To Me, From Me

You have to love advance order options. Way back in the summer, Nichole made me fall in love with One Skein Wonders. Well, I rushed over to Amazon and ordered a copy (I do a lot of rushing and ordering while emailing with Nichole), and noted that the “sequel” would be out soon enough that I could pre-order. So, I did. Can’t even say I forgot all about it, because periodically, I’d see a promotion for the upcoming book and smugly remind myself I had one on order. However, I failed to anticipate its arrival today.

All of this arrived today. Some on the porch, some in the mailbox, so at least two different carriers stopped in to make my day. The winter IK issue is tucked in the very back, and the must make just about one of everything holiday gift issue is on the left. All three are going to the beach, along with my post-it note highlighter pen. (Those 3M folks are brilliant, and obviously, into organized multi-tasking too.) I predict yarn will be purchased and my holiday knitting list will shift yet again, but you’ll be in the know when it happens, so stay tuned.

But wait!! There’s more! Because Interweave was sold out of the Holiday edition by the time Cass convinced me I *NEEDED* it (no arm twisting, not even any drinking… just a few gratuitous project shots was all it took), so I had to find it at an online retailer. Of course, I couldn’t pay almost as much in shipping as the magazine cost, so I had to add a few things to my virtual buggy. There’s more Tofutsies, more Maizy in a nut brown I could truly gobble up, and some Bamboozle in a perky green. The Bamboozle has holiday gift plans already, but the Maizy is mine, all mine. The Tofutsies doesn’t need any justification. There are only about two colorways in that line I don’t want.

I know not everyone loves Tofutsies, and that’s okay – MORE FOR ME! – but take a look at this and tell me what’s not to love? Even with my current attraction to solids and nearly solids, how can you not love this? It’s a good thing I have the second Summer Daze sock to take to the beach, because I’m wondering now why I want to knit with anything other than the chitin yarn at the beach. No, I don’t find it splitty or smelly. I find it perfectly lovely, and can’t wait to knit up the next colorway, whether it is this one or one of the others in my stash.
A proof read finds me doing a lot of lovin’ in this post. Blame it on the beach. I’m just about packed, and the Knight and Mugsy are all ready to go, save loading everything into the truck. You’re gonna’ appreciate this. I’m taking my portable printer too. (What if I need to print a new pattern or something? What? Et tu Brute??) The Knight laughed out loud. (He doesn’t SNOL. That’s my distinctive chortle.) But he’s taking his laptop too, so if you’re in the area, you’ll know us right away. I’m quite certain there won’t be another couple anywhere near the Outer Banks on the beach with a crup (that’s a magical jack russell terrier, which is Mugsy’s true identity), two laptops, a portable printer and some knitting.

15 comments on “To Me, From Me

  1. NH Knitting Mama says:

    Yes, Nichole convinced me I needed that book, too! ha ha…

    I dunno, the beach and a laptop may SOUND weird, but I’d love it!

  2. Nichole says:

    I guess I’m a pretty good enabler girls, huh? I shouold get a cut on these books, lol! I just got my 2nd edition today as well.

  3. Michelle says:

    I’m SNOL just at the idea (in my head ) of a person on the beach throwing a ball to the dog, carryign a printer, knitting bag and 2 laptops… it’s hilarity! and… it’s so me and the Big guy to be honest that it’s frightening…

    Have a fabulous trip!

  4. StarSpry says:

    What fun stuff in the mail!

    You’re right, you might *need* to print a pattern while on vacation. Why wait until you get home?

    Have a wonderful time 😀

  5. Sue J. says:

    I, too, am in love with OSW and the sequel. And those magazines will keep you busy. I, who hate to knit sweaters, even saw a sweater I want to knit in the Winter Interweave. Have a terrific time at the beach. Enjoy, relax and knit. Don’t feel bad. We don’t go anywhere without our laptops, either.

  6. Anita says:

    Nice stuff you got there in the mail!! Do you have a wagon or something packed so you can haul all that to & from the beach? ha ha!! Hope you guys have a great time & a safe trip.

  7. Donna says:

    I just returned from the Outerbanks a few weeks ago. We were ocean front in Southern Shores. Where did you stay. I love the banks and Southern Shores has a LYS called Knitting Addiction. Check it out! Fun!

  8. Scrabblequeen says:

    I recieved One Skein Wonders for Christmas last year and love it. Have you knit the Tea Cosy yet? It’s double layered so it keeps the pot really warm. Darn…I didn’t even know there was a sequel! Good thing Chritmas comes every year….

  9. Süßstoff says:

    So nice! I totally understand how you needed all of that. I need all of that too.
    Well, maybe I could get started with just the book and a little yarn? I’m going shopping… tonight, when I’m done studying.

  10. Virtuous says:

    Ooh yeah I love pre-ordering! It is like an upexpected surprise! LOL

    Ooh I can’t wait to thumb thru the sequel!!

  11. Robin says:

    You are the second post I’ve read this morning that has received IK mag…I’ll be stalking the mailman this afternoon!!

  12. Anniebananie says:

    Have a wonderful trip – have you knit with the Maizy before? If so, do you like it? I got some while I was in NY because I wanted to try it.

    Oh, and I love the green of the bamboozle. That is simply fantastic!

  13. vegasangelbrat says:

    LOL Yep, sounds like me wanting to take all the internet stuff with That Tofutsies is really pretty, but you know my eye is on the lime!
    Hope you have a great trip..think of me on the your walk!

  14. Sue H says:

    I will soon be discovering the delights of Tofutsies having been sent a ball recently, but I have other stuff to finish before I can cast on…….:-( The waiting is the hardest. lol

  15. Sharon says:

    I have the first book. Think I should get the second one?

    Cheer up news!!! I started my Hanukkah shopping this weekend got you something I hope you will LOVE. Wasn’t 100% on the color (NOT purple, LOL) what else is there to do when you are at a shopping event but shop? LOL Hanukkah is early this year 😀

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