Yarn Shop Therapy

It’s been years since I have knowingly and willfully engaged in retail therapy. However, this morning, I found myself with about 20 minutes to kill before my first chiropractic appointment in about ten years. So, I did the only thing I could think of – I stopped in the nearest LYS and petted some yarn. Lest you think I’m cheap and/or easy, this isn’t all of my haul. You all must pay the price for the inconvenience of having readers I also call friends. πŸ˜‰
Everyone should recognize the current copy of Interweave Knits. If not, well, make it so. Get your own copy and get to know the best magazine in the industry, in my humble opinion. I’d heard it said that this wasn’t a great issue, but maybe the same apprehension that spawned my fifteen minute spree inspired me to dog ear some dozen pages within… Granted, I think there were only two or three patterns in IK I want to even pretend I want to knit, but there are still articles and ads for so much more.
On the left, we have the answer to my prayers. Erm, well, yeah, that *IS* what it is. It’s also Dulce by The Purled Llama, another almost local company! It’s a superwash merino, and it will start to become my Sock it to Me pal’s socks in just a few moments. Don’t you love it when your LYS listens and responds? I asked for more sock yarn, specifically, central Virginia sock yarns, and here it is. This is a custom colorway called “Moonbeam” and I hope the moon will shine on my efforts to knit up some great socks fast.
On the right, we have Nashua Wooly Stripes Tweed, in Tartan Tweed. I wish I could offer you a link, but it seems the site is under construction. I may have to go pick up the second ball in this colorway, because there are only 88 yards of this soft, beautiful stuff, with which I plan to produce a fall handbag…
I also petted the new Louets chunky wool, which is so soft… Again, I can’t seem to find a link, but I do have 4 hanks on order in a great green, for a “for me” project to be announced later.
Oh, and the new chiro helped a lot and feels certain he can fix me up again, sans surgery. I’m going to celebrate by casting on for the SitM socks!

11 comments on “Yarn Shop Therapy

  1. vegasangelbrat says:

    I’m so glad to hear the doc can fix ya up! πŸ™‚
    Those yarns are pretty and I know you’ll be surprised for me to say that the one for your fall bag I’m drawn too more..lol

  2. Lisa says:

    Lucky SITM Pal. That is beautiful looking yarn!

    BTW – I love the latest issue. I have post it notes all over it with things to read and make too.

  3. Bubblesknits says:

    Yum! What great yarn you have! (okay, I totally sounded like the big bad wolf…maybe there’s a reason!) LOL

    Glad your chiro can help! Surgery is awful. 😦

  4. Nichole says:

    I love retail therapy!!

  5. Sue J. says:

    Wonderful way to spend 20 minutes. That Nashua is yummy. Glad the chiro was such a success.

  6. Anne says:

    ooh pretty yarn – and my mom just got some Nashua too! I’ve heard/seen gorgeous colorways, I must try to find some – I’ve never seen it locally.

    And if you haven’t, go check out grace’s blog – you won πŸ˜‰

  7. Surviving says:

    Great finds. I really like the Tartan Tweed yarn.

  8. Virtuous says:

    Yes I think we get so used to buying yarn online we sometimes get a small high from just going into a LYS to pet yarn in person!! :o)

    Glad you found a few thinks you enjoyed.

    I actually folded and got the IK mag subcription just because I wanted to build my knit library. There is always at least one item I would want to knit out of there when my knit skills increase! :op


    Always a great mag to have on hand for inspiraton. Glad to see therapy is working for you!

  10. Yarndemon says:

    Hi Channon, A little retail therapy is always good!! Those stitch markers you bought in MB, did you get them at a shop in North Myrtle Beach called Knitting Up A Storm? If so, then yes, they are mine!! I live in the area and work at the LYS on Saturdays!! She sells my markers there. It really is a small world!! πŸ™‚ Anita

  11. Devonshire says:

    Must make that jacket/sweater on the front, must have it, need it. Oops sorry I was mesmerized by the cover and got carried away. I do hope that this Chrio helps you to get your back on track.

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