Purple Strain

Remember “Purple Rain”??  (Then you weren’t a teen in the ’80s, were you?)  Come to think of it, that might be why I wasn’t crazy about purple until the Knight announced that Princess Sissy would wear it.  Anyhooo, I’m sure straining with this purple stitch eater of a snuggle.  So, here’s a photo for Mary to review and tell me if it looks ANYTHING like it should…

The yarn isn’t blue at all.  It’s a purple, purple.  If anything, a touch of plum, but not blue.  So much for natural light, huh?  I fear I’m doing my FDDCs and my BDDCs too much alike, somehow, but we’ll wait to see what the hooker say.  (SNOL…  I have always worked in a predominantly male workplace.  I love being able to use hooker in polite company!)

Meanwhile, I think I’ll return to my sweet sock.  I don’t want to hook more and hear that I’m doing it all wrong.

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4 comments on “Purple Strain

  1. Mary says:

    Oh I love Purple Rain! lol It sure is pretty…upon looking at it compared to mine..it don’t look right 😦
    Let me try something different to help ya..Mikes not home so can’t make another video…let me think

  2. holly says:

    This hooker, thinks it looks good!

  3. Nancy says:

    …I only wanted 2 see u laughing in the purple rain…(love it) Looks purple to me on my PC. can’t help with your crochet though. 😦

  4. crimsonpurl says:

    It is so hard to photograph purple!! You KNOW I know! :oD

    Keep workin’ that hook though!

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