Apple Pie and a Contest

Nichole had a quiz link on her blog that for a change, seemed actually have somewhat accurate results for me.

You Are Apple Pie
You’re the perfect combo of comforting and traditional.
You prefer things the way you’ve always known them.
You’ll admit that you’re old fashioned, and you don’t see anything wrong with that.
Your tastes and preferences are classic. And classic never goes out of style.Those who like you crave security.
People can rely on you to be true to yourself – and true to them.
You’re loyal, trustworthy, and comfortable in your own skin.
And because of these qualities, you’ve definitely earned a lot of respect.


What kind of pie are you? 

So, a while back in the other blog home, I mentioned that it was time for another contest.  Indeed, it is.  I haven’t put together the prize yet, but it will be good, I promise!  (Anne and I are sure to yarn crawl, although she started without me this morning…) 

There are plenty of thankful contests going on, but this is a little different.  I want to know your favorite charity, and why.  It doesn’t have to be knitting-related, at all.  In addition to the prize you’ll receive, the Knight and I will also make a charitable contribution to the winning entry. 

And how will the winner be selected?  The random number generator, of course.  I already know I’m a sap, and there are so many worthy causes out there, and I already know that some of you have very personal reasons for supporting said causes. 

Edited to add…

Please promote this contest for an additional entry.  I want all of your favorite causes to have a shot!

The contest will run through November 27th.  A winner will be announced on the 28th, in memory of my sweet Nannie, my maternal grandmother.  (Her birthday, you see…)  Never did a more charitable woman walk this earth.  She was always doing something for someone else, and I try to follow her example. 

For those of you in the States, I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving, and please know that you’re all counted in my blessings! 

55 comments on “Apple Pie and a Contest

  1. There are so many to call on! Gosh!

    If I had to just pick one I would say my favorite charity is Girl Scouts…enough said :o)

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving Ms. Apple Pie!

  2. nichole says:

    There are a bunch, but I am going to lean towards 2 very special, Victory Junction Gang Camp ( and of course, the ASPCA. Need I say more?

    Happy Turkey Day!

  3. Devon says:

    My favorite Charity is the JW House ( It was started by a 16 year old boy who had a dream for families with sick children. he has since passed away but his dream is coming true as they raise money for the construction and then the interiors of the house. This is a small charity with a big meaning for those families with very sick children.

    Happy Thanks day to you and yours! Hugs to Mugsy!

  4. cassady says:

    Oooo such a good contest! Love it.
    My favorite charity is Draw Bridge
    It’s an arts program for homeless and other vulnerable children.

    Big big hugs to you, and pinches to Anne, and tummy rubs for Mr. Mugsy.

  5. grace says:

    Cystic Fibrosis is the stand out charity in our family after loosing 4 cousins to the disease and all of us being carriers of the gene, luckily I married a man who didn’t carry the gene, my brother wasn’t so lucky his wife does, so they adopted from China. What a fantastic idea for a contest, I think its awesome, going to put it on my site!!!

  6. Megan says:

    I, too, am a huge softy and would give away my fortune if I had one. Locally, my favorite charity is the Station Fire Fund. In February 2003 there was a horrific fire at a nightclub in Warwick, RI. A local DJ and 99 other people were killed (1/10 of 1% of Rhode Island’s population), and many more were injured, including a friend’s sister who was forced to relinquish custody of her daughter due to her incredibly lengthly hospital stay. The Station Fire Fund directly supports victims of the fire and their families.

  7. Megan says:

    I forget to tell you, Cass sent me here, and I’ve posted about your contest on my blog.

  8. Hannah says:

    I came here on a rec from Cass… my favorite charity is Heifer International. I love the idea of giving useful animals to help people. 🙂

  9. KSee says:

    Hi there, well the Humane Society of the US is my main charity.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Danielle says:

    Heifer International – and not just because of the name! Becuase it fulfills that old adage – …teach a man to fish, and he can feed his family for a year.

    I got here from Cass’s blog and will be putting something on my blog about this contest!

  11. Gaylen says:

    Chan – around here I support Camp Erin which is a non-profit camp started by Jamie Moyer to benefit children who have lost a loved one to cancer.

    Next in line (or maybe first) Old Dog Haven. This is a non-profit started by a wonderful woman who wanted the dogs that nobody else wants to have a wonderful forever home. These are usually older dogs who may or may not have major health issues whose families have abandonded them for some stupid reason! g

  12. Nicole says:

    My favourite charity right now is Partners in the Horn of Africa, because I trust them to make good use of donations (both because of their stated policies and for reasons I’d rather not discuss here but would be happy to elaborate on by e-mail).

  13. knitfor6 says:

    My fav is Ovations-the cure for Ovarian Cancer. ( It will be two years in Febuary that my dear Mamaw (my knitting teacher) last her 3 year battle of ovarian cancer. Many women don’t really realize their risks with ovarian cancer. Ovations is dedicated to helping find the cure so that our daughters may not have to deal with ugly, nasty disease. Many women walk around with Ovarian Cancer and don’t realize it until it is to late. Thanks for doing this! This is great! And thanks Cass for pointing me in this direction!

  14. becky says:

    Rape and Domestic Violence Centers get my extra money!

  15. Bubblesknits says:

    Can I have more than one? I’m pretending you said sure (LOL), so here we go:
    1. Make A Wish
    2. The Angel Tree at my mom’s school.
    3. Animal Shelters

  16. Miss Me says:

    i came today by way of ariel’s knitting… i grew up in a very affluent suburban area but now live in a small rural village. i try very hard to support charities within my village community. new brunswick is one of canada’s “have not” provinces and i live in a county that has relatively low earned incomes and levels of education compared to the province as a whole. i always support chipman community care (no website – they’re low tech) because they provide support to the whole community – children, youth, families, the elderly. without them, many families here would be colder and hungrier. i’m grateful that i support them and not the other way around.
    link being posted shortly and happy thanksgiving!!!

  17. twoaugustgirls says:

    I have two fave charities:
    March of Dimes because they really DO help, my DD was a 28weeker and is amazingly healthy thanks to their push for resources to NICU units…and she is not the only baby they have helped.
    The other is Appalachian Service Project: Where groups help to build or fix homes in the Appalachian area for needy families and believe me after 4 tours of this these are very wonderful and deserving people. So thankful!!!
    and the ASPCA my babies would never forgive me if I did not mention it!
    By the way Cass sent me!

  18. Surviving says:

    My favorite charity is the March of Dimes because I had two preemies, 10 weeks and 8 weeks early. Fortunately we didn’t have some of the issues other parents deal with when having a preemie. It was so hard for me as it was, I hate to think of others going through what we did or all the people that experience harder things then I did.

  19. Vicki says:

    I’d say my fav charity is *make a wish*
    they gave my little cousin a trip to disney a yr before he passed.
    I’m linking on my blog

  20. Amy says:

    I am a huge supporter of Hospice. The people who work there are the absolute salt of the earth. Blue Ridge Hospice (here in Winchester) has done so much for not just our family, but for the whole community.

  21. The charity I am promoting this year is Youthville. They support foster children.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  22. Princsstrish says:

    Charities are so incredible. They do so much good in this world. My favorite charity is the ASPCA 🙂

  23. Anne says:

    It’d be hard to choose a ‘favorite’ since so many are worthy, so I’ll give the one I donate to most frequently – the Disabled American Veterans.

  24. Sam says:

    Relay for Life, I participate every year. It strives to bring awarness and funding for all types of cancer.

  25. Nicola says:

    Hi, I was sent over here by Cass at Shut Up I’m Counting. My favourite charity is La Leche League. I am a firm believer in breastfeeding babies for as long as possible and La Leche League offers information, support, advice etc to expectant and new mothers.

  26. Nicola says:

    By the way, I just mentioned your contest on my blog too.

  27. myhobbyisyarn says:

    I’m mud pie. I couldn’t resist the quiz! My favorite charity(ies) are the Literacy ones. The local one is Literacy Volunteers Chippewa Valley. Literacy is such a valuable asset that a lot of us take for granted. They have such limited funding, but they make such a huge difference in people’s lives. Where I work, we print the success stories that the students write at the end of the course.
    I’ve also been throwing change at Ronald McDonald House which was a saving grace when some friends of ours had their newborn air lifted to Mayo.
    And I found your contest via Cass!

  28. Aura says:

    My favorite Charity is the NAACP which I am also a member of so not only do I give monetarily but also of my time. I think people who are white get the luxury of not having to think about Race and institutionalized Racism’s long lasting effects. I also believe that the long history of slavery and the oppression of African Americans in the United States is not simply rectified by granting African Americans citizenship and the right to vote. I have two daughters who are adopted and are of African American heritage. In my parental role of providing for them I would be remiss if I did not show them by modelling courage, conviction and action in the face of inequalities. I think about Racism every day and believe it takes all white people to be courageous and act against Racism daily in order to end it… ok, off the soapbox.

  29. KnittySue says:

    My favorite charity is Children’s Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation…my 7 yr.old granddaughter is a survivor (born with it). I found you thru Cass of course. Happy Thanksgiving!

  30. Sharon says:

    Being that Miss Sunshine was just diagnosed with PDD-NOS, we are selecting a new charity. I am thinking Autism Speaks but perhaps more local, Autism Society of American, Philadelphia Chapter

  31. Em says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

    I think my favourite charities are those that really support and promote people on the individual level. I was helped out myself by a teen aid society years back, so groups like The Boys and Girls Clubs and Big Brothers/Big Sisters are special to me. Otherwise, I am constantly happy to support my local Humane Society — I’ve got two very loving kitties because of them!

  32. Nancy says:

    I’m going to second the earlier “nomination” of La Leche League. The organization provides information and support for breastfeeding moms and babies. It’s a gift to offer support and a listening ear to new moms — and breastfeeding is a real treasure of time and proximity to moms and wees ones. Viva LLL! I read about your contest through Cass at Shut Up I’m Counting and Nicola at Four Friends and a blog. Happy contest-ing . . .

  33. Cheryl says:

    My favorite charity is Hospice. They helped my grandmother 15yrs ago when she was diagonised with lung cancer. The other one is the MSPCA. By the way you wouldn’t guess who’s blog I came here thru(Cass)

  34. sue c says:

    my longtime favorite charity is habitat for humanity- they do good work and get lots of local people involved including a group of which i am a member) and if i get a second one it would be the orphan foundation of america- i think helping older foster kids is a great thing- as much as my family can get on my nerves, i can’t really grasp having absolutely no one to call family and i think the care packages which include handmade scarves is a great idea. oh, and cass sent me.

  35. sue c says:

    hi- so my favorite longtime charity is Habitat for Humanity- they do such good work and have for such a long time. If I get a second choice, then it would be the Orphan Foundation of America- I think doing something for older foster kids is an amazing idea- my family gets on my nerves sometimes but I can’t really grasp being 18 and literally having noone to call family so carepackages containing handknit scarves seems like such a kindness so they know they are not so alone. Oh, and Cass sent me via her blog.

  36. Nancy says:

    There are many causes that tug at me, and to narrow them down is difficult. Just recently, an organization I belong to did a huge weekend long music festival benefit for a Habitat for Humanity chapter, proceeds helping a family Hancock Co, MS, rebuild from Katrina damange, and another in the Lehigh Valley, PA. It was so successful we are doing it again next year, bigger and better.

  37. Kristen says:

    So, I’m not sure if it counts as a charity, but I love Focus on the Family and Family Life Today I know that our nation is built of families. And the strenght of our country will be determined by the strength of our families. These two organizations do a lot to support families. I saw this contest on Anne and Nancy’s before I came over.

  38. This is a tough call. I have personal reasons for supporting the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, but I also really like to support my local Pregnancy Support Group, How does one decide on a favorite? They are both worthy of my dollars,and the local PSG also allows me to donate my time and knitted goods as well.

  39. […] on over to Chan’s blog for a new and totally different contest. She wants to know your favorite charity. She has prizes. As […]

  40. Alana says:

    Right now, I’m very thankful for Hospice, which was absolutely wonderful to my dad as he went through losing his wife to Alzheimers within the last month. He only has good things to say about how they helped both him and his wife.

    I’ll get you posted to my blog, too!!

  41. insanknitty says:

    Hey girl! Finally getting a chance to comment… I saw your contest here first, but also saw the holler out for it at Cass’s… so give her a point from me as well 😉

    My favorite charities, there are two,
    The Angel Tree at our Church each year. Growing up so poor as a child, we had many Christmas’s that were supplied in entirety by the Church…

    The Special Olympics..

    Before we had children, both John and I coached Floor Hockey, Volleyball, and assisted at large track meets for the Special Olympics in both New York, and North Carolina. Giving time and talent in whatever way you have possible is the best gift and the best way to make our world a better place..

  42. […] the meantime… go get a piece of Pie, a cuppa Joe, and head over to Chan’s to enter her charities contest… tell her I sent you if you didn’t already see it over at Cass‘ or Anne’s […]

  43. wayfarer says:

    I often give to CURE – they do child cancer research and help the families of children with cancer.

  44. LaVerna says:

    I am a big fan of Heifer International.We donate every year.I found you through Grace(

  45. mari says:

    Count me as another for Cass. 🙂

    My favorite Charity, or organization is Reading is Fundamental( books to kids in low socio- economical areas and schools. It is a wonderful program and get to see firsthand the smiles those books bring to the children at the school I teach at.

    I will try to link on my blog, but I am out of town and won’t be on my computer until Monday. A bit late.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  46. Hope says:

    Thanks to Nancy@thejersey shore for the note on her blog that led me here. So many wonderful orgs. that do so much great work, but here a two: In the USA – St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital – no child is ever turned away because of an inability to pay and Internationally – – which allows donors to provide microloans to fledgling businesses in developing countries with as little as $25.00.

  47. Robin in VA says:

    There are several charities I like, but I’ll just name three of them:
    1-Our local animal shelter & the ASPCA
    2-The Victory Junction Gang
    3-Our Church’s food bank

    There is need everywhere, but I try to help here close to home.

  48. atrun says:

    My favorite charity would have to be the ASPCA. I myself have volunteered for many years to breed specific local groups, devoting many hours and much needed scratches behind the ears. It amazes me how many people have pets, dump them off like used furniture, leave them outside or alone, like they are not living beings. I’ve heard some of the lamest excuses first hand, or heard the disgusting or stupid reasons for “breeding” an animal. They bring so much joy and love to us humans and they should be given the same in return.


    Going to add link to my blog now for your contest.

  49. Robin in VA says:

    I forgot to add that I found out about your contest from Anne (Yarn Family Blog)

  50. melanie says:

    My favorite charity is Heifer International – it’s a perfect example of teaching a person to fish instead of giving a person a fish – it gives people the means to grow their own skills and earn a living while doing it. I’m especially partial to the beehives, since I’m a vegetarian: no one eats bees!

  51. Becky says:

    Salvation Army.

    I found you through Robin’s blog.

  52. Jewels says:

    My favorite charity is definitely the Winnipeg Humane Society and other pet rescues here. I adopted my dog several years ago, and he has given me so much more love and company. I saw his picture when I was donating blankies through the project to the animal rescue and fell in love with him. He’s the friendliest loving animal ever.

  53. ellie says:

    I like Donors Choose – it allows you to fund science classes in grade schools. I like how direct it is – the teacher submits the budget they need to do the activity and you can donate. You can see what a big difference a small donation can make towards involving kids in science.

  54. Kasha says:

    I found you through Deceptively Packaged.

    I’m a tutor for School on Wheels because being a kid can suck, but being a kid with no house is unthinkable.

  55. Bill says:

    I heard DoGreat Good was helping Big Brothers Big Sister by donating a portions of revenue to the.

    Great cause & beats Bing for me!!!


    Check them out –

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