Things That Make Me Go Hmmmm…

Since I don’t go to UVA football games, I have to dodge the game traffic when I want to shop during a home game. I was going to head to the next little town over, but instead, I went downtown to The Needle Lady. It has been several months, and the owner is almost always there on Saturdays, so I gave them another chance. Big sigh. They carry very different lines than the other LYSs, and when the owner is there, they are friendly and offer to help, but the general cluttered feel still bothers me. It also bothered me that when she found this “sock project bag” for me and I wanted two, she didn’t offer to order another for me. I would have paid up front, or whatever it took to make her feel secure, but the offer wasn’t extended, despite my not subtle at all, “Do you have another? I’d love to buy two.” I already had a book and at least three skeins of yarn in my hands at this point. Hello?!

You see, it is a nearly perfect bag. That strap is long enough to be doubled as a shoulder strap, or worn around the waist. Perfect! Just yesterday, my wool and I stood indecently on the back porch and threw the ball for Mugsy while I Monkeyed on. It balanced precariously on the top railing, while I was thankful the leaves hadn’t fallen off the trees yet, because Ma was in her nightgown. My sock bags are all capable of hanging on an arm, but when you’re playing fetch AND knitting, the yarn would like to be more securely out of the way. And just look inside this thing! Great pockets for dpns, circs, pencils, whatever. Luckily for all of us, there’s a link on the card, but before I give you that, look at that yellow card on the left (top photo). It’s Kitchener instructions, right there on the sock bag! Now, I’m in love with toe up, but what that means is that when I do choose to top down, I definitely won’t remember how to get started kitchenering.

So, since you’ve been faithfully chewing through this rant mixed with great find report, here’s where you can find your own Knit Knack Sack. (Check out the patterns! Scarlett is heading my way. Squee!!) Please look around; they come in leather too, but I think that’s too heavy for me.

I also purchased Lace Style, because some of you know that I am trying to get up enough courage to tackle my first real lace project. I have a couple of should be Christmas gifts projects in mind, but I want something pretty basic to test the waters. Any suggestions?

I also picked up some swap yarns, but I can’t show you EVERYTHING I buy for my pals, can I? A girl has to have a few secrets. I fondled several new Tofutsies colorways, but when I saw #809 with its brown and blue (and some stupid lavender in there), my defenses crashed. Honestly folks, I want to make myself socks in every single colorway. Swap pals, now and future? Send me Tofutsies, whether it suits our swap or not, and I will put you in the Swapper’s Hall of Fame. And dudes, this stuff is MACHINE WASH AND DRY! (Yeah, yeah, Mother Inlaw will get a pair too, but probably for Mother’s Day, as she’s getting Hummingbird socks for her birthday and a shawl for Christmas, or vice-versa.) The Classic Elite Bam Boo was on sale, but I just picked up this one lonely blue guy, because it’s not exactly bamboo weather in VA anymore. Sure, TODAY it is, with highs in the mid-80s, but the nights are still cool, and heading for cold. Anyone other than Sharon care to guess what I’ll “swatch” with the bamboo?

Here again, mixed results from the Needle Lady. She offered advice on my bamboo vest, which “grows” when I wear it, but then totally missed the point when I very enthusiastically asked if she was carrying the Tofutsies Sock of the Months. Nope, and no offer to explore it either. That’s okay. Caroline at Carodan will have it, and I’m betting I can order October 1, and pick it up at the Fall Fiber Festival. (Anyone else going??) So you see, I’d like to support each of my LYSs, but some just seem to fit me better than others. The Needle Lady has a tremendous following, carries some incredible yarns, and can be friendly, so I will go back when I need silk or something special I know they carry. And I certainly encourage visitors to swing in; you’ll feel you missed something if you don’t, but Carodan, Limerick Fibers and It’s a Stitch will remain my semi-local top three.

14 comments on “Things That Make Me Go Hmmmm…

  1. NH Knitting Mama says:

    So the LYS frustration continues.

  2. Amy says:

    I’ll be at Fall Fiber, for sure! John and I are going to go this year.

  3. Wendy says:

    You know I love the tofutsies too! But I’m starting to think they are definately more of a warm weather sock yarn than winter. But I’m very much lovin wearing mine here in the VA fall!

    Great bag. I should look into some knitting bags soon.

  4. Sue J. says:

    Boy, can I relate to the whole LYS thing. There were wonderful stores back in Wisconsin. But when you walked in, if you weren’t part of the clique, you were vitually ignored. So, I took my money to the internet and have been doing so ever since. Haven’t these people ever heard of customer service? The only excellent store I have ever found in Amazing Threads in Maple Grove, MN. I go in to get one skein of sock yarn and spend $300 before I get out of there. Good thing I can’t get there anymore. I love the sock bag. Clever idea, too, to make it out of denim. Have a good weekend.

  5. Holly says:

    I feel your pain. I went in the one I didn’t want ot go in Friday, and all I can say is some things never change. However, some good did come out of that visit those were some good finds.

  6. Bubblesknits says:

    I understand your frustration. 😦 At least you have others to choose from when you need something soon!

  7. Sue H says:

    I wonder how that LYS stays in business if they don’t put themselves out for their customers. Very strange attitude.
    I agree, that sock back is great, though I doubt the straps would be long enough to go round my very ample waist.
    If you have been knitting dish cloths in lacy patterns, and doing fine with them, then you are more than ready to tackle a shawl or whatever. Just believe in yourself, and go for it.

  8. Surviving says:

    I love the bag!!! Great colors for the yarn as well.

  9. Alana - Knit Wit says:

    I love your little sock bag. I’m gonna go check them out right after I’m done looking at blogs! Then it’s on to Fire Mountain Gems to order some beads that I”m knitting into the bag for my FFBE pal.

    The Noro you asked about is #182.

  10. vegasangelbrat says:

    Cute cute bag!! I love it and I’m into demin 🙂 Too bad and I’m sure her loss for not offering to order, they usually will when you ask if they have more!
    Oh I wanna go to the Fall Fiber Festival..I’ve never been to one..darn Oh day! Do hope you have fun when you go!!

  11. Nancy @ the Jersey Shore says:

    I understand your feeling on the LYS. I am so glad I found one near me that “fits”. I stopped in yesterday, and the owner said she was just thinking about me! How surprised was I, I hadn’t been in a few weeks, and I only can make it on Saturdays with their hours.
    I’ve done some lace, just scarves and a hat, but I’m going ot attempt a shawl soon. I’m looking forward to it. Got my yarn yesterday, some wool/silk blend. I have to swatch, then begin.

  12. Yarndemon says:

    Great bag Chan!!! I guess all yarn shop clerks can’t be as nice as the KUAS ones!! ha ha!!! Just kidding…

  13. Anni says:

    Wow, what a fabolous bag. I want one. I’m surprised the LYS lady is in business at all with an attitude like that.

  14. Devonshire says:

    Why do our LYS never seem to care about us? What a great bag idea – perfect for throwing balls to said lovely dogs! Love the tofutsies – sorry to hear about the lavender!!!

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