Tibbers Rox

That’s not where the story begins, but I know you want eye candy. There it is. All of that, in the SECOND package from my Sockza pal. (Here for the first.) A book, tea (far left), two bags, handspun, socks, two sets of stitch markers (right front), salsa seasoning mix, sticky notes (love ’em!) and a Spiritual Survival Kit. I don’t think I missed anything, but the details will follow.
Of course, the most important part is my pal’s identity. The very awesome Tibbers Sox as she called herself! Pop over and tell her what an awesome pal and sox knitter she is.

Back already? Okay. Well, I’d assured Tibbers earlier today that the package would be on my porch when I got home. Um, no. And now I know why. The folks at UPS were busy using it for soccer practice, but it got here around 5:15, while I was on hold, trying to get to Garmin’s customer support. (The Knight’s new toy requires a trip back to the factory. Uh-oh…) Can you believe the state of this poor box?! I wish I’d snapped a shot of the one from Yarn Market last week; much the same. Good thing there was nothing breakable in this one. A friend is the evening something manager, and after I blog, I’m calling her. Ridiculous.

That’s the cuteness that I saw when I finally cut my way into the mangled box. She wrapped EACH AND EVERY little thing! On the left is the sox info – Cidermoon HandDyed Yarn, in Seagrass. And isn’t that little kitty cute? No wonder Fred was under my feet as I tried to open said box, all while keeping the cordless handset tucked between my shoulder and ear…

You’ve already seen the group photo, so here’s a very rare thing on this blog – a sock on the model! I figured the occasion warranted a little extra effort. The fit is perfect. The leg – or lack of – is per my request, because I have such weird (BIG) ankles and calves, as compared to the rest of me! If you go by my wrist measurements, I have a small frame, but if you use elbow or ankle measurements, I have a large frame. So which is it!? (Large, of course, because I’m always off the charts on my weight, even when I was as tiny as I wanted to be.) And let’s hear it for yoga; I was able to sling my foot up in said position and then lean the rest of me to the right, all while not upsetting that little wavy hand on my camera! All of this while the thermometer says 94 degrees in the shade, where I was not.
More sox, because – duh? – this is about the socks. I can tell you now that these socks will be worn very regularly, probably beginning in about six weeks. While it seems impossible now, I can’t stand to have cold toes, so when the outdoor temps fall below about 65 degrees (F, obviously), I wear socks. Can’t wait!

Now, a couple of you know I was torn to bits about whether to order the Total Tote (on sale HERE) in lime green or brown, two of my favorite colors. I let my sage mother inlaw convince me that the lime green would show dirt too easily, so after a quick check with the ever-wonderful Tibbers, I went with the brown, which happens to have a lime green POLKADOTTED fabric lining! Still, I was a little sad that practicality won out, that is, until I unwrapped this lovely Lantern Moon tote!! (I’m taking something to knit to work tomorrow, just to show my mother inlaw that God knows I need lime green in my life, right Jessi?! A girl can’t have too many bags!) And yes, I know I need a real life when the big dilema of the day is where to order the tote from, and in which color. I think you’re just jealous. 😉

Last but hardly least is a photo of the SWS bag, which will likely be my winter sock bag, or at least one of ’em. The sweet stitch markers are on there, and if you care to see them, you’ll have to click on the photo and scoootch around, because my camera batteries died about then. You know, I think that bag is big enough to hold some medium projects, like a felted bag that will come to be for my pal in the Fall Felted Bag Exchange! Fred says Mugsy could fit in there, but what purpose would that serve? No Hooey, it’s not a Muggy-bag. Silly dog! (Yes Mugsy, it would be warm, but honestly, aren’t you warm enough right now?!)
Thanks again to Tibbers for her kind generosity. Lots of goodies, and they are all perfect! I just hope the socks on their way to my pal fit…

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7 comments on “Tibbers Rox

  1. NH Knitting Mama says:

    So much great stuff in this post – where to even comment!? Great stuff.

    Amazing, my FAVORITE color is yellow, but lime green and brown are tied for #2.

  2. tibbers sox says:

    That box looks horrid!!! I am glad that nothing was breakable. I am so happy that the sox fit and the other things brought you joy. My fiancee “R” makes the spiritual surivial kits. Enjoy and take care.

  3. Devonshire says:

    What lovely socks! That color is awesome. What a great package you received! I will get my photos up soon!

  4. Bubblesknits says:

    Wow, what a great package!

    Lime is the Way. Lime is the Love. Feeeel the Lime!

    LOL Pretty Latern Moon tote, though!

  5. Sharon says:

    Miss Sunshine agrees… everyone needs a little lime in their life!!! (and some lavender okay that was my addition LOL )

  6. Bethany says:

    I can’t wait to see the Total tote bag!

  7. vegasangelbrat says:

    Love the socks! Love the little bag! Lime green is a great color especially with your “other fav” PURPLE…LOL
    Really cute stitch markers 🙂

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