Name Game and More

My dear Anne is having a contest regarding her first pattern. I’m going to re-arrange my knitting agenda for the long weekend and whip out a cloth, because I love the research and curiousity that were behind the pattern and the contest. I have some names in mind too, and given a recent email among several friends, I’m shocked some of us aren’t banned from participating! 😉

Also, Amy still has a spot or two on her Pay it Forward list. I’m looking forward to knitting a surprise for her, and for Wendy and Nichole. More motivation to keep my swapping in check, so I can “spoil” my friends as they so richly deserve.

My skinny, short sock has a home! The always kind Amanda will finally have her own pair of hand-knitted socks. I am honored to make them for her, and I’m delighted that the pretty pattern and colorway will have a happy home.

One comment on “Name Game and More

  1. Bubblesknits says:

    We could have our first “Tantric” dishcloth…there’s an email coming with the rest of that. hehehe 😉

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