Happy Bloggiversary to Me!

One year ago tomorrow, Annemarie  successfully talked me into blogging.  It took a lot of talking, not that YOU can tell it; once she got me going, I’ve gone on and on…   

So, we need a contest.  I started blogging just so I could join swaps, and to kinda’ keep a record of my FOs.  Along the way, I’ve met some neat people, and made some friends I suspect are of the life-long variety. 

Here’s what you need to:

  1. Leave a comment below.  Tell me a story about something a friend has talked you into doing.  Childhood best friend, someone you just met online, whatever.  Sissy gets her neediness from me; I need to be entertained!
  2. Post the contest on your blog and tell me you’ve done so.  You’ll get a bonus entry.
  3. There will be two prizes.  When I figure out what the prizes are, I’ll let you know.  (I’ve secured some, and I’m excited about them, so I hope you will be too!  The prizes are all about the friendships I’ve made in the last year too.)

The contest will run through midnight on April 1.   (No foolin’!)  I’ll let the random number generator pick a winner on the 2nd, and the story that gets me – laughter or tears – the hardest will also get a prize.


In other news, I hope you’ll stop in and wish Amanda and her family well.  Saying good-bye to a beloved pet is never easy, and when you have to make the choice to be a compassionate owner, it is just one more thing to work through as you grieve.

My always helpful, sweet buddy Monica   has a birthday on Friday, so wish her a happy one.  I’ll be working and in the midst of payroll, so I’m sending you along now, in case I forget!

Women multi-task better than men.  I don’t know if it’s a documented fact, but it’s sure true in my experience.  If you’re not in our Ravelry Group, come join us and celebrate the ability to work and surf at the same time.  Share your other favorite ways to make the most of your time too!  


88 comments on “Happy Bloggiversary to Me!

  1. Nichole says:

    I’ve posted the contest on my blog…

    Now for my story… a *friend* of mine talked me in to liking NASCAR. I refused to watch it on TV for the longest time, even though *he* highly enjoyed it and would take off and leave me behind to go to the races. I’d grown up going to the local short tracks, but just wasn’t interested in this crazy thing called NASCAR. Until about ’99 when I decided to take a trip to Martinsville, VA with *him*…. been hooked on NASCAR ever since and my obsession has far surpassed his.

  2. Nichole says:


  3. Anita says:

    Happy Bloggiversary Tomorrow! I’ll have to think about this before I give you my story… I’ll think & knit on my wrap tonight! 🙂

  4. anniebananie says:

    My friend Kemtee talked me into knitting, and I think she even realized it at the time. You see, we first met through a mommy’s board. Then she started a blog to chronicle her WiPs and FOs. I, being her friend (by this time we had met and really started to form a friendship)read her blog. I started to get interested in “this knitting thing”. I liked what she was making. I thought it was cool. Then, one day in July 2006, I was at Walmart in Watertown NY and was in the craft area. There was some clearance yarn and some needles. I picked them up, had my cousin show me how to cast on and knit (my grandmother had taught me as a child but of course I forgot) and I was off to the races! I haven’t looked back since. And I’m sure that Kemtee giggles every time she sees my stash (as she has often told me, I have come over to the dark side), and takes a certain amount of pride in how far I have come (knitting and stash wise) in such a relatively short time.

    And Happy Blogversary to you!!!!

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  6. Bubblesknits says:

    Happy Bloggiversary! I’ll have to think about a suitable story. I have several, but a few of them aren’t…um…blog appropriate. 😉

  7. Danielle says:

    My first year in College my friend talked me into joining the band fraternity, there was a sorority as well, but she didn’t like the people in there so she got me to join the co-ed band fraternity with her, much to the dismay of the band director. I met my husband after joining which made it worth it in the end.

  8. gaylen says:

    Well I think I have blogged about my funny – UGH story. When I decided to knit socks again this past year I was having trouble with gauge. I would knit one sock and it was beautiful. So, I would knit a second – too big, or too small or too somthing. I knit 6 socks to end up with 2 pair. Not a good way to start. So, my bloggy friend Camilla said I should knit both socks at the same time from the toe up, using magic loop! Wow! What a lot of new things to learn at the same time. Plus she sent me one tiny little link for casting on. That was it! I can promise you that I took her name in vain several times during the course of making that first pair – but now (as you know) I’m a die hard, toe-up, magic loop, both at the same time convert. At least for the hubby socks. 🙂 g

  9. p3knitter says:

    Happy Blogiversay! So here’s my public humiliation that I would like to share with you.

    One night at a local bar, my friend Karen talked me into doing Karaoke. I hate Karaoke, but I was a little drunk, so I thought … sure. Now, know first that I can not sing. If it doesn’t require a reed and a neck strap, I’m no good. So, I got up and sang “Stand By Your Man”. Everyone laughed and it was rather hilarious, especially when a regular, Goth Joe (he’s a total Goth, and his name is Joe,) stood up to sing with me, complete with the little hand gestures from The Blues Brothers movie! Fantastic!

  10. Robin in VA says:

    Happy Blogiversary!!! Well, I’m the daredevil…I’m that person that talked others into doing something with me! I can’t think of one thing I had to be talked into doing…normally I’m ready when the flag drops!
    Though there are a few things I won’t do, nor can I be talked into doing (ie~skydiving, base jumping…eating bugs or holding a spider).

  11. Kristen says:

    If I have the guts to post this on my blog with a photo…I will. You will surely laugh. Once some friends convinced me to go dancing at the DD disco in China. I was the ONLY blond in the entire place. (probably for miles too but that’s besides the point.) When the DJ wanted me to get up on a little stage (most likely because of my hair color), my friends PUSHED me. The convinced me to go along with it. Little did I know that the small stage would lift 5′ into the air. I ended up dancing with pink feather fans! And then…my friends took blackmail photos. =0) You know what though. Now, it’s a fun memory. You can’t go back and be 21 ever again!

  12. nymphchild says:

    Happy Blogiversary, Chan! And for stories – well, I think I have a couple of those, other than that Karen talked me into a top the other day while shopping.

    For one, my mother talked me into participating in the street parade for teh Carneval of Cultures in Berlin. It’s just a million people spectacle. And my mother chose a Brasilian Samba school for me. I was stuck in this fancy samba costume (and whoever knows the Brasilian carneval knows that they don’t care for much cloth on your body but the more for all the feathers and stuff on your head) for eight hours on a rather windy and partly rainy day. What shall I say? I had fun but would never do it again.

    Another time I was working as a volunteer in a kibbuz my mother was born at. We got a couple of days off so I went to Petra/ Jordan with a guy named Paul from England. We were invited to a family bbq by some other guy who created sand bottles to sell to the tourists. Paul talked me into this. But the thing the guy never mentioned before it was to late to say no was, that the family gathering comprised only of ca. 40 males of all ages – I grant them that they were all from one family, I never checked. And the bbq was held in the middle of nowhere in the Jordan desert. I had never better chicken than at this place somewhere close to the Dead Sea. But once we were back in the kibbuz we were very much scolded at. I wonder why…

  13. jen says:

    oooh happy bloggidty blog blog-o-versary!

    ok my story. My BFF in high school’s name was Joe. Joe was gay but hadn’t come out…he loved loved LOVED the Smiths. In 1991 when Morrissey was touring for Kill Uncle..Joe bought two tickets and drug me along. We were at this huge arena type place but had weaseled our way to front row. People were trying to get on stage to hug morrissey..so Joe gets this bright idea. Jen you’re 100 lbs and i can throw you up over the secrity dudes and the plywood barricade…have you hug morrissey and come back here and hug me!

    i actually agree to do this. Joe cups his hands together and i step in and counts to three, he launches me up and over a huge security guy and INTO the plywood barricade. Skinned knee and all i get up and try to go hug the mozz. He’s flinging the mic cord around and people are whipping gladiolas at him..so you had to dodge. But mission accomplished. I hugged him, got off stage and hugged Joe. It made him really happy and it was kind of worth the skinned knee.

    I also let joe convince me once to go on this bus that was parked outside the Vic at 3am and i did. It was teenage fanclub’s bus (it was 1992) and i ended up driving them in my ford tempo to JJ Peppers for Mountain Dew and Doritos. So i have a lot of crazy stuff Joe conned me into doing.

  14. Monnibo says:

    Happy Blogiversary!! And thanks for the bday wishes 🙂

    I honestly can’t think of something that I’ve been talked into doing…. Although my good friend Rachel has really brought me out of my shell in terms of dressing up and going out for a local show. She and I are both not size2 so we have fun trying on clothes and telling each other our worries about that sort of girl stuff. I don’t know if this really counts but she’s encouraged me to relax and flirt and talk — she is super friendly with everyone she meets — and it has really helped me be less shy. I really miss her– she is back in Vancouver and I can’t wait to see her again.

  15. Mary says:

    Happy Blogiversary my friend!!! A story about a friend huh?/ ROFLOL I met my friend online and through blogging. She was my group hostess and we started emailing and eventually I helped her co-host..she always gave pushes to sell on Etsy and eventually talked me into it! 🙂 This same friend helps me without a doubt come up with new ideas and realy sparks my creativeness when we get aon a roll….Can YOU guess who she is??? ROFLOL!! 🙂
    I love ya Channer!!! Hope it was a Happy Bloggy Day!!

  16. insanknitty says:

    Happy Blogoversary! How exciting… hard to believe you’ve been at it for a year already…wow does time ever fly! I feel like I’ve known you forever… 🙂

    Hope you had a great day in celebrations!

  17. Amanda says:

    Happy Blogiversary!

    It’s tough for me to tell a witty story about someone talking me into something, because I’m usually the one who talks others into things! So, no extra entry for me, but of course I will post about this contest on my blog.

  18. Sigh…you had to ask didn’t you? Fourteen years ago when our German exchange student was living with us we took him skiing at Lake Tahoe. He skis way better than I do…Late in the day he talked hubby dearest and I into going to the top of the mountain for “one last run”. It was a diamond run (expert) and I’m not up to that. Worse still, it was icy as the sun wasn’t out any more. Long story made short, I fell down that huge, steep hill for several hundered, or more feet! I have issues with big hills and ice to this day! I’ll post your contest. Happy Blogiversary!

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  20. trstno1 says:

    I posted your contest on my blog:http://darcyknottyknitter.blogspot.com/
    Iam an airforce wife and we got orders to the mojave desert in southern california we were already in a desert in Northern Idaho we got here and I told my hubby I wouldnt again have anyone to knit with.Tom told me to start a knitting group on the internet so I did.It has been a year feb 27th 2008 since I started the Knotty Knitter Group and we have 25 members we meet twice a month and go on field trips last one Stitches West:)Iam amazed by this as all I wanted was someone to knit with and now I have alot of people to knit with.The kicker my hubby knits now also;)Darcy

  21. Devon says:

    When I was a Freshman in HS, my friends convinced me to go to a dance club. Now this is not my usual scene, but I went along. They dressed me up and out we went. While I love dancing – straight meat market clubs are not very much fun. I was dancing with some guy and having an OK time when he leans in and asks me my name, to which I said, ‘Devon’ he then proceeds to pull away from me and says, “Are you a guy?” To which I replied, “NO!!!!!!!” And to say what I was wearing could have proved that is an understatement. Of course then after verifying that I was not a boy he then wanted to dance again – I DON”T THINK SO! Over all it was a funny event to look back on; it just proves that some people are ignorant and stupid for thinking because my name could be a guys that I was a guy.

  22. Natalie says:

    Happy Bloggiversary!! So…a friend talked me into joining this Sock Madness and now I’m trying to finish the 2nd sock and it’s driving me crazy!! 🙂 On a serious note, a childhood friend helped me find my independence. I am a very independant person now but I wasn’t always this way. I used to depend heavily on my friends and sisters. She convinced me that I needed to depend on myself a bit and that has been a wonderful lesson to learn. 🙂

    Thank you for the contest!! I love contests!!

  23. Dianne says:

    Happy Blogiversary! I posted about your contest, and have been wracking my brain for something to leave in this comment. I have apparently (and sadly!) led a very sheltered life. I’ve always been the one talking people OUT OF doing crazy things. I think I need to get out there and live a little!

  24. Rosie says:

    Happy Bloggiversary! I’ve posted your contest on my blog (http://sancochomangu.blogspot.com) A few years ago a good friend convinced me to join an online dating site. Along with a third friend we would search the site and recommend potential dates for each other and would laugh hysterically at some of the emails we received. None of us found Mr. Right but man did we laugh our butts off!!

  25. Em says:

    Happy Blogiversay Chan!!

    A friend of mine in hight school talked me into trying some fencing lessons from a friend of hers — I may not have stuck with fencing, but I did stick to our ‘instructor’ (and am still with him 13 years later!)

  26. heather says:

    ok, this is very hard b/c i am the one who talked her into doing the crazy stuff. pretending like we lived in the breakers mansion, speaking only in russian in public, signing in public and not speaking, flirting with the guys in the florida keys when we were too far underage, making her come live with me for 3 months, i was homeschooled and snuck into all her classes so we could be together for 2 weeks. it was a private school and no one ever questioned why i was there. i did all the homework too.

    i am going to have to call her and ask if she ever made me do anything. she definitely made me braver than when i was alone.

  27. StarSpry says:

    Happy Blogiversary, Chan!! So glad your friend talked you into blogging 😀

    Hmmm…when I was a Freshman in High School, my best friend talked me into joining Track with her. For some reason we decided to do long distance running. I didn’t mind the practices, but running around the same track several times for meets totally sucked! I think I may have been better at short distant stuff, but I did long distance because of my friend…and she ended up quiting Track and leaving me in by myself!! I should have quit or at least switched to short distance but I didn’t want to be a quitter 😀

    I’m posting about your contest on my blog now!

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  29. grace says:

    I will post about your contest very shortly—-I think one of the most influential friends I have had I never met. She is Mousepotato (aka Mickey in Podunk) from About.com. She ran a knit along for making a shawl. I joined I backed out of it, I listened to what she had to say and I tried again. We all know the rest is history, I have not stopped making shawls since then. Many many others have influences me since but she is the one who took my knitting in a whole new direction!!!

  30. grace says:

    How totally rude of me, chan sweetheart, Happy Blogaversary, you know I come here everyday Right???? Keep on posting my friend, keep on posting!!

  31. Lacey says:

    Chan I have a story for you. As you know my dear sister (Holly) is a sweetheart. We are six years apart so I am sure that she got tired of me growing up. Well when I was about 3 or 4 Holly was in charge of making sure I got my bath. Well she thought she would play a little trick on me. She talked me into eating soap by telling me that it tasted like strawberries. I ate it and spit it out. Now don’t form any bad opinions about my sister she is a wonderful sister and a dear friend. I just was her dear friend when I was that young. Happy Blogaverssary!

  32. Anita says:

    I’ve posted about your contest on my blog…. I emailed my story, if you want me to copy it here I will, I just figured it was a bit much, everyone might not want to read all that! ha ha!! 🙂

  33. Robin in VA says:

    I actually remembered to post your contest to my blog today!! My brain has turned to jelly…

  34. Margaret says:

    Well, I can’t think of a good story at the moment, so will just say… HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY!

  35. Bea says:

    Hi! THis is a good contest idea. Happy Blogaversary!!!

    When I was 7 or 8 we used to spend a lot of time on my grandparents farm. There were a lot of loose animals that simply roamed in fenced pastures on the property. I had a best friend that lived on the next farm over. She was a little more farm savvy then me and a couple of years older. We spent a lot of time with the sheep (I wonder why I love wool now??), the chickens, the dogs and cats, and the donkeys. But we never spent much time with the cows. Really why would you?? One day she suggested that we go visit them. The best way to do this would be to climb over the fence (it was one of those with the three horizontal wood logs between two vertical logs. Does that make sense?? So not very difficult.) She suggested that I go first because it was “my” farm. This was in a far pasture and I hadn’t ever been there before. I walked right up the the fence and set both hands on the top rung. And felt a mild electric shock go through me. My friend was behind me dying of laughter from the look on my face and my reaction. My grandparents had a runner and had had to very very mildly electrify the fence to keep the runner in. She’d lead me right to it knowing I didn’t know about that sort of thing. Luckily they only used as mild a shock as was needed or it could have been very bad. I was a lot more cautious around her after that.

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  37. kathy b says:

    fun blogaversary contest.

    Something I was talked into…….

    getting a third cat. My daughter Al, begged for one more cat before she left for college. she maintained she might meet someone allergic to cats, and this could be her last chance to have another cat in her life. I caved.
    we adopted radar, a deaf white male with blue eyes. He’s a clown.
    Al decided to live at home while she went to college………
    guess I got the benefit of both the cat and my daughter continuing to share thier lives daily with me!

  38. insanknitty says:

    I finally posted your contest today 😉 and for my story,…

    when I was a senior in High School my friends talked me into an evening of ‘golf flaggin’… basically stealing the flags off of the various holes… we went home with a string of golf flags from the two closest golf courses..

    At the time we all thought it was so ‘cool’.. but then not long after I was guilted to death over the fact that we actually STOLE something!

    I had quite a nice little string banner through college though with all those golf numbers in various colors…

  39. Rachel says:

    Happy blogiversary Chan–I’m glad Anne got you started!

    One story popped into my mind as I read your post and I don’t know why–I thought I had successfully wiped this from my brain due to the embarrassment. Now I bare all on this comment (you’ll see the pun). When I was younger my best friend and I were constantly getting in trouble and doing stupid (but let’s face it, fun) things. One night we were out running around like hoodlums and she decided for some random reason that we should ‘moon’ passing cars from behind a tree. I wasn’t too comfortable showing my hiny for all the world to see (especially in rural WV) but I did it anyway cuz I’d do anything with her. Turns out one of those passing cars? Her mother. And she recognized our white bums. And on short order, made them red!

  40. MrPuffy says:

    Happy Blogiversary! My best friend in college talked me into becoming a certified public accountant. She was obsessed with wanting to work for one of the big public accounting firms. I had no idea what I wanted to do – so I majored in her major (business economics) and she took me along to the recruiting parties and before I knew it I had a job offer before my senior year even began. Fortuitously I was a natural at auditing and eventually became a securities litigator and used my forensic accounting/auditing skills to unravel an accounting fraud involving billions of dollars that is currently pending trial in Federal Court. Sorry it’s not a funny or sad story – it’s the only one I’ve got.

  41. Elaine says:

    Happy Blogiversary

    I met Janet at summer camp when we were 11 – a very long time ago as we are older than dirt, as my aunt used to say.

    We both lived in New York City, and in those days kids took the subway alone and did things unsupervised and it was safe to do that. Janet and I often went to museums on Saturday morning as almost all of them were free, and they were warm and fun. One week we went to the Museum of Natural History – we loved to look at the Egyptian tombs and the dioramas. After running around all day, we sat down on a bench in the rotunda. There was a stuffed (real) elephant on a pedestal, and benches around it. By reaching up you could touch the elephant’s foot if you reached far enough. I did, and it felt like stone. I told Janet that and she touched it and said, I wonder what it’s belly feels like. I figured it probably felt about the same. She said – why don’t you go touch it and find out. Well, no, I couldn’t reach it – it’s up on a pedestal and it’s a big thing. Go ahead, don’t be a chicken. Well those were fighting words, so I climbed up on the pedestal, walked over to the middle, reached up and touched the elephant’s belly and it was … all soft and yucky. I screamed … and that’s when the whistles started blowing and the guards started running, but not as fast as us. We hid in the tombs for a while and then snuck out before we could get thrown out.

  42. Rachel O says:

    I got talked into going on someone else’s honeymoon.

    I received a phone call from Stan inviting us to his wedding. I assured him that we’d love to come. Then he said: “will you be joining us on our honeymoon”? Laughter. “No I mean it, he said. We’re inviting our 20 nearest and dearest friends to join us” More laughter. “Oh come on – we NEED you to come along. If you come, the others will come too” I wondered whether he was marrying a 12 year old (this was his second marriage and maybe he was getting desperate or weird).

    “Why do you NEED us to join you?”

    His young son from his first marriage would be living with them and was coming along on the honeymoon and so Stan figured if he invited a large group, we could all look after his son and they could honeymoon. We all stayed a the bride’s family vacation home on Cape Cod and this was the best (and only) honeymoon of my life (my husband and I were students when we got married and so never went on a honeymoon)

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  44. Anne says:

    Of course I’ve posted.

    And I’ve wracked and wracked my brain to find some sort of funny and endearing story where a girlfriend got me to do karaoke or flash some stranger or something equally fun, but you know me, and that it’s always the boys who have the impact most girls can’t.

    Something someone talked me into? THE ex of course, and moving to New Jersey. I was always enamored with the east coast, of course – the accents, the lure and romance of the big city – the idealistic belief he and I would somehow end up together and work it all out. He was able to make me believe, and to see it as the right choice – and while I know now it probably wasn’t, it’s not really something I’d take back – the years there and since have made me who I am and given me some experiences I’ll never forget, so it wasn’t entirely bad, was it?

    Happy Day, dearest!

  45. LaVerna says:

    Happy Blogiversary!I came over by way of Starspry.
    When I was sharing an apartment with my best friend Tracie,we always had more fun than good sense.We were 19 young and stupid.So one night during a snow storm,it snowed something like 20 inches.Highly unusual for the Texas Panhandle.We were snowed in for days.Everything came to a standstill.After the 3rd day of being cooped up in our apartment,Tracie talks me into going out.It took us 2 hours to dig out my 79 Pinto stationwagon.But we did it.Then we made our way up to the local convenience store to get supplies.Dr Pepper mostly.Then Tracie convinces me we should try to go somewhere else-the mall.So we went.After slipping and sliding around forever.We even did a 360 on the highway in front of a truck.We made it to the mall in one piece(barely) to find it was closed because no one could get there!So we made our way back home.Tracie and I have done alot of crazy things over the years but it was usually me talking her into it.This was the one time she talked me into something.It has never happened again!

  46. Triplet Mom says:

    My husband talked me into learning to swim. My father terrified me of the water when I was little girl. Over the years I have had several friends, even certified lifeguards, try to teach me. I had just given up on getting over that fear. Hubby was the only one I guess I ever really fully trusted, so it wasn’t until my mid twenties that I learned to swim. 🙂

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  48. Cass says:

    Happy B-versary!!! I posted my story on my blog for you. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMWWAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

  49. Wendy says:

    Happy Blogiversary………Cass sent me your way…This story is from many moons ago..I was 19 and terribly afraid of heights (still am) My sister, cousin and myself went to Kings Dominion and they have the thingy that goes over the whole park..(skycars) They talked me into getting on it with them, to get to the otherside of the park faster (had to get in as many rides as possible) The whole time I am in line I am getting sicker to my stomach, at just the thought of the ride. But of course I was not going to walk through the park by myself, so I stayed in line with them. So finally it is our turn to get on and I am hyperventlating by now, I insisted on sitting in a seat all by myself, so that I could be right in the middle and hold onto the thing with BOTH hands. It of course was my luck that it was slightly windy and the thing was swaying slightly, not a good thing, (your ok, you will be fine, just don’t look) STOP moving I yell at them (they are not moving) DON’T talk (They are trying to calm me down) QUIT laughing at me….I never opened my eyes the whole time, I could not breath normally, I thought I was going to die before we got to the otherside. We finally did make it to the otherside and they were not very happy with me for all the yelling at them. AND to this day, I WILL NOT let anyone talk me into doing anything like that again…NEVER, EVER…….
    Hope you have a great day……

  50. Dorothy says:

    Happy Blogiversary! Anne sent me – but I check in occasionally. Usually because Anne says too. (That girl has some power!)

  51. Vicki says:

    well when I was younger about 15 or so, my bff Nancy and myself wanted to go to the next town to go to a football game and party… we didn’t have our license or a vechicle if we did , so we had to scrounge up a ride from a friend, Tara… so we were all nice to Tara and she gave us a ride there… now Nancy had a crush on this one guy and was SURE that he would be around to give us a ride home… so we ditched tara after the game, ducked between stores and house so she couldn’t find us… it worked and she went home…. ( I know not very nice but we were 15) it started getting dark and we were wandering around town now looking for a ride home… Nancys crush was nowhere to be seen!! We in the mean time phoned our parents and told them that Tara ditched us! lol.. we then frantically tried to find a ride home… flagging down ppl we knew.. none were going home… aaarrrggg… did we even screw ourselves! it was about 11pm when Nancys crush came around…. and we finally got a ride home.. even if it was 2 or 3 hours later…. we both got grounded and are still bff’s till this day…

    I’ll post this on my blog and Cass sent me here.

  52. Carly says:

    Hmm, I’m not normally very influencable. .. but one of the few things I regret being talked into was the night of my 8th grade graduation (in 1993). I was staying over at my friend Susan’s house. Her ‘sort-of boyfriend’ was this “cool” (cool when you are 13, but not really cool at all kind of cool) boy who wasn’t really in a gang, but went to the school where all the gang kids that get kicked out of ‘regular’ school got put. I still find it ironic the school was called Enterprise. . . He wanted us to come out to visit. He said he would pay for a cab to come get us and take us, so she convinced me this was a good idea and we snuck out through her sister’s bedroom window. We got there, and he did indeed pay for the cab, but a series of very unfortunate events transpired while we were there, including the requisite guns and sex and alcohol and drugs you would expect from gangs and gang wannabees. When Susan decided to tell him she was breaking up, he threw us out of the house, leaving us with no money or way to get back to Susan’s, a good 20 miles from where we were. We were too scared to call either of our parents, so we decided to walk. This was 2:30am or so, and didn’t last long before we found a cab who was willing to drive us, have one of us stay in the car while the other snuck back into Susan’s house to find money to pay. Needless to say, when we returned, her parents had found out we had snuck out, and had called my mother who was at their house. The whole thing totally sucked, and it was the one and only time I ever snuck out!

    OK, That’s kind of a dark story for a blogiversary, so on a happier note, Jake totally talked me into needing a 2nd dog to keep our 1st dog active. And that, has been one of the best decisions we’ve made!

    Happy Blogiversary!!

  53. Keatyn says:

    One of my friends convinced me to start knitting.
    I have posted about the contest on my blog.
    The best way to reach me if I happen to win is to message me on Ravelry. My screename is knittingpanda87

  54. Angela Baker says:

    thanks for offering the contest and congrats!

    i thought and thought, and think i must be pretty stubborn because i can’t think of anything i’ve been talking into – however, last year our 2 daughters talked my husband into a blackberry pie eating contest – no hands allowed. my husband has a big beard, and he was SUCH a mess afterward – not to mention the belly ache. the girls got the biggest thrill out of watching him, tho’!

    thanks again!

  55. Kenyetta says:

    Happy Blogiversary! I had this page open all night trying to decide which story to tell. I could tell the usual about how I get talked into picking up shifts and regret it.
    But I decided to tell about when I was 16 and my cousin talked me into a double date. I had already met Joseph prior and decided it was a no go but she wanted to go out with his boy Victor. So I begrudgingly went. We rode the subway from the Bronx to Far Rockaway Queens, Beach 116 at that, over a hour. We got there, my cousin and her friend talked and got along, I just walked beside Joseph, not speaking. Then we all decided to go to the Deuce theater in Times Square, well the guys expected us to jump the turnstile. On the train, my cousin and I tried to ditch them, didn’t work. We get to the theater, they didn’t have enough money so we had to pay for ourselves. During the movie, they asked to borrow token money home! I was so glad when they left!

  56. cthulhulovesme says:

    Happy Bloggiversary! I think the most embarrassing thing my friends ever talked me into doing was taking part in a Rocky Horror Picture Show floor show. I’m not what you would call either coordinated or vocally talented, so getting up in front of a crowd and singing/gesturing along was possibly the most mortifying experience of my life.

    On the non-embarrassing side, my best friend in high school convinced me to go on a trip over the summer to build houses in Peru. Yes, that Peru. We lived with local families and spent a month digging holes in the ground and playing euchre on our lunch breaks. I’d do it again in a heartbeat if I could.

  57. holly says:

    Congrats my friend! I posted on my blog. I will have to think of a good story that I have been talked into.

  58. Wendy says:

    OOPS>>>>>>>>I deleted the email from you (it was in my spam) so I have no idea what you said…I really need to look better instead of a quick glance and then hitting delete, because there is no way to get the back from the trash once it is deleted from bulk….My bad..

  59. Bubblesknits says:

    Okay, I finally thought of something. When I was about 12, my best friend Cindy dared me to jump off this huge cliff on Smith Lake. Lots of kids liked to jump into the water from this place, but it was really high up and it took…well, guts. I begged the parents to drive us out there in the boat on Saturday afternoon, because I was determined not to back down from the dare. The adults were convinced that I would climb to the top and then chicken out, so they agreed. About an hour later, I had climbed all the way to the top along with some teenage boys. They were in front of me, so I was patiently waiting my turn while they egged each other on, trying to gather the courage to jump. You know boys. It takes them fifteen forevers to do something. Finally, I got tired of waiting and shoved them out of the way, took one flying leap, and over the side I went. The best part about it, was no one could believe I did it. I actually remember (as I was falling) hearing all the adults yell: “Oh Shit!”. Needless to say, the boys were pretty much forced to jump after the skinny little girl showed them up. hehehe

  60. Ingrid says:

    Chan, congrats on your 1 year anniversary, my daughters Martina and Anne talked me into having a blog to post while I was on vacation last year, and after that Anne has talked me into participating in swaps and I’m glad she did because I really enjoy the swaps. I will post about your contest on my blog.

  61. Ellen says:

    Happy Blogaversary, Chan! My best friend, Ann, talked me into coming over for lunch a day after my father-in-law’s funeral–it was hard going , but she begged! When I got there, she had all the women from our art group hidden in back–to celebrate my birthday! They all had handmade something for me. It was my first and only surprise party in my life, and I’ll always remember the mischievous smile on Ann’s face….and she’ll remember the shocked look in my eyes, I’m sure! She’s the best!!
    I’ll blog about your contest tomorrow–I’m beat from traveling tonight!

  62. Happy blogiversary! Dandy (Purple is a Fruit) sent me, and I’ve posted a link on my blog. 🙂 Something a friend talked me into… hmmm… well, this past week a friend talked me into teaching a third year computer science course! (Eeeek!) I sure hope I don’t mess up!

  63. KSee says:

    1 year! It goes by so fast. I’ve posted on my blog but will have to give more thought as to what I want to give up on I was talked into it before I post.

  64. Swapna says:

    Hi! I read about your blogiversary at Knit/Pickin’ and at Soapbox (Noricums)’s blogs. Happy anniversary!
    I shall post about your contest when I get a better net connection than I have right now.

    Something a friend talked me into doing was to join a diploma course for journalism, several years after I’d last gone to any sort of college. It changed my life, because now I have a freelance career, flexible enough for me to continue with it even despite my husband’s frequent transfers, and I get to Ravel while I work! 😀 I edit articles via email and I love reading and learning about so many different subjects.

  65. fireflynights says:

    I think I’m overdue in wishing you a Happy Blogiversary or whatever the correct term is. I’m afraid in this case I’m the one usually talking you into something. Do I hear that spinning wheel calling your name?

  66. Timiae says:

    This contest is definitely going on the blog…

    When I was in the 5th grade we went on a field trip and ate lunch at the park by Zoo Atlanta. It’s a nice place, with ponds. There was one pond that had a bridge going over it and a fountain…. the funny thing was, I didn’t know it was a pond. It was covered in some kind of plant, in a greenish brown color. It looked like painted cement. My friend and I were arguing over whether it was an actual pond or not. I said it was cement with a fountain and a bridge going over nothing. She said it was water. She said the only way to know was to touch it. Looking back on it, I guess she meant to touch it with my hand… I stepped on the “cement” and ended up waist-deep in a dirty pond. My jeans were covered in algae or whatever that stuff was. The rest of the field trip I was soaking wet from the waist downa and was made to sit in the front seat of the bus by myself.

  67. Andrea says:

    I have a friend who talked my husband and I into taking ballroom dancing lessons. It ended up that they were at the local senior center and most of the students were over the age of 70.
    It ended up being a great decision to go though. A year and a half later we still visit the senior center once a week. We have actually gotten to be pretty good at the waltz, cha cha, tango, jive and foxtrot. Recently I was elected secretary of the club and we have made some wonderful friendships with the couples there. Those seniors really have some great moves!!!

  68. Sharon Rose says:

    My friend Lisa and I were always daring each other to do stuff. “Give ya a quarter!” was the challenge cry. One silly thing I did at her urging pops to mind: We were leaving a theater past midnight, having just come out of “The Matrix” (which dates this is as 1999). It was a large open space, and we were riding the escalator up to the exit. She looked around, commented on the auditory quality of the space, and wondered how a scream would sound.

    I was tempted… being both tired and adrenalin-charged… and when the magic phrase left her lips, a blood-curdling shriek left mine. It was as loud as I could make it, and BOY did it echo! We ran out before security could grab us. 🙂

    Oh – and I was 29 at the time.

  69. Tanya says:

    I have done so many things having been coaxed into them by friends, although none have been dangerous and i can easily laugh at myself as well…all has been in good fun! (i also have been known to talk others into things so, we’re even) My husband talked me into going on the ride free fall at knotts berry farm. I was not really sure what to expect but climbed aboard. We started going up, up up, straight up. He kept telling me that we were almost there…birds started flying below us. I had a slight headache from the old rickety roller coaster. Finally we stop, seriously high in the air. After maybe 30 seconds of sitting we just drop, fast! Then bounce up and down a few times. Now i have been on that ride a few times since as well as the one that shoots you up from the bottom and love it. But the first time took me a minute to get over the shock. I have been thrown into kareoke, dancing on bars, and numerous other events as well as rafting, diving, etc and am always up to try something new. (at least once)

    Happy blogiversary to you!!

  70. Kris says:

    I honestly wouldn’t be able to give you a story that you’re looking for because I’m always the one talking everyone else into doing abnormal things. Like going drunken bowling. Which would be fun. If we weren’t all butterfingers and kept losing the ball while throwing it back. Luckily, no one was injured. But we just about died from laughter before we got kicked out. That’s really I think as bad as it’s gotten. We’re not that crazy of a bunch. 😦

    And I came here from Cass’s Shut Up, I’m Counting blog.

  71. Robyn says:

    My husband (he’s my friend, right?) convinced me to open up an online yarn shop (www.robynsnest.ca) when I joked about the idea of doing so… without his love and support, I would never have done it!

    Happy Blogaversary!

  72. crimsonpurl says:

    Oh my goodness! During my blogvacaton I missed your Blog Anniversary!!

    Our blogs were both born in March! LOL

    Happy Belated! And here is to many more years of fiber, knitting, and blogging!!! :oD

  73. laceylee says:

    Chan I left word on my blog.

  74. Megan says:

    My friend Laura talked me into visiting her at her all-women’s college. I was absolutely against going to an all-women’s college – no boys? are you nuts? – so she convinced me to just visit. Well, I fell in love. And a long story short, I spent the most amazing year of my life, with the most amazing people. It was a fantastic experience and I loved it.

  75. Artinreality says:

    Happy bloggaversary!

    Yes, I know the feeling when you know you are getting talked into something… My husband has this habit of just waiting and waiting with doing something until I go so nervous I do it myself… But I guess that’s just me being silly, and not really being talked into something…

    Oh, I know now – the thing I regret to be talked into the most was when I said yes to go out on a blind date with this guy, who’s a friend of a friend. There was nothing wrong with him, he was just kind of blah, and also a tad boring… In any case, I ended up going on two dates with him, which were fine, and then I spent the next five – FIVE – months trying to end it with him. He was being quite nice, just also quite boring, so I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to hurt his feelings, and kept hoping that he would break up with me.. In the end, I told him straight out that I didn’t think we were so well-suited for each other, and he answered: “Oh, but I thought things were going so well.” I didn’t know what to do in order to shake him off finally and for ever, so I responded: “Yes, well, is it ok if I meet a girl I think might be good for you, if I set the two of you up?” Lets just say he finally got the message…

    Have a great week!

  76. Alana says:

    One October I went with three friends for a girls weekend away at the lake… the last weekend before the resort closed for the winter. It was cold… really cold. Somehow, my crazy friends convinced me it would be liberating to take a quick dip in the lake at 2 am. Just run in and back out, all while wearing our birthday suits. I was the one that balked, but they managed to drag me along.

    Wrapped in blankets, we made our way to the edge of the lake, dropped our coverings (not me, I held mine above my head), and ran into water so cold it burned. We must have looked like a quartet of Pillsbury Doughboys waddling along in the moonlight.

    On the way back to the cabin, one of us (though I won’t say who!!) tripped over her blankie and landed on all fours in the sand. It was a “moon to moon” experience, if ya know what I mean!!

    The most frightening truth: We weren’t kids. One of my friends was a grandma at the time, and the rest of us had grown, or nearly grown, children. Woo Hoo!

    I’ll get your contest posted on my blog, too!

  77. Logan says:

    Already posted on my blog.

    So when I was trying to remember being talked into something, I couldn’t really think of anything huge, but I just remembered this one little trick that someone played on me.

    My friend Liz was having a backyard party type of thing. It was just getting started, snacks were out and people were getting there, and I’d brought along this chocolate sauce for dipping fruit in. I was standing with another friend of mine, and Liz randomly picked up a cube of cheddar cheese and dipped it in the chocolate sauce. I said, “That’s disgusting.” So she ate it, and then went “Huh…that was actually pretty good.” I said, “You’re definitely lying,” and she said “Try it.”

    Well, I always give weird stuff a chance, as long as I know it won’t kill me. So the other girl and I each picked up a cube of cheese, dipped it in some chocolate sauce, glanced skeptically at each other, then shrugged and popped the little chocolatey cheese chunks into our mouths.

    It was awwwful! Liz cracked up laughing. “Hahaha, you guys are so stupid! Of course it’s disgusting!”

    Well, some people say it’s good to have an open mind, as long as your brains aren’t falling out. =P

  78. Carrie Penny says:

    Something that someone has put me up to… Well, a very long time ago a lot of my friend got me up to sing karaoke… They got me to sing You’re So Vain and dedicate it to my boss at the time at the bar we were singing at. Roger got a kick out of it, but told me if I ever did that again, I would be fired… I don’t think either of us had ever blushed so much and for the record I was sober!

  79. Kathy says:

    Okay here goes. I have a best friend that I grew up with in a rural area. One the spring, when we were in the 9th grade, we decided that we wanted to “skip” school. So the night before school as we were walking in the hayfields on my grandparents farm, she talked me into rubbing poison oak on my face, arms and legs. She did the same. The next day, we were a mess! We ended up at the ER for meds, shots and we did “skip” school but we were miserable. Although, we laugh about it now, we have only just recently told our mothers the story.
    I have not allowed this friend to forget that she “talked” me into playing with poison:).
    I’m off to post the contest on my blog.

  80. ann hagen says:

    Hmmm, the first time I was talked into doing something stupid by someone else it was by my brother Jan who was 1 year + older than me. I’m thinking I must have been three or four and it was probably early spring. For some reason, the plan was getting totally naked and going to my Aunts house (she lived two houses away) and picking all her tulips. I can remember feebily resisting until the spell was completely cast, and next thing you knew there I was, naked, pulling up fistfuls of beautiful tulips and then….BUSTED! My Aunt came to the door and caught me red handed. I was so embarassed! The rest of the incident was so traumatic I have mercifully blotted it from my mind, though thankfully I still love tulips, and plant them every fall. They are about to bloom here in Northern Virginia as we speak.
    Congrats on your anniversary. I am blogless, so cannot post, but love your blog and hope you have many more bloggy annversaries.

  81. Jan says:

    Happy Blogiversary!

    I got talked into doing a family cookbook for our family reunion. It didn’t sound like a big deal till I started it. It ended up as an 85 page double sided spiral bound project. Now I treasure it as it has some family recipes that I would never have gotten any other way. I will say, I never want to do another one!

  82. Nancy says:

    Happy Blogiversary to you!
    my story…well, since this was the month I almost lost my Reggae, I think I’ll tell you how he came to be with me. After my cat Jasmine died from a long illness, I wanted to take a break for a few months, it was coming up on summer and I made a lot of weekend trips. Being cat free would be easier. I had the bunny, but he’s easy, a new kitten wouldn’t be. Well, my boss at the time, a friend as well, told me, you are not waiting, you are getting a new cat now, I am buying it for you. I tried to decline, but he wasn’t taking no for an answer. I guess my sadness was showing. That weekend, I made the trip to the breeder’s “just to look” because I really wanted a girl cat, but they had none available for 4 weeks. But, up I went, came home with a boy, my Reggae Thunder 🙂 If it wasn’t for Joe, I wouldn’t have gone up so soon.

  83. Barbara says:

    Well, I have posted a plug and a story over at my blog, but it is a different story than I am going to give you here.
    One time I was convinced by some friends that I should enter the “Wet T-Shirt Contest” at THE Western bar in town. I wasn’t so sure about this myself, but they all said it would be fine. “What if my dad actually goes to that bar?” (I didn’t think he did as I had never heard him mention it, I just knew he went to the one he took me to sometimes for “All you can eat Spaghetti” and shooting pool. “I have never seen your dad there,” says my friend, one of the bar maids/tenders. (So much for that excuse.) “What if I get carded?” “Don’t worry. I’ve got that covered too.” (Oh, BTW, I was underage. Could you have guessed?)
    Well, by the time everyone had convinced me it would be fine, that no one I needed to worry about knowing I was in in would ever find out (except for my future husband in retrospect), and every one got ready and out the door and into the cars to head for the bar, it was getting a bit later in the evening than they had planned on. By the time we got there, the contest was underway, the bar was full to fire code, and the only way any of us could get in was if we worked there and were willing ot work on our night off. That eliminated all but one of us, and I was a bit relieved. I still hadn’t been convinced that there wouldn’t have been someone there that would have recognized me and told my dad that they had seen his sixteen-and-a-half year-old daughter at the Westerner!

  84. WMK says:

    Happy Blogver!

    I took my nieces and nephews to Kennywood Amusement Park (Pittsburgh, PA); late in the afternoon they talked me – not exactly the family dare-devil – into going on the Demon Drop (150″ pilar w/chairs suspended around the outside – you are strapped to a seat, lifted to the top and then “dropped”. Let’s just say that when it was all over I was in a fetal position screaming my head off.

    The worst part? They talked me into doing it AGAIN by convincing me that it wouldn’t be as frightening AFTER DARK!!!

  85. Nicole says:

    Happy blogiversary!

    It’s been fun reading all the stories people have shared, but tough thinking of anything to add – it’s not too easy to talk me into things. I guess one was on a field trip with my band class, when we decided to climb up on the roof of the building we were staying in. Nobody got hurt, or even really got in trouble, but we all got quite a lecture on the things that might have happened.

    I was not one of the people who was dumb enough to try racing down a hill in a shopping cart, though, which was the other main activity that day.

  86. Julie says:

    Happy blogiversary! Got here via star spry. Let me just say by not saying too much…ex~husband, me, nudity, snow, national park, daylight, lust.

  87. km says:

    I had to come back to read all the stories. Thanks for the entertainment. It was good to laugh. I’m totally doing the skinny dipping when I’m a granny. The last time I did that was just after H.S. graduation. We’ll have to rally the old girls.

  88. […] behind on blog reading, but did want to alert you to a contest that my dear friend Chan is hosting. Go check it out, and wish her a Happy […]

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