In the blink of an eye

It’s Dogs on Thursday again, just like that. And, just like that, I’m packing my bags again too. Mugsy’s separation anxiety is high, and I’ve been apologizing to Jake, dog sitter #1, for about two weeks now, because I *KNOW* they are going to be bad boys. Jake’s never sat for us before, the dogs don’t really know him, so that’s going to make it so much worse. The world will be a better place for all of us when LT, our neighbor-boy all grown up, takes over dog duties on Sunday. A million thanks to Eric, who is dog-sitting for LT’s family until they return from their vacation on Sunday, and is going to bridge the gap and take care of our boys on Sunday morning! Evidently, it takes a village to keep the dogs out of a kennel too. All three of our sitters are members of our volunteer fire company, further proof that they really are like another family.

So, in an effort to get my mind off of this little unexpected mess, I present a favorite baby picture of Shadow II. He’s two now, and he’s the second sable Sheltie Mark’s grandfather has named Shadow. For some crazy reason, this little boy liked to nap in boxes. We discovered that on this day, when Mark thought he was playing with the pup. Nope. Shadow II thought it made a lovely little nest, and quickly fell asleep! Two years later, he still favors tight, enclosed napping spots, like between the chair and the wall, under my desk, etc.

We leave in the morning. I am counting on the hotel having a wireless connection, so you may still hear from me – or not. Much knitting must happen, and after all, we are going down for a convention. So, have a great weekend and/or week, and I’ll definitely be back again for a very real Dogs on Thursday next week, when my boys and I reunite after being apart for nearly a week!

11 comments on “In the blink of an eye

  1. Paula says:

    Ahhh ShadowII is so cute! LOL, funny about likeing to sleep in boxes. maybe he is part cat.
    Actually we had a tiny dog once who liked to sleep in my big tote bag.
    I think Muggys would like a larger version of this cat bed and it is fun to make!

    Have a good trip!

  2. Sue J. says:

    Shadow is adorable. Milo loves to be squeezed into tiny spaces to sleep. We usually make sure it’s between the two of us. Have a great time at the convention. Knit up a storm and try not to worry about your babies.

  3. NH Knitting Mama says:

    Shadow… I want to kiss that snout… cute cute cute.

    Have a great trip! Thanks for the prayers for us tomorrow.

  4. Bubblesknits says:

    What a precious picture! Makes you just want to snuggle him!

    Have fun and be careful!

  5. Devonshire says:

    How cute is that dog? Owen (my kitty) loves to play in boxes! Safe travels – don’t forget your SPF 45 for the beach!

  6. Tina in Wonderland says:

    Shadow looks cute in his nap box!

    Have fun on your trip to the convention!

  7. Anonymous says:

    What an adorable puppy picture! Have a great time on your non-virtual vacation!

  8. Jen W!~ says:

    AWW how cute. Love doggie pics.

  9. Cass says:

    Hope your trip is great!

    Love love love the pics!

    and LOVE LOVE LOVE the corn yarn! thank you!

  10. Alana - Knit Wit says:

    The doggie pic is just precious!

    Have a wonderful trip!

  11. Pooch says:

    Could this be a hint to box him up and take him with you on the trip??! šŸ™‚ What a precious puppy!


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