Come Back Later

gse_multipart11297.jpgIn due time, this will hold shots of Sissy and Sam having their first playdate, with Mugsy looking on with mild disinterest.  We’re carting the Prince and Princess over to Sam’s house (formerly known as my sister’s house) around 7:30 eastern time, so I should be able to show some puppy love before bedtime tonight.

In other news, do go visit Devon and whisper sweet somethings in her comments.   It’s a neat contest, and I know I definitely need to celebrate her bloggiversary, because without her, I’d never have knitted my first sock!

Also, stop in and read Firefly’s Dogs on Thursday post.  It’s true.  Her boys do have magical powers and ooze sweet doggy love from every pore, but I’ve also seen the same magic play out in my own life.  Grumpy, mean customers laugh and scold ME when Sissy jumps on them and I try to correct her.  More to the point, I can be in a foul mood, and just a sweet, caring glance from Mugsy or Sissy reminds me of how much I am loved, and that the world isn’t such a bad place after all.

Happy Little Friday, and bring on the weekend!

One comment on “Come Back Later

  1. fireflynights says:

    Looking forward to the photos after you post them.

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