After the Frogs…

After Friday night’s frog-strangler, I am delighted to report three finished objects.  First, is Fishy.  He just needed some eyes, and a lip tuck.  The eyes are merely permanent marker, because this is intended to be a pet toy.  His lips are just rolled up inside themselves so that if the recipient wants to add a squeaker or a bell or whatever, she easily can.  It should also be washable for a long life of human and pet play!

Next came the be-frogged burp cloth.   Sugar ‘n Cream in Faded Denim.  I had to monkey around a bit with the Mason Dixon pattern, but at 40 stitches on my #6 Bryspuns, I found something close to gauge. 

However, my happiest project is Michelle’s Snowman Hat, in an infant size she’s going to post soon.  I knitted it in the round because I avoid seams at all costs.  Paton’s Shetland in Aran, #8 dpns, a quiet morning, and you too can knit the cutie pie in your life a snowman hat. 

Sissy finds the darnedest things as toys.  Remember this? 

Sissy found Mugsy’s Halloween costume and was running through the house with it, so the Knight thought she might want to wear it.  She did.  We weren’t able to capture a great photo, but… 

It’s  hardly the best photo for the big news  I have to share.  At 13.5 weeks, Missy Sissy Princess of Potty is housebroken, as long as the humans are paying attention!  She even has a little routine to get the humans to note her need.  She trots to the door (the CORRECT door now), turns around to face the humans, and sits down.  Should we fail to notice her, she’ll squirm, “bump” the door and whine or moan.  Hooray! 

15 comments on “After the Frogs…

  1. Nancy says:

    Oh that fish is freakin’ adorable! I love it, great job! (I’m less impressed now with the BBB I did for my pal after seeing this—LOL)Snowman hat is sweet, and YAY! for Sissy being housebroken. She’s a smart girl.

  2. gaylen says:

    Wow – after a disasterous Friday you had a really productive weekend! I love that fish – you are gifting it and not giving it to one of your hounds, right? I can’t give mine felted toys – not I want to carry a felted bag or make felted slippers.

    Way to Go Sissy! Get those humans trained right 🙂 You’re a very smart girl. g

  3. Amanda says:

    A very productive weekend at the KnitTea house – good for you! Your projects are looking fantastic, I love Michelle’s snowman hat pattern.

    How are you feeling lately?

  4. Robin in VA says:

    I’ve started one of those fishy’s, just never finished it! Yours is adorable, maybe I’ll get mine back out and finish it!
    Well, look at Miss Sissy…she’s hilarious! Good for her going potty outside! Cutie pie!!!!

  5. Bubblesknits says:

    Congratulations on the potty training!!! Want to come to my house and try your hand with a 2 year old? LOL

  6. Wendy says:

    Congratulations, Sissy!!! What a big girl you are now!!!

  7. Mary says:

    Oh that fishie is the cutest!! I want one
    Good for you with all the projects on the go 🙂
    Woo-Hoo for Sissy!! She’s a BIG girl now 🙂 lol

  8. miss sissy is way cute… like the snowman hat too! ; )

  9. Anita says:

    That fish turned out super cute!!! Where did you find the pattern?

    Yeah for Sissy!!!! & give Mugsy a hug from me, he has been such a good boy dealing with a new little sister. 🙂

  10. Cass says:

    YAY for Sissy and her humans!! WOOT! And that fish is afrackingdorable!!!

  11. Nichole says:

    GOOD girl Sissy – yeah!!!!!!! 🙂
    Love all the FO’s, esp the snowman hat! CUTE.

  12. Dianne says:

    Princess Sissy is so smart! Training her humans already! What a good girl. Hugs to her (and Mugsy)!

  13. anniebananie says:

    Man that frog is fantastic! I want the pattern!!! I am amazed at how productive you have been this weekend. I spent most of mine finishing up the loopy swap project, and I still have ends to weave in.

    Kudos to Sissy! She is such a smart princess! (and you don’t have to pay her quarters either!)

  14. fireflynights says:

    Sissy does better than Mosby. Most of the time when he wants to go out it’s hard to tell the difference between “I want to go out” and “I want the toy”. Sometimes he just stands there and stares at us. We just have to interpret, and take him out at his regular times, plus a few extra that were probably requests for the toy.

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