my tummy or wear a swimsuit. Plus, heart disease and diabetes run strong in my family, so if I want to see my grandkids one day (a long, long time from now!), I’ve got to be healthy.

    Two: I want to go back to college. I still don’t know what I want to do, but I enjoy the learning process and I’d like to know that I can support myself and my family if the need ever arose.

    So, those are my dreams. 🙂 Now, I’m going to check out your pampered chef stuff. That stuff is as dangerous as yarn! LOL

  2. Virtuous says:

    Way to go on still being aware of eating healthy while you were traveling! It can be so easy to give in! :oD

    My dream is to have my own nonprofit called SHEroes to help/support girls ages 8-18 to develop and enhance their self-esteem based on Christian beliefs.

    That is my biggest dream right now.

    My other dream is to be married and have children of my own that is a close loving family :o)

  3. NH Knitting Mama says:

    I have been honing my dyeing skills and would like to become a successful yarn merchant primarily on-line.

    My number one dream is to be able to stay at home and homeschool my son… and the first goal would make that happen for me.

  4. Anonymous says:

    One of my dreams is to travel, but first I need to conquer some of my anxiety about leaving my fur kids. So for now, I take Virtual Vacations. And I have been “traveling” around town last weekend and this weekend to find some wonderful souvenirs to send to you!

  5. Devonshire says:

    Current dreams…to become a pastry chef at a small restaurant and to have a family and lastly to have a home of our own.

    p.s. I went to check your P.C. site out and the link is broken. Just wanted to let you know…

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