Darling Boy

I really am going to give you a cast list one of these days, but today isn’t it.  It’s hard enough to type with one grumpy old pup in my lap licking my fingers and another literally nipping at my heels, the box behind us, the comforter that serves as the dog bed in the study.  Oh, and there’s a cake in the oven too.  I can multitask!

Thursday evening was a high point in our Christmas visitations.  My childhood best friend now lives in Texas with a Knight of her own, and their darling little boy.  Seeing my old friend is always a treat, and I truly adore her husband, but for the last 2+ years, the visits have been all about DB.  Now, mind you, I realize that DB worships his “Uncle Knight” and I am just the name/woman he must smile at and hug and thank when he does get to see his beloved Uncle Knight, but I love him just the same, and eat up those sweet moments when he does pretend to want me. 

This year was especially sweet because since early fall, DB has wanted nothing more than to see fire trucks and firefighters.  As the regular reader knows, that is *SO* within my power, even when the Knight gets caught working late on the worst possible evening.  Many, MANY thanks go out to the paid firefighters at our station.  I knew they were all great guys with big hearts, but they really went above and beyond to entertain my little nephew of the heart. 

As you can see, DB only has eyes for his new friend, even if all of those special clothes are a bit intimidating!


If you’ve never tried to take a good picture in a firehouse bay with all of the Scotchlite shining, don’t criticize my photos, but this one is good enough for you to see DB with Uncle Knight’s helmet.  It was too heavy to wear, and I do have a shot with DB and UK together, but I had to promise not to blog it.  (Sigh.  You know blogging is a part of your life when the Knight glares and says, “But don’t put it up on your blog!”)    

For anyone taking notes, you can bet that if this is a year without big, expensive incidents, we hope to find ourselves in Texas, visiting our friends and their DB!

9 comments on “Darling Boy

  1. Amanda says:

    What a cutie. I guess the question is – does the Knight read your blog? ha ha…

  2. holly says:

    He is a cutie. Kids love the Fire Department. At that age, it is the coolest thing to them.

  3. Bubblesknits says:

    My friend Victoria is a fire fighter also and the boy-child loves it when we go visit her at the station. 🙂

  4. Kristen says:

    My 4yo stated at 2 that he wanted to be a fire fighter. He has a peddal fire truck that he drives around our yard…it’s so cute. He’s moved on to Monster Trucks…but I always hope that he return to his firetrucks. I love taking their photos with the wheels of the trucks…as a height marker. We’ll see when they are taller than those giant wheels.

  5. Gaylen says:

    What big fun, glad you were able to do something to make DB’s eyes shine! Have a good visit with your friends. g

  6. Nancy says:

    That’s one happy little dude. 🙂 My great nephew is a big train fan, as was his daddy when he was little. 🙂 It’s all about trains now. I do hope you make it to TX in 2008!

  7. Nichole says:

    Cute and so fun that you got to do that for him!

  8. Stormy says:

    And to let you know… The leg warmers are still in the top of my crazy to-do list. Smile and stay warm.

  9. Robin in VA says:

    That’s awesome! I love to see little boys eyes the first time they see a fire truck…and this little one was up close and personal!!

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