Two socks, cast on and off at the same time, on the same needle.  Wee! 


Pattern: Pedicure Socks  My second pair, but these were done via Magic Loop, two at a time, courtesy of 2-at-a-time SocksI did jump off track and do the heels separately, so the next pair, I’m going to follow one of her patterns to a tee.  Then, I hear there are variations on the 2 socks on one circ theme, so if doing it her way doesn’t seem absolutely perfect, I’ll search out more. 

Yarn:  More Wick.  Can’t get enough of this soy blend.  This is colorway #565.  I really like named colorways better, just in case any yarn makers read my blog.

Needle:  Knitpicks Options Harmony #6, 40″ cable.  I can’t imagine doing two socks on anything shorter than a 40″, but I might have to, because Addis only go down to a #1 that I can find, and KPs only make their tiny sizes in a 32″ cable. 

I cannot tell you how much satisfaction there is in pulling a PAIR of socks off the needle at the same time.  I also didn’t mind all the pushing and pulling as much as I did with my first pair of ML socks – my very first socks EVER, done one at a time.  I think it is comparable to the pushing and pulling with two circs, so I’m now sold on Magic Loop. 

I love this colorway, and hope my friend will too.  It just goes to show that there are no absolutes for me on colors.  I say I don’t like yellow or orange, but they’re both in there, and look great!  I think if I could name this colorway, I’d call it Spring Garden. 

I had another package yesterday.  While chatting about Magic Loop and socks, Ruth offered to trade her 40″ Addis for some 32″ Knitpick metals.  Most of you know Knitpicks are slow shippers, so I hope Ruth doesn’t have to wait too long for my end of the trade!  You’ll see she also included some teas for me to try.  The lavender certainly has my attention, and I think once I hit “publish” here, I’ll try a cup.  Thanks Ruth!  Hopefully soon, we’ll both have sock needles we like.

The weather and Sissy finally cooperated.  There are my first (and only so far) dropped stitches.  After seeing the finished Clapotis yesterday, I’m glad Grace suggested that I do fewer repeats for a summer wrap and to assure that I have enough yarn.   I think I’ll spend the afternoon with Clappy.

That’s just about one skein’s worth.  I don’t think you can see the purple in there, but it’s there.  Blue, yellow, tealish green, and a bright purple are the colors twisted in with the base of blue to form the stripes.  Seeing the completed project yesterday has motivated me, so I think I’ll get to knitting while I’m so inclined. 

9 comments on “Twins!

  1. grace says:

    love the pedi socks and the clappy is coming out beautifully, next time I am in michaels I will have to look for some of that yarn, I remember I used it once ages ago but I don’t remember what for!!!! Suffer from CRS

  2. gaylen says:

    Your Clapotis (is it just me or does that sound like the name of a disease?) is coming along great! I love the pediwicks. I have some wick and I’m not loving it (I think it’s wick – it might be maize) Maybe I’ll rip and mail. g

  3. Mary says:

    Clappy is look god! Pretty colors and I like the colorway of the socks too. ..even though I’m not a orange or yellow person Good job, so glad your able to get 2 at 1 Whats next??

  4. KSee says:

    they came out great. I’ve spent my knitting this wekend tinking back. Just getting to the heal flaps.
    I image you will be done with your Clapotis before I even cast on.

  5. Amanda says:

    Happy Sunday – and Happy FO! Glad you’re loving the magic loop!

  6. Alana says:

    Those socks turned out SOOO cute! I need to try socks again. You’ve finished a lot of fun things lately, and I’ve enjoyed seeing them. I feel way behind with everything… knitting, blogging… just life in general maybe!

    I am still plugging away on my wrap, though, so maybe one of these days…

  7. Bubblesknits says:

    The socks look great! I think I have a long Addi size 2 if you want it. 40″ maybe? It’s one of the lace needles with the pink cord. 🙂

  8. Anita says:

    The pediwicks look awesome! I’m so jealous of all your finished projects lately!!! Ugh, I’m feeling so inadequate! I know I have finished some projects, a few dishclots, but that just seems blah compared to your great stuff!!! 🙂 Still plugging away on my wrap.

  9. crimsonpurl says:

    YAH!! And ML believer!! I needed those socks on Friday when I got my pedi! ;op

    Clap is looking nice!!

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