My Addled Brain

Imagine my outrage when I got an email saying my Tofutsies Sock of the Month package had been returned to Carodan. Why you ask? Well, let me assure you that the good folks at Carodan are perfect. I, however, clearly don’t even know where I live. Any first grader can recite her address just right, but not me. Can you believe the USPS wouldn’t deliver a package with my name, my work street address, and my home city, state and zip code? (Roll your eyes. I did. I mean, I live in rural America. I thought that was worth something.) I want my green Tofutsies and the Fiddlesticks pattern, dang it! (Any of you who read regularly or actually know me know those socks were made for me!!)

So, I head home pouting enough that sweet Mugsy, the I go to work to eat all day now dog, felt inclined to stare at me with great concern the whole way home. However, I scared the little bean bug-eyed when I saw a package on the porch! Whhhoooo Hoooo! Little did I know that before I could feed the Bug (like he needed it) his wee handful of kibble and get to my package, the Knight would come in the back door with a padded envelope too.
Because I could just rip it open, the envelope was first. A new tea bag coaster, or whatever you like to call ’em. I use them when I use tea bags, but I also keep one at my electric kettle for the spoon, Splenda wrappers, etc. Nancy, you are so dear!! He’s simply beautiful, and will be very happy and well-loved in my rooster kitchen. (Who wants to bet that the Knight mistakes him for a spoon rest?) I tell you, the gals in this tea swap are the kindest, most fun group of women you’ll find anywhere. If you didn’t join us this time, we hope you’ll be there for the next one, some time in 2008. Every swap has its moments, and there are always complications and frustrations, but I really can’t say enough about my fellow swappers this time. Nor can I crow enough about this pretty rooster. Thank you, Nancy. I remain in awe of the attention to detail many of you possess and use for knitterly goodness!

Now, go get a cup or glass of your favorite libation, and settle in. We’re going vegan folks! (Sit back down, Anne, or you’ll get none of the chocolate.) No, I’m not going vegan, but I do want to make healthier choices. I was a no meat vegetarian for a while – still did dairy and seafood – but that was years ago. Anyhoo, because I love Cass and am a curious bird, I joined the Vegan 2 Swap. Folks, this very well may be the most rewarding swap I’ve been in, no discredit to any of the others. My two “truly vegan” pals rock, and I feel I’ve made two new friends! So without further ado, here’s the first of many photos of the package that will make Anne sorry she didn’t sign up for this one.

I know you need details, so just settle down and exercise your patience (or read faster). Here’s the happy, German, vegan sock yarn Nicole sent me. Just so you know, both yarns came wrapped, but I wanted you to see all of the cheerful colors! It’s called “Flotte Socke” and I do believe it has a bamboo base, not that I know a lick of German. I do believe this is the colorway/yarn I need for my MagKnits Rainbow Socks. What do you think?
Then, there was the Debbie Bliss Pure Cotton, which also held the darling little wooden rooster! (Yay for me. Wait ’til the Knight awakens from his siesta and realizes not one but TWO new roosters slipped into the house, and only one of ’em will live in the kitchen, which is where he is trying to keep all of the roosters. Silly man.) That’s no nesting box either. (Roosters don’t nest, people. Geeze.) It’s a wonderful fabric box Nicole made for me, and I predict many a sock project will rest within, along with some smaller lace projects, and any other little work on the sticks I can fit in there. I’m telling you, I have some seriously awesome pal mojo going!

Here’s a close-up of the little darling. He’s just lovely, and Nicole was kind enough to include a little booklet with more information about the company, so he might need friends…
Before I share my goodies, I think I need to make Anne read about the yummy pizza with a basil-tofu ricotta and a pesto sauce. Nicole actually included two recipes, and the other is for one of her favorite spreads. Yum! I bet Mugsy will eat tofu with me…

There were more hand-made goodies. Here’s the sachet and some really pretty magnets, along with the how did I miss them essential double-ended stitch holders. Why didn’t any of you tell me such a thing existed? Granted, I don’t use stitch holders a lot, but I’ve been shuffling stitches back and forth when these ideal tools existed! What else have you been holding out on?

Here’s a close-up of the magnets too, because I know you like photos, and these are too pretty to miss. Aren’t they pretty?

Okay, okay. Last, but hardly least, are the treats. German chocolate. Marzipan coated in chocolate, which makes it wonderful. (Okay Nicole, I lied. Between the email to you and now, I had to have a piece. Who cares if I ruined my dinner?) But wait! There’s more! Yogi Tee. (Kin to Yogi Tea? Anybody?) Mr. Tom, which appears to be nutbar heaven. Bath salts. Vegan treats for Mugsy too, but you’ll see them in the first photo about this package. I am spoiled, and so is my dog!

While Nicole wrote a long, detailed letter, this was resting atop the package. Sweet, no??

How ’bout a cuppa’? Kick off your shoes, grab your knitting, crocheting, your book, whatever, and let’s just enjoy the evening. Inside though, because it’s still way above 80 degrees outside, with humidity to match. I think I saw a mosquito that could carry off this cute card too.

16 comments on “My Addled Brain

  1. Nichole says:

    LOL, I had a friend do that on a package to me once… used street address with the city & zip for my po box. I guess I’m known enough at the post office where my po box is that they actually said “we don’t ahve this street in our town but we think its yours anyway…” lol!

    GREAT swap package there… lots of funness!

  2. NH Knitting Mama says:

    What a great swap! I’m glad you got some great swag, that package was fantastic!

  3. Anne says:

    HEY! What makes you think I got up just at the WORD Vegan. I had to see if there was any good bamboo. You know I love me some bamboo 😛

    And it’s a loverly package! Just got home myself from a wonderful dinner – turns out the teacher of my 8-5 class is someone I know a bit and I offered to take HER out to dinner but then she paid to thank me for the volunteer work I’ve been doing!

    Anyhow I’m babbling. I’m SO full, you got a gorgeous package, I LOVE your shrug, and..

    I gotta package from knit piiiiicks

  4. vegasangelbrat says:

    Wow you are just making out with the packages here lately! Everything is wonderful and oh how spoiled you you deserve it lady with all thats been going on! Great package Nicole!! Those roosters are too cute!
    Oh and one piece of chocolate won’t ruin your can call it desert first!! lol

  5. Virtuous says:

    Too bad about your sock package, it will get there soon.

    But great vegan package by Cass!

  6. Nancy @ the Jersey Shore says:

    What great stuff! Love the yarn. yeah, this weather is wacky. Right now there’s a thunderstorm! It was a high of 83 this morning, down to 58 at noon, and rising now, with the storm. Where is fall?
    You’re welcome for the rooster 🙂

  7. Anonymous says:

    From your FFBE spoiler; Oh my. I haven’t had time to do much reading this week and am so sorry for all you have been going through. My heart is with you. And you have sure been making out in the swap department- I hope my package will live up to its predecessors. I have a favorite motto; Life’s too short-eat desert first. Glad you practice it!

  8. Bubblesknits says:

    What a wonderful package! I love the roosters that snuck into the house. You ought to put the little one on the hubby’s nightstand so that it’s looking at him in the morning. ROTFL

  9. April says:

    Wonderful swap package! I tripped across the Yogi teas at a local health food store. LOVE them!

  10. Devonshire says:

    Awesome package! That stinks about the Tofutsies – That pattern and yarn is defiantly perfect for you. Love the roosters.

  11. Süßstoff says:

    Yeah! I’m glad it arrived safely and you like everything. You’ve been a wonderful swap partner and it was so much fun to get your package together!
    XOX, Nicole

    P.s.: I really hope you’ll get your Tofutsie Sock of the Month package soon, cause the color and the pattern really do look extremely nice!

  12. Sue J. says:

    Nice haul! You’ve got some great swap pals, Chan. But that German sock yarn. Oh, yum! That whets the old sock yarn appetite. I, too, like the Carodan folk. This week, I think, every vendor in the world is at Stitches East.

  13. StarSpry says:

    Bummer about the Tofutsies Sock of the Month package, but it looks like you still got some great stuff in the mail!! 🙂

  14. Isabelle aka Tricotine says:

    What a wonderful package you got!

    It is cool that you got to learn so much about Veganism with your both Pals!

    Isabelle aka Tricotine, Vegan curious too…

  15. Holly says:

    Look at all those goodies. Lucky YOu!

  16. Amy says:

    I have shipping issues, but with UPS. I refuse to use them ever again, after the were convinced that they delivered a package to me and I never received it. Luckily the shipper was willing to resend what I had ordered at no charge. Also, when I write on the UPS slip “Please PLACE under porch”, they always throw it to the back of the crawl space under the porch where all the spiders are!

    Okay – rant over! LOL

    The goodies look lovely. You truly deserve it!

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