Green Goodness

The knitterly goodness coming my way is remarkable. I truly have been richly blessed by the friends I’ve made in our online knitting/crocheting community. This treasure is now mine, merely because I openly coveted it when Mary posted it on her blog as a finished object! Not only did the bag arrive, but wrapped inside it was Knitting for Peace (thanks, Amazon, for the link). I have picked that book up a few times, and now can’t wait to get started on a hat for Amy’s charity project for her hometown. Right now, hats are my favorite charity project, and Amy’s Warm Up Winchester is definitely my go-to giving spot right now. (Note: I have yet to get a hat done, but I am going to correct that in the next few days! Will you do the same?) Many, MANY thanks, dear Mary, for the perfect gifts. I’m taking the bag along next time I go shopping, to leave a few of those plastic thingees I recycle behind.

Next, I’m going to break from my usual habits and post my Sockza socks. They’re done, and they certainly count for the Summer of Socks, as one was knitted entirely on vacation! The photo could be better, but it’s threatening to storm, so you get the idea. I hope my sweet pal will like them! They were done in the Knit Socks! pattern featured earlier in the blog, but this time, I used fingering weight yarn, Misty Mountain Farm’s Blue Ridge Yarn Jubilee. The colorway is called Evergreen, but I am excited about this yarn because the farm is in an area near and dear to my heart. It’s also a soft, yummy yarn, and a dream to knit up! (I hope they fit…) Of course, if you’ve been reading my blog, you probably know the yarn is available at The Loopy Ewe.

Last, but not least, I present my first non-square dishcloth. It was done in the Bernat Handicrafter Shades of Green my first swap spoiler sent me. I have found THE pattern for my variegated yarns. It was fun, quick and easy, and I wish I could remember where I found it. (In a link on one of your blogs, I’m sure.) At any rate, thanks whomever, because I adore this pattern! The yarn? Eh, not so much. It was less splitty than the Sugar ‘n Cream I usually use, but it somehow felt bulkier while knitting. Less flexible, perhaps? But, I wanted to try it, and now, I have, so there’s that to cross of the list. Mark should be happy; only a few yards remain, so it was a stash buster too!

4 comments on “Green Goodness

  1. Sue J. says:

    Very nice FO’s, and that bag! Ooooh, lucky you. The socks turned out great. 2 circs? I really like the dishcloth. What a unique pattern. I agree about community knitting. All you have to do is look around. People need knitted items everywhere.

  2. vegasangelbrat says:

    Love the socks and the dishcloth is neat..definitely like the different shape of it.
    I’m so glad you like the bag and book, my pleasure, do hope you enjoy!! Just a small token of Thanks for all you’ve done for me!

  3. Virtuous says:

    Ooh I have been contemplating my charity knits lately and will need to check out that book as well!

    Your socks came out nice!

  4. NH Knitting Mama says:

    I love that dishcloth pattern. You may have gotten it from my blog, I posted it a while ago. I agree with you, though, it’s so fun!

    I love the socks. Beautiful yarn choice.

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