Sissy’s REAL 8-week report

The lighting’s a little wonky, but I just love this photo of the silly, wild puppy.  I know I said on Sunday she was 8 weeks old, but it seems I got the date wrong, according to her paperwork.  This is even better; the 24th is a special birthday, and the eve of our wedding anniversary. 

Sissy had her first visit with one vet.  I say one vet, because the Knight doesn’t like her much either.  Sigh.  The search continues.  Sissy had been vetted by the Knight’s uncle’s vet after her birth for her first shots, but it was a few days too soon for her second shots.  Somehow, it cost us quite a lot for nearly nothing, which didn’t impress the Knight either.

So, puppy food recommendations??  She was started on Purina Puppy Chow, and I am slowly switching her to Beneful, but the one vet recommended Royal Canin, because of their breed-specific formula.  Um, that’s a pain, because the whole reason we put Sissy on Beneful is because it’s the only food Mugsy will eat.  (And I mean ONLY.  He’s not picky about human food, but dog food is another story.)

So, those of you who’ve had a puppy more recently than we have…  what to do?  I don’t want to keep changing vets during her puppy shots and what not, but the Knight really wasn’t happy with this vet either.  It surely won’t hurt to get more opinions on Mugsy’s part, but I don’t want to shuffle my furkids around either.

Sissy weighed exactly 10 lbs. yesterday, and is already having ear issues, according to the vet.  Don’t all bassets have ear goo?  The point is to keep them clean and dry, right?  Well, this vet said to fill each ear canal with a liquid cleaner…  Right…  Great fun, just trying that.  We’d always used ear powder with Fred, except when he had a yeast infection and required medication.  She and the Knight must have squared off on that while I was on the phone with the breeder.

Lest anyone think Mugsy is neglected, tomorrow’s DoT will be all about the best big doggy brother in the world. 

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13 comments on “Sissy’s REAL 8-week report

  1. Robin in VA says:

    She’s SO cute! I can’t speak for dogfood but Mr Ace likes Purnia One!

  2. Kim says:


  3. Gaylen says:

    That is an adorable picture of Sissy! As for food – we feed large breed puppy. We have always (until we just switched this summer – because of allergies & ear infections) fed the mid-line range of Nutro. Also, most vets (who are any good and actually care about the pets and their owners) will do interviews – either over the phone or by appointment. Call around and check it out.

    As for ear cleaning, Big Baby Beau is the only one who needs weekly cleanings in our house. I do use OtiCalm for that – just because his ears are so bad and if he ends up with an infection I’ll end up with $900 in vet bills, antibotics and steriods, and he looses a summer of swimming (which he loves). Anyway, my vet said to just wipe his ears out with a baby wipe – they are moist and do the job. Just make sure they are plain, plain, plain – nothing added, except maybe a little aloe. So what happens in our house is Beau gets liquid and an ear massage, followed by a wipe out with a baby wipe (and just buy generic baby wipes, don’t go for the ‘dog ones’) Everyone else just gets theirs wiped. In the Spring, Beau goes to every other day, and in the Summer – daily! It’s big fun. But he does it for the massage and the cookie that follows!!! Hope that helps. g

  4. Sue J. says:

    We fed Wolfie Iams puppy food and then switched to the adult at the appropriate time. He thrived on it. Both Wolfie and Milo needed, and need, regular ear cleaning. Wolfie was so prone to yeast infections because of his allergies. Milo’s ears were just gross when we got him, but they are clean as a whistle now. Our vet showed me how to get the solution into the ear without just shooting it in. I take a chunk of cotton, such as a cotton ball, and soak it in the cleaner. Then I gently start wiping Milo’s ears. As soon as I can, I squeeze the cotton and the liquid gently flows down into the ear canal. I don’t use too much. Just enough to soften the wax and dirt so he can shake it out. We do this once a week. Now he looks forward to having his ears cleaned because it feels so good to him.
    You would love it here, Chan. We have new neighbors behind us with, you guessed it, 2 bassets. Counting the two next door, that makes 4 bassets really close. You should hear the symphony when they all get going!

  5. Nichole says:

    Breed specific foods are really not what they’re cracked up to be! Try Chicken Soup for the Dog kibble… or even better, Merrick.

  6. Amanda says:

    It’s been years since I’ve had a dog, so I can’t offer advice there… but Sissy is the cutest!

  7. becky says:

    I. Love. That. Dog. Liza’s eating Purina One puppy- no reason except it was next to the Arm and Hammer puppy training pads.

    Change vets- find one you trust and love and that loves your dog and doesn’t pretend you have to pay out the doghole for quality vetting.

    We had both cats at vet A. She spayed them and gave them their first round of shots. After several visits I noticed that 1) her staff was changing regularly and 2) we were not invited back into the room with Dr. and Dog. We were out of there.

    Even where we go (Dr. B’s animal hospital) there is a vet in the group that I will request to NOT see. He’s a drama king but without compassion. In my limited experience, vets are like spouses. You just know when you’ve go the right one.

  8. Nancy says:

    Such the sweetest, cutest puppy face!!!

  9. lauriec says:

    Your dogs are like your children (I joke that Libby is my 1st born!) & you wouldn’t take your kids to a ped. you didn’t like. You may wind up having to do a little vet shopping which stinks but will be worth it in the long run.

    When we got Libby (she was 8 weeks) she was eating Purina Puppy Chow. She was switched over to Science Diet Puppy Original.

    Sissy is adorable & so lucky to be in your home!!

  10. insanknitty says:

    That is the absolute CUTEST picture ever.. what a sweet little girl! 🙂 good luck in the vet hunt…

  11. Dianne says:

    Oh, those eyes! She is such a darling. I know what you mean about vets. I am so lucky to have the best vet in the whole wide world – been going to him for 30 years, and I hate it when he goes on vacation.

  12. Anita says:

    Would you just look at that face!!!! I just want to smoosh her!! (Is smoosh a real word? haha)

    I feed my Jazzy Wellness cat food. I know they sell dog food too. Here is a link:
    This is an all natural, human grade, pet food. It was one of the few that made the list of OK foods back last year when they had that contaminated pet food scare. They sell canned and dry food. The drawback to this is that you have to buy it from a pet place like Petco, etc.
    My Jazzy has a sensitive tummy and the Purina food made her sick, she couldn’t keep it down. I haven’t had any problems with the Wellness and she loves it.

  13. If you’ve not solved the puppy food issue, I’ll chime in. Canidae has an “all life stage” blend that allows you to feed to puppies, working dogs, or adult dogs. This way, if you have a range of ages in the household you can feed one food. I’ve found that the Canidae is a good food and have used it in the past. Tucker and Cody eat Royal Canin (size specific more than breed specific in their case) and both do really well on it. Bandit is on Natural Balance, but only because they put out a truely nice meat style product that I can grate up for him. He has no teeth left, so hard kibble is difficult for him. The Merricks and Chicken Soup are also both excellent products. What ever you do choose, ask if the store you’re getting it from participated in the “frequent buyer” program for that brand. Many of the brands named above have a program that allows you to recieve a free bag after purchasing a certain number of bags. (This is different than a “breeder” program.)It may not seem like much, but a free bag of food, is a free bag of food. 😉 (lol sorry about being so wordy. Guess what I do for a living. 😉 )

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