My First Hanukkah Gifts

I mentioned yesterday that I had received another package.  It was from Sharon, and it was chocked full of wonderfulness.  (If you don’t know much about Hanukkah, pop over to Sharon’s blog.  She took the time to share some details of the traditions and meanings with us each day.)  I have always enjoyed learning about other people’s traditions.  Even within my own family, there are so many different beliefs and traditions, and it’s both fun and touching to learn more.

There’s your happy, group shot.  You missed the lovely pink and green tissue in which everything was wrapped.  The colors were significant, because Sharon’s darling daughters and I all happen to be very fond of those colors.  Left to right, the bra bag, some lovely wood needles in my favorite size (#7!), a Sugar & Cream colorway I can’t wait to turn into a doily cloth, some Blue Heron chenille, Sharon’s own soap, and a dpn needle case.   It’s amazing how someone I met online earlier this year can shop so well for me, and yet we all have a family member or two…

Mary has been having kittens for about 24 hours now, because I mentioned the bra bag, but refused to show her a picture until now. 

There ya’ go, Mary.  It’s a cute little black, lacy bra, turned into an evening bag!  I’m gonna’ carry it New Year’s Eve, just because I can.  I think it’s a great conversation piece, and I’ll be toting it to my Pampered Chef Help Whip Cancer parties in May too!  I love that a portion of the purchase went to charity too.  Great find, Sharon!

Here’s a shot of the gorgeous Blue Heron chenille.  What’s fascinating is that my father’s middle name was Heron, and his favorite color was blue, so I’ve been meaning to find some of their yarn to try.  I’m going to have to spend some time on Ravelry and find just the right pattern for this incredible yarn.  In the meantime, I have it sitting out where I can pet it every time I walk by.  Very yummy!

Here’s a close-up of the inside of the dpn case, so SERIOUSLY needed.  It’s exactly what I wanted, even though I’d yet to see just what I wanted.  That’s the mark of a great friend; someone who finds you just what you wanted when you couldn’t even articulate what it was!

The soap has already moved into the shower. I’m going to try my lace on the new needles momentarily, as the Knight has informed me that I will be going to be earlier tonight, so I can get more sleep.  (He wasn’t impressed with my nearly midnight package preparations last night, it seems.)  Thank you again, Sharon.  You managed to box up peace and friendship and it flows all through my house tonight. 

11 comments on “My First Hanukkah Gifts

  1. holly says:

    That was a great package. Get some rest.

  2. Mary says:

    Thanks Chan…finally!!
    Oh that is so cute!!! Your dang right I’ve been anxious as all get Curiousity kills me…lol it really is adorable and conversation piece for sure. So glad that portions go to Breast Cancer! Thats something everyone understands. Now,where do you get one at??? 🙂
    I love the yarn, pretty colors all around.
    Great package!

  3. Amanda says:

    That bra bag is too cool!

    Great package from Sharon, too!

  4. crimsonpurl says:

    I was wondering if that was a bra sitting in the picture! LOL
    A very good cause!

  5. Anita says:

    Wonderful package, lucky you!! 🙂 I’m with you in the friend dept., I can’t believe how many wonderful friends I have met online & through the swaps this year…. a great thing to be thankful for this Holiday season.

  6. Nancy says:

    What lovely gifts Sharon sent you! I NEED to get that bra bag!!! My boss would go apeshit for it! LOL.

  7. Miss Me says:

    What a great package! I loved learning things about Hanukkah, too. Sharon was my WWCS spoilee, so I had done some research on it beforehand, but I loved how she shared her traditions. And the Knight is right – after your “incident” you need your rest.

  8. monnibo says:

    That’s a lovely package!!! Love the little bra bag. My sister had a corset-purse that I was always jealous of.

  9. Robin in VA says:

    WOW…and a Bra Bag, I’ve never heard of one! It’s so cute! That Blue Heron yarn is gorgeous!

  10. NICHOLE says:

    I’ve been hunting for the perfect DPN case as well… and the bra bag is too cute!

  11. Anne says:

    Loverly wasn’t it?! And I’m really liking the needles – first time I’ve ever adored straights; I think it’s because they are so light. I’ll post on that at some point.

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