Hobbits, Purple and a Contest

One of the reasons I switched to WordPress is so that I can reply to all of the comments.  That allows me to find new blogs, meet new folks, etc. 

What you might not know is that before Harry Potter, there were hobbits.  In school, my oboes were named Bilbo and Frodo.  Long before some of you were born, in 1979, Mrs. Venning introduced me to The Hobbit and a love affair was born.  So, I’m tickled pink to point you to an  Eleventy-one party, which includes a contest!  Em wants her readers to de-lurk, and I want her to be blown away by the number of comments. 

Be sure to read the whole post, and check out the Purple Purl, which looks like a perfect yarn shop, even for someone not passionate about purple.  (Hem, hem…)  You might also want to grab the link to your favorite blog post too, from anywhere.  If you happen to mention that I sent you, all the better.

One comment on “Hobbits, Purple and a Contest

  1. Gurl I loved reading The Hobbit my freshman year in high school!!

    Now don’t ask me too much about it though! LOL

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