Meme Gross

My blogging friends make me laugh.  And groan.  And roll my eyes.  Cass started it, but Michelle tagged me, so don’t blame me, and don’t read on if you have a weak stomach or a lack of a sense of humor. 

Here we go.  Eight gross things about me you will wish I hadn’t shared:

(I feel like I should be about 20 years younger, drunk, and surrounded by my equally young, drunken fire fighting pals…  However, because I really do respect the privacy of all the patients/victims from my fire/EMS days, those GREAT gross moments are not included.) 

1.  I walked out of the house, going to work one morning, and felt some leftover rain drops fall from the tree, onto my head.  (The wind was blowing.)  I was in the car, en route, before I realized it was indeed a bird, and those drops were ick in my head.  The Knight still laughs and points at my head when he sees bird poop.

2.  I kiss my dog(s) on the nose.  Mugsy’s famous for slipping anyone in range his tongue, but over the years, I’ve gotten good at dodging him. 

3.  One firefighter story, totally unrelated to any patients…  Early in my training, we were still sharing face pieces – for the breathing apparatus – and I grabbed one, headed for the fire.  Imagine my hurls when that first big inhale got me a plug of the previous wearer’s chewing tobacco.  My stomach flips just telling you about it…

4.  I still don’t drink apple juice, thanks to a post-op experience with it that caused some great, adult projectile vomiting, all over my sweet little momma inlaw.

5.  I still love the feeling of that clayish-mud on the riverbottom oozing between my toes.

6.  I actually like horse barn smells.  A little poop, urine, sweaty leather, stinky horse…  it’s all good.

7.  Mugsy sleeps IN the bed with us.  Under the covers.  Head on a pillow if he chooses.

8.  I pick.  If I have a pimple, if the Knight has a pimple, I’ll be bonkers in no time if I can’t pop it.

I’m not going to tag you, but I suppose a #9 could be that I actually find these things interesting.  Let me know if you decide to play along! 

7 comments on “Meme Gross

  1. insanknitty says:

    I’m right there with you on the oozy lake bottoms, picking, and the barn smells… mmmmm barn smell, yum!

    and I too find gross things interesting! 🙂 So sorry about the bird thing… yuck…

  2. knittinggal says:

    Chan, you are a hoot. Good for Mugsy too! Oliver sleeps in bed with us too. But on his back with his legs splayed out and his head at the foot. I always wind up with no cover and hanging off the edge. What can you do…he is so dog-gone-cute!

  3. Bubblesknits says:

    Right there with you on the picking. LOL Ick, Ick, Ick on the chewing tobacco though! I had a boyfriend that “dipped” and I would always make him brush his teeth before I would let him kiss me. hehehe

  4. Alana says:

    You crack me up!! I’m with you on the picking, and while I’ve never really spent time around horses, I do like a nice whiff of skunk once in a while when I’m driving down the road! So you see, we’re all a little bit nuts!

    I’m trying to catch up on some blog reading, as I’ve been “indisposed” this week, and don’t see much relief in the near future. (My mom is in the hospital.)

  5. Mary says:

    LOL yeah we’re all alittle bonkers, but I’m with you on the riverbead bottom, love squishy between the toes 🙂 and Oh the smell of leather is good, but you can keep the other scents…lol too many roads we ride by around town smell like sewer so I’m not much for those anymore…lol Always have a dog in bed, though after you stop petting them they get down but they always get kisses on the nose, have been unlucky a few times to get kissed back unexpectantly…lol

  6. Nan says:

    I am not taking the time to read your most current post right now, but from what I scanned in the comments section, it looks like it’s a good one, I promise I will come back and do it soon, but I wanted to take this opportunity to ask you if you would be interested in coming over to my blog and vote on the contest entries I have posted. I would like to see if I can get unbiased opinions in the voting process by asking people who didn’t enter to come and vote, and am asking bloggers I read to visit me over the weekend to help with this. Thanks!!

  7. Amanda says:

    The chew story was… yuck-o. I feel bad for you that it happened to you and it was long ago. EEEWWW!

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