FO, WIP and More

Before the FO-news: Rush over to Robin’s blog and catch her contest. Let’s really shock her with the number of comments!

Well, D-snuggle is finished, and it worked well this morning on the way to work and again on the cold, poured concrete floor in the office. (It works well enough at home that the Prince would rather not be disturbed for posing.)
The vitals:

Yarn: Ella Rae Amity. I liked it well enough for this project, but it doesn’t drape well enough for anything other than blankies and snuggles. It felt good enough sliding through my fingers, but it’s got that acrylic “fuzz” thing going on. There were knotted joins in both skeins, which again, for a snuggle Mugsy is going to dig and scratch in is fine, but I definitely wouldn’t be pleased if I was using it for a sweater for me, which was the reason I wanted to try this yarn.

Needles: The trust KP Options with the metal tips this time, because Anne warned that I’d need to scratch and dig a bit on those P3 combos. I don’t think I split more than a couple of stitches, and they were easily fixed.

Pattern: Mostly Anne’s, but I did cast on 121 stitches and knitted until Mugsy’s rump was covered. I can’t say enough about this cushy daisy stitch, which is wonderfully dense enough to keep a sweet doggy bottom warm on a cold floor or car seat.

Then, I cast on several times, with three different yarns, for little neighbor Abby’s first coat. It’s a Fiber Trends pattern, done with a sport weight yarn instead of worsted, so it should be small enough to fit the wee lass. Of course, the great thing about knitting for little ones is be they human or canine, I’m about halfway on the back portion now. (Not in this photo, but we had a brief DSL not working episode.) It’s very girly, and I wouldn’t want to wear this stuff next to my skin – the flecks of color are rather coarse – but I think Abby will enjoy it.

Then, there are the flowers. The Knight made me move them off the kitchen island, so the photo isn’t as great, because I couldn’t just shove my nose and the camera into the blooms, but what’s a girl to do!? The man wanted room to cook, and who am I to argue!?

Last, but oh so hardly least, my little splurge on more NH Knitting Mama yarn arrived today. You can get your own here. I am looking forward to knitting with the alpaca lace next week, and if that jade is still there, watch out!!

5 comments on “FO, WIP and More

  1. Sue J. says:

    So glad Mugsy likes his snuggle. I am knitting a very plain one out of cotton for Milo. Out here we have so much static electricity that anything acrylic or wool practically stops your heart in the winter. Beautiful stash enhancement, too. Love the colors.

  2. Bubblesknits says:

    Mugsy looks so content under his snuggle! 🙂 I wonder if cats would use them? Probably not…our bed serves as a giant cat bed. *sigh*

    I can’t wait to see the wee one in her new sweater!

  3. Scrabblequeen says:

    What lucky dogs Mugsy and Abby are to have you knit for them. I love my little doggie friends, but cannot conceive of knitting something for Sasha to chew up! I get her bedding in the infant department of the local thrift store.

  4. StarSpry says:

    What an adorable picture of Mugsy! He looks so nice & warm under his D-snuggle 🙂

    Very beautiful yarn you got from NHKM!

  5. NH Knitting Mama says:

    Mugsy is so cute. And the flowers are beautiful, too!

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