Dog Days Contest

So, we’re supposed to post our favorite homemade item. As I wore my bamboo vest yesterday and received the ultimate compliment – “But it doesn’t LOOK handmade!” – that’s currently my favorite. This photo doesn’t do it justice, but alas, it’s all I have to offer.

As for something I’ve seen on another blog I’d like to make, I want to make the socks Devon made her Sockza pal. (That’s not the best photo of them, but you can always visit Devon’s blog for more!)
Folks, I am alive, but life is still crazy. My Green Yarn Junkies package did arrive yesterday, but this is the truth; I had to have Mark open it for me while I was preparing a new brownie recipe to take to our Pampered Chef meeting. I will post pictures and details this evening. Thanks to Flowerpot for sending out a great package.

3 comments on “Dog Days Contest

  1. Virtuous says:

    I love those type of comments!
    Great job on your vest! It is cool down for a brief moment here! :o)

    Really like your photo shoot!

    Can’t wait to see the green goodies!

  2. Cas... says:

    Nice vest. I really like it. The socks are super cool too. I just wanted to come and check your website to get an idea of where you are from. My cousin spells her name the same way you do. I wanted to make sure it wasn’t her!

  3. Paula says:

    Oh I like those socks too!
    I love the look of your bamboo sweater!
    I have a bamboo sweater, (more like a Jersey really.) and I really don’t care for the shedding.
    It is knit 7 sts. to the inch.
    Does your vest shed? Maybe my sweater just has bad yarn or something.
    Oh I just looked at your vest again, I really do like the style and colors!

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