Wanted: Sunlight

I have so much to share.  I’ve done my first “real” blocking, with pins and the guest bed and everything.  I  have three finished objects and will likely have a fourth, including a crocheted item, before we have sunlight for more photos.  Sigh.  

Crocheting is SOOO much faster than knitting, even when I’m still learning.  There’s something to be said for that. 

Now, back to crocheting, and watching Coyote Ugly for the 300th time. 

6 comments on “Wanted: Sunlight

  1. fireflynights says:

    You’ve discovered one of the real beauties of crocheting. Even when you have to stop to learn a new stitch or figure something out in a pattern, doing the actual work seems to be a breeze compared to knitting. I can complete a nice scarf in a day or two quite easily.

  2. Amanda says:

    I agree! Trying to update the shop has been difficult seeing as I can’t get good pics! Can’t wait to see your goodies, though!

  3. Mary says:

    Can I say it? I told ya so…LOL Crochet is a breeze compared to knitting 🙂 I’m glad your doing better at crochet then I am knitting..lol
    Hope you get some sunlight soon, can’t wait to see what all you’ve got done!!
    Enjoy your Sunday!!

  4. Gurl you are just now figuring that out!! @ crocheting is faster!! :oD

    I will have to block “for real” soon once I finish my lacey shawl…already putting a plan togeter on how I will properly block it with real pins and all! LOL

  5. Nancy says:

    Your crochet is lovely. Even though I haven’t done it in years, I agree it’s faster than knitting. why is that? It was the second craft I learned, after embroidery–yay for girlscouts cuz my Mom or Aunts didn’t have the stichery gene…or maybe they did and just didn’t utilize it, (believe it or not my UNCLE was a crocheter and a tatter in the Navy, it relaxed him, as the story goes–I have a bedspread he made somewhere in my storage closet)–cuz i’m not doing too badly. I love Coyote Ugly!

  6. MrPuffy says:

    I’m in the same boat. I’ve finished a top but it needs sunlight for pics to show the color best. It never is this cloudy for so long!

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