One Paid

I know how the Pay it Forward concept is supposed to work, but I assure you, giving Wendy the first of my PiF projects in person surely paid off in spades for me.  Some of you know how much I fretted over picking the right project and the right yarn, but it seems I did just fine!  I’ll let Wendy share the photos of herself on her blog, but here it is, my first shawl!

It’s hard to get a decent shot of a big ol’ shawl!  I was happily surprised at how much it “grew” between the first wash (Tofutsies “blooms” when washed) and my low-maintenance steam iron version of blocking.  That was another concern; Wendy’s a busy woman, and I didn’t want to gift her an item that would require a lot of maintenance.  She wanted a wrap for work, and that means elementary school classroom safe, so Tofutsies was a great fit!

That’s a decent shot of the colorway.  It’s a numbered colorway #798, but Tofutsies is backtracking and naming all of their colorways now!  Done on size #5 Knitpick Options, which was a lifesaver, as dear Sissy chomped the cord but nothing was lost.  It’s the Argosy Wrap, but if you check out her blog, there are several other Argosys (-gosies?) to try.  I loved this pattern!  It was just what the doctor ordered for Sissy’s first knitting project.  No chart needed; I could drop it and take the puppy out in an instant without incident.  It used almost exactly 1.5 skeins, and Wendy insists it “fits” perfectly.

I got a gift too!  Wendy remembered that I loved polka dots, so I was happy just looking at the little bag.  Inside, there was a pretty cloth and some yummy teas to try.  Thank you Wendy, for everything!

We had a blast, once our dear waitress realized that we weren’t going to order rapidly.  We started with lunch at The Lazy Parrot Grill, and after gabbing and enjoying our lunch, we headed to Stony Mountain Fibers.   We went one farm too far and landed on a mohair-producing place, where the nice neighbor sent us back to the right spot.  Unfortunately, the owner was out on a quick errand, and we waited as long as we could before heading to stop #2.  We did peek through the window, and the Tofutsies at the door sure got my attention.  Maybe another day…

Next, we hit The Needle Lady, where we had more success.  We fondled lots and LOTS of yarn, and I was sorry to hear that the Helen’s Lace I went after wasn’t represented at all, but I still managed to leave with some lovelies.

On the left is some lucious silky-soft bamboo lace yarn.  It wasn’t just an impulse buy; I actually bought it with a project in mind, but that’s all I’m saying.  In the center was a very selfish purchase.  I simply adore Misty Mountain yarns, and one called “Alpaca Delight” in a colorway called “Virginia Creeper” just had to come home with me.  Lace ladies, start giving me ideas for my little 500 yds. of was it dyed for me yarn!  There was another skein in the same dye lot even, but it really seemed to lack that deep rose color I really adore, so I called myself practical and left it in the store.  The little tape measure reminded me too much of my white and brown dogs at home, so…  I think I have a tape measure addiction in the works.

Now, to reward your patience, I’ll share with those of you who made it this far the shot Wendy took with my camera of the two of us.  We kept asking each other to remind the other to take photos, but short of a few shots of Wendy modeling her new shawl in the parking lot at dusk, the photos of the two of us (she’ll have one on her camera too) are it!

After The Needle Lady, we did try to go to It’s a Stitch.  Unfortunately, they closed at 4pm, not the 5pm I thought.  However, we each spotted some yarn in the window we wanted by The Purled Llama.  I’ll be swinging in next time I’m on that side of town…  I think that makes the yarn crawl a bust, but that’s okay.  We had lots of time to talk, and talk, and Wendy even got to sneak a peek at my current secret project!  We’re plotting more get-togethers in the near future…

24 comments on “One Paid

  1. anniebananie says:

    That shawl is gorgeous!!!! I am always in awe of knitters who knit shawls; socks are about as ambitious as I get.

    Oh, and I was at The Lazy Parrott the other day for lunch. We tend to go there for “working lunches”…

    I’m sorry that SMF was closed. Let me know when you are going to take a trip up that way and I’ll see if I can sneak up the road as well. 🙂

  2. Wendy says:

    Thanks again Chan for a wonderful Saturday lounge around. We just got home and I’m jealous that you already had time to post about it all. I don’t know that my post will do it justice (especially compared to yours). I’ll probably send any readers your way for your version when I write it up tomorrow.

    ps… I plan on wearing the shaw to the game tomorrow!!!

  3. Alana says:

    The shawl is lovely. Your friend must be thrilled! I’m wanting to cast on for a wrap, but am still debating about which yarn and which pattern to use.

    Tape measure issues, huh?? Well, I don’t blame you. I love the one you sent me, and use it ALL the time. I have determined to figure out how to crochet those cute little tape measure cozies!!

  4. Mary says:

    Wow, great job on the shawl!! Its beautiful! Glad you guys had such a great time too!!! Love your yarn choices by the way!! Very pretty and my

  5. StarSpry says:

    The shawl looks beautiful! Great job 🙂 It sounds like you both had a lovely time, and you got some great stuff!

  6. Bubblesknits says:

    The shawl looks gorgeous! Good job! It sounds like y’all had a great time. 🙂

  7. Nice work on the shawl. It sounds like you had a wonderful day in spite of closures and misses. I look forward to seeing what your lovely new yarn becomes, too.

  8. KSee says:

    How nice to have a picture of both of you. Your shawl is very pretty. Lucky Wendy.

  9. p3knitter says:

    That shawl is beautiful! Very lucky lady!

  10. Annne says:

    How fun! So glad you had a great time. The shawl looks GREAT! And if that silvery/gray is for what I think it might be I think it’s gorgeous 😀 Oh the things I would knit, if I only had a brain… lol

  11. Dianne says:

    The shawl is lovely! It looks like you two had a great “girls day out”!

  12. nichole says:

    Gorgeous shawl!!!!!!!! Great use for Tofutsies too! Sounds like you 2 sure had a GREAT day! Love your purchases!

  13. Robin says:

    The Argosy Shawl is beautiful! I never would have thought to do it in Tofutsies. I’m working on the Argosy Wrap and do love the pattern.

  14. MrPuffy says:

    What an absolutely perfect way to spend the day! Love your new yarn goodies (I’ll have to go back for a second look at the Misty Mountain yarn) and the shawl is gorgeous – what a terrific gift!

  15. Robin in VA says:

    The shawl is BEAUTIFUL, that Wendy is one lucky lady!

  16. Rachel says:

    Great job on the shawl! It is beautiful! So do you now have the urge to make more and more like I did after my first one! 🙂

    And great story on meeting up with Wendy…very very cool getting to meet one of your blogland friends in person! Glad it was a great day.

  17. Gaylen says:

    That shawl is wonderful. You are lacing right along! I love the yarn purchases and aren’t pushing waitresses the worst! g

  18. Kristen says:

    I love the agrosy pattern. I think I’ll have to add it to my que.

  19. Anita says:

    Ok, I’m back! I finally have the majority of those stitch markers off my back!! I see that I have missed much the past couple of days…..

    That shawl is totally GORGEOUS!!! I love everything about it!!!

    Love the new yarn too, looks so soft and yummy! Your afternoon sounded like lots of fun! I’m glad you guys got to meet in person and spend the day yarn shopping and such… can’t get any better than that! 🙂

  20. grace says:

    Fabulous shawl, if it were mine I would be super proud to wear it, you did a wonderful job and what a great photo of you guys!!

  21. Miss Me says:

    beautiful shawl. something for wendy to treasure.

  22. crimsonpurl says:

    OOH I am SO jealous!! :o) Glad you two finally got to meet and had a wonderful time!! Definitely in order for another yar crawl!

    The shawl came out wonderful and nice to know it is not a complicated knit that you can pick right back up!

    Luv that Habu lace yarn! Yum!

  23. […] my first argosy pattern.  There are several, and I did the shawl for a friend over a year ago.  (Here for the post…)  So, I knew I liked argosy, but I didn’t know how much fun the little […]

  24. […] Argosy Baby Blanket.  This is my third Argosy.  The shawl was one of the first shawls/lace projects I did, and I really enjoyed the scarf too.   As […]

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