Finally Friday!

I sure am glad to have the weekend in my sights.  There’s a baby shower tomorrow, where I’ll present the Oh My! pinwheel blanket and the little hat, and that’s about it for my obligations.  I’m going to get a head start on my spring cleaning and keep on knitting.

Today’s a big day.  Pop over and wish big boy Zeus a happy birfday, and the Big (human) Guy a happy birthday too. 

While you’re at Michelle’s blog, check out her latest pattern, her Marshmallow buddies! 

Nancy needs some bolstering today.   Her sweet bunny Buttercup had to move on over the Rainbow Bridge, and that’s never any easy thing to do. 

Well, my nephew has popped in to visit, so I guess I’ll leave you with those thoughts.  It’s just a dreary, rainy afternoon here.

2 comments on “Finally Friday!

  1. Nichole says:

    TGIF! Thanks for Zeus’ shout out.

  2. nymphchild says:

    Have fun on the baby shower party! I will use the weekend to prepare for my trip and get used to the features of WordPress. Oh, and finally after how many time (?) we found you people to discuss names etc. But I also understand that a day has only 24 hours 😉

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