Big Lilypad

Ironically, the new slipcover for our sofa is green.  It’s on order, and should be here any day.  How fitting, because Sissy is learning to hop, and I swear I heard Mugsy say “Ribbit” yesterday.

No photos.  I didn’t get home until around dusk last night, and it is raining this morning.  The baby blankie is done, and I can’t wait to show it to you.  The scarf is done too, but I don’t think you need another photo of that. 

Devon asked me this morning what was on my needles.  Nothing.  Sincerely.  I have the start of a snuggle for Sissy on the hook, and I have yarns out for three different projects, but all I can do is cast on, knit one or two repeats, and frog.

Seriously.  My Fred Yarn needs a special wrap pattern.  It has to be big, comfy, and not at all delicate.  I thought I’d found that in Cozy, until after well into the second repeat of the lace, I realized it just wasn’t looking anything at all like the photos.  Duh?  DK and Bulky yarns are rather far apart.  I have lots of yarn, but not the THOUSANDS of yards it would take to make the pattern work with Fred’s Yarn.  So, I spent several hours organizing my loose patterns and searching Ravelry, and I’m pretty sure I ordered Wrapped in Comfort yesterday.  It contains a pattern I believe will be perfect – the Bigfoot ShawlIt’s perfect because it will wrap around me and comfort me, which is what I want, even though Fred was more of a sit on your feet kinda’ guy.  It’s perfect because the Knight was known to call his dear boy a big footed sucker (or something like that) as Fred rolled across a bare, human foot.

So, not caring to start a sock at ten o’clock at night, I pulled out my three lush cakes of Ellen Cooper yarn, and cast on for the Omega Wrap, after much measuring and debating over what size I might need.  I decided to do a medium, and picked up my #8 bamboo circs (which I’d just purchased to use with the Fred yarn, of course).  I have Harmony tips in #10.5, and the pattern calls for #10.  Knowing I tend to knit loosely once I cast on, I thought the #8s would be about right. 

I’m loving the colors, and the mohair blend isn’t unpleasant to knit with either.  In no time, I was into my third repeat, when suddenly, I was overcome with the urge to measure my gauge.  (What?  It’s never happened to you?)

Pattern calls for 3 stitches per inch.  I had a very generous 4.  I shoved the whole mess on the table and went to bed.  When I got up early this morning, literally with no lights on, I frogged.  I knew it had to be done, and I knew it would be easier if I didn’t dwell on it.  I’ve come to accept frogging as a part of the process, thanks to lace.  It no longer pains me to discard even hours of work.  Granted, with lace, that’s more likely and more of a necessity.  I’m pretty good at fixing mistakes, even a few rows back, but sometimes with lace, it’s just best to rip.

One of these days, I’m going to rip the start of the wrap for a someone special.   I get bored easily, and I’ve since learned that what pattern writers call a four-row repeat is really two patterned rows with rows of pure knitting or purling in between.  Plus, I don’t intend for that to be a dainty wrap.  Light, but not fragile, and I’m afraid all of that open stuff won’t be practical enough for the intended recipient. 

Anyhoo, back to the Omega.  (And my little mind hears “The Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End.”  Indeed begin again.)  PLEASE help me.  What do I try?  Yes, yes, me gonna’ swatch, and not in the 140 actual cast-on stitches as I did last night.  Do I use my (sigh, used to love them) metal Knitpicks and try a #10?  Being a whole stitch per inch off, dare I try the #10.5 Harmony tips?  A whole inch off.  It boggles the mind, because I generally do knit rather loosely.


10 comments on “Big Lilypad

  1. Gaylen says:

    That’s pretty funny that you heard Mugsy say ‘Ribbit.’ Sorry about the pain of lace. Frankly, if you’re liking the look, who cares if you haven’t got gauge? The only thing is – obviously – it will be smaller if you stay with the 8s. Were you tense last night? Other than that, I’ve got nothin! g

  2. insanknitty says:

    Oh my… so sorry to hear about the omega (and I too said the alpha and the omega in my head)…

    I too have nothing on the needles now..oh wait well.. that’s not 100% true, I have the chewyghan.. and Abby’s second sock… I need to finish those… and think that I’ll be picking the Chewyghan up as my sit in bed and knit before I go to sleep deal… and I plan to cast on for Abby’s communion wrap tonight!

    weird not having much in my ‘gotta knit it now’ queue…

  3. fireflynights says:

    I hadn’t seen the post about the Fred Yarn. It’s very pretty and yes, I also like that photo of him very much. Then, just as I thought I’d finished buying knitting and crocheting books for a while, you mentioned Wrapped in Comfort. When I added it to my Amazon cart Knit Kimono jumped in there, too. I stash more books than I do yarn.

  4. holly says:

    I am not much help, on this topic. However, I ripped my first lace dishcloth about 5 times before I got it right and it is only lace around the edges. I would end up with too many stitches or not enough. I ripped Megans hat um 3 times. Must be going around. I hope you do figure it out. You have to have something to do to fill your day, now that you have checked email and posted on your blog.

  5. nichole says:

    Where is your multitask button lady??? YOU got me in to to this… hee hee No lurking in Ravelry either.. hee hee

  6. MrPuffy says:

    That is too special having a yarn named for Fred. I love that! Wow, you have so many fun choices and yarns to try – just wonderful!

  7. Amanda says:

    I don’t have anything on the needles, either! I am actually going to alter my knitting list for the year, because projects are coming and going in terms of priority.

    I love my copy of “Wrapped In Comfort.” And, Alison is becoming a dear friend. Her blog is SpinDyeKnit, you should check her out and drop her a line. She is a dear woman.

  8. AlisonH says:

    Thank you, Amanda! (blush) The thing about my shawls is that they’re meant to fit anyone and to be adaptable. I have done Bigfoot in 875 yards/100g Alpaca with a Twist’s Fino laceweight, and my friend Diana, who is a lot bigger than I am, tried it on and loved it–and then she made herself one out of a strand of blue sportweight with a matching strand of Kidsilk Haze. Totally different look and size, and it looked great on her. There’s a picture of her in it a few weeks back on my blog.

    I was trying to create shawls that people wouldn’t be afraid to wear. Fingering weight doesn’t shred so easily as a fine laceweight, and alpaca especially, which I used a lot, has a tensile strength greater than wool.

  9. crimsonpurl says:

    Nothing like getting organized and refocusing!!
    I am sure you will CO and stay the with something soon!

  10. Anita says:

    Oh my…. hate to hear about the frogging! So frustrating, but you seem to be taking it rather well… or hiding it well. 😉 I hate swatching, I tend to dive right in and end up doing the same thing you did. 🙂

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