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Quite a bit of knitting happened over the weekend. I finished my beautiful shrug Saturday, and I need to remind you that Amanda has opened an Etsy shop, so now you too can create beautiful things with her semi-solid colorways! I hope to talk the Knight into taking a shot or two of me wearing the shrug this afternoon, but it’s supposed to be about 90 degrees then, so we’ll see.

Here, it is displayed on the wrought iron chair on the deck. It stretches, oh my does it stretch! That’s a good thing, because I’m not a waif. Still, I think it looks great on too. It’s warm though. Very warm. When the temperature drops later this week, I will appreciate that.

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed knitting with the NH Knitting Mama’s yarn. Follow the above link to her Etsy shop and get some of your own; you won’t be sorry. The pattern was by Dream in Color, and I used #9 KnitPick Options, with a 32″ cord. I think a 24″ cord would do, but evidently, I don’t have one. I used the metal tips here, as I don’t have any tips in the Harmony Options yet, save the flawed #10.5s, which are being replaced as we speak/type/read. I am now eager to tackle more lace and “real” fitted knits.

I also snagged some great stitch markers for a pal, and some custom-made earrings for a Christmas gift (see?! I’ve started shopping!), and sweet Anita also included a notepad, which I adore. (We happen to share a last name; how cool is that?!) You can secure your own Yarndemon creations here.

Aren’t these guys darling?! (Squint through one eye. Maybe then the photo quality won’t be such a hindrance.) In case your imagination is weak, they’re little Scotties, which will be happy earrings for someone in a couple of months.

Of course, there are other friends on Etsy too. Mary is working on some row counters for me, and anyone else with similar desires, and Jessi is working on something very special too. It’s even better than having a personal shopper; I’ll never settle for a yarn or stitch markers that aren’t exactly what I want again. (And they’d do the same for you. Really.)

5 comments on “Back to Knitting Content

  1. Holly says:

    Was that Lace pattern hard? I love it and it will be perfect for fall. I am doing the Halloween them for the dishcloth swap and will have to have some of those stitch markers. I would try to make them but I can not find those cute little dangles in themes. You know where I can get some charms or dangles.

  2. Nichole says:

    Love the shrug!!! I just wound up yarn for 2 different shawls that I must start… I have like 5 shawls (including an Alpaca “Thanksgiving Shawl” kit that I just dropped $85 on at the Wool Tour on Sat!).. MUST. KNIT.
    The earrings are adorable!

  3. Anne says:

    Oh very cute! I love it! And I really like that color – I’ll have to think of something to make with it so I can see if Amanda will make me some or has some on her site. Congrats on your garment dear, you beat me yet again. I am a sucky knitter 😦

  4. NH Knitting Mama says:

    Thanks again for the props! I have been diligently working on getting some yarn ready for the pot. I’m definitely dyeing tomorrow night. Your hank is first in line. Can I just tease you and say how freakin’ soft this alpaca lace is? I also had 12 jars of different colors come to my house, and a few of them are blues, so I will have fun experimenting before yours goes to pot. HA HA… I’m joking around today, things must be looking up.

  5. Devonshire says:

    Love love love that shawl. I must have the pattern….where do I find it? Those stitch markers are too cute.

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