I should be cooking.  I’ve already done one of my self-imposed two per day repeats on the secret lace project, and with any luck, will announce its completion later this weekend.  However, the Knight SNOL’d and asked me to PLEASE confess my TRULY GROSS-ness, so I must oblige.

I love cooked cabbage.  Fried, boiled, with corned beef and potatoes or all alone, I adore the stuff.  Is that really so bad?!  The Knight says it smells like nasty, never been washed feet…

I also keep forgetting to tell you that I’d rather poke myself in the eye than try to follow “words” instead of a chart when knitting lace.  Of course, I had to muddle along with the words until I could enlarge the WEE chart FiberTrends enclosed in my secret project’s pattern.  I am near-sighted as all get-out, and even I couldn’t follow the bitty bits.  Geeze.  If I buy a pattern, is it REALLY asking too much for it to be fully functional, right out of its little sheet protector thingee?!  Once again, I am grateful for a job where my inlaws not only don’t mind, but think it’s simply delightful when I use the office equipment for my personal use, even if it does lead to MJ trying not to drool as she smiles sweetly and says YET AGAIN that gee, she sure would like one of the secret project thingees… 

But back to the topic at hand.  I slipped right through a Rite of Passage just now, and my EggNog tea isn’t soothing me.  (No Cassababe,  I haven’t added a splash of alcohol, but Dae’s bourbon is within reach…)  See, I’m not vain enough to mind telling you that I’m 38, but somehow, having a man with a son ALMOST my age “M’am” me with sincerity just makes me want to… cry.

Well, there’s the rub.  Normally, when I’m “m’am’ed” by a youngin’, I smile, chuckle, and say how much I appreciate their good manners, but please, call me Chan.  Same when I’m called Mrs. Knight.  I even laughed and told my new vet not to call and ask for Mrs. X, because she’d likely end up talking to my mother inlaw.  By the way, MJ still tells folks who call her Mrs. X that her mil was Mrs. X, and she’s been dead for 15 years.  So, imagine my surprise when I realized I’d had a whole, albeit brief, conversation with Fire Chief from the next station over (who knows me, by the way), and he M’am’d away and I never flinched.

So dear readers, at what point does one become a M’am? 

15 comments on “M’am?

  1. Bubblesknits says:

    LOL Don’t you hate that? I don’t know when you become one, but I’m right there with you. 😉

  2. Okay, I’m a Northern girl, so “M’am” is not really in our vocabulary. Now, I’m older than you, but the summoer of 1988, when a US Navy aircraft carrier was in port in Halifax, I decided to go visit it… My buirthday is the 4th of July afterall, and even if I am Canadian, I get the significance of the date. One of the sailors “M’am”‘d me…. I was 24!!! I have never felt older. Sigh…

  3. Amanda says:

    I think anyone can be a m’am. You turn into one when someone is addressing you with respect. (IMO)

  4. Mary says:

    Its mostly southern respect and I have found alot of people that still do it just because it was how they were raised. (bowling Sat nites I get that from one of the guys all the time, its just respect, I asked him) 🙂 Has nothing to do with age and I’m older then ya’ll 🙂

  5. Here in California we don’t here M’am much at all. My friends who live in, or were raised in, the South say it’s just a normal, respectful way of addressing a woman, of any age. Bask in the glow of respect, I’m sure you’ve earned it.

  6. cassady says:

    Don’t ask me! I live in Tennessee! We’re all ma’am! (and Miss Cass- bleck)

  7. cassady says:

    WTF is Eggnog tea!?!?

  8. Kristen says:

    I would say when you’re old enought to bear children. Wether or not you have them doesn’t matter. My neices say yes m’am to me. Because they live in the south. I figure I’ve earned their respect…and I’d better make sure I deserve it by not abusing their “yes m’am”.

  9. Dianne says:

    I, too have been “M’am”-ed…ouch. I know “M’am” is used out of respect, but it still stings. 🙂

  10. Criquette says:

    Being Mam’d is so much better than having 4-year olds call you by your first name. After 13 years here in the Midwest, I still haven’t gotten over the rudeness of parents who tell the fruit of their loins to call me by my first name! Of course, most of the kids who are encouraged to do this are very disrespectful of their parents. Go figure.

    I love your new look so much, I’ve put you in my links!

  11. Anita says:

    Yep, know how you feel!! It is very polite but it does make you feel old huh?! I like it better when you get waited on by an elder and they still ask for ID!! 🙂 (That is few & far between nowadays!!)

  12. myhobbyisyarn says:

    25 apparently. I get ma’amed when I space out at starbucks.

  13. Haha! @ lace patterns/charts
    That is why I have yet to climb that mountain! Haha!
    My eyes are over here crossed about Silver Belle’s cable charts..sigh

    Yeah I know what you mean about “ma’am” doesn’t bother when I am out to eat or in the grocery store…like a one time encounter. But when it is someone I have to deal with regularly then that is when I am like call me Ms. Stacey (if it is a child).

  14. insanknitty says:

    Absolutely NEVER will I be a Ma’am, like your dear MJ, my MIL is Mrs. X and I shall NEVER be that … I be her MIL said the same thing…

    Know what thing I hate… when I get mail to

    Mrs. John X

    grrr.. I have a NAME, it’s MIchelle, and my mother took great pride in giving me that name… I”m not Mrs. John… I”m not even Mrs. Michelle… I’m just Michelle

  15. Sue says:

    I have been married for 28 years, my MIL has been dead for 22 years, and I STILL say that Mrs X was my MIL. I ask people to call me Sue, and say I won’t answer to Mrs ANYTHING, at least not until MR denotes “husband of” the way MRS denotes “wife of”. lol
    BTW, I’m 56, and proud to admit it.

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