Feel-Good Yarn

I take back all of the less than wonderful things I’ve said about It’s a Stitch. Maybe the ladies there are a bit shy or whatever, but now that I’ve been frequenting it so very often, it’s a happy yarn home. They’ve ordered a color of Louet Riverstone Chunky just because I fondled the color in the light worsted and pouted, while holding a pattern that called for the chunky. (I purchased the pattern, of course.) Remember me whining and complaining about their refusal to order KA dpns for me over the summer? Well, I came home with a set of KA #2s yesterday, so evidently, they changed their minds but the order took too long to serve its original purpose for me. There are two ladies I like better than the others, but that’s the way people connect. Their new lines this fall are pulling me in every time I go to town and they’re open, which isn’t a good thing for me, but is great for them.

That’s a shot of today’s yarn love. It’s Mirasol Hacho. If you haven’t heard the Mirasol story, take a moment and go read. I love it when I can buy something I adore and know that I’m in some small way helping the world become a better place. As usual, the colors aren’t vivid. It’s a perfect fall navy, mixed with dark shades of red, green and gray. More socks for me!

Oh, and not that I ever doubt Devon, but I do like the KA needles. Am I the only one whose needle preferences have rather suddenly changed?

3 comments on “Feel-Good Yarn

  1. Sue J. says:

    Louet makes a bulky yarn? Google, here I come. Glad you are liking your LYS better. There were some back in Wisconsin I wouldn’t set foot in because the owner/employees were such knitting snobs. If you weren’t in their clique, they couldn’t be bothered to wait on you. So I took my money to the internet. What are KA needles? I’m probably showing my ignorance here. I also read about the Marisol yarn in the Webs catalog. Terrific. Have a great weekend.

  2. Nichole says:

    Oh.. yummy, yummy yarn!

  3. NH Knitting Mama says:

    Glad you have made some connections at the LYS.

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