Never Say Never

I think perhaps that’s my new mantra.  I am pretty sure that at 14 (give or take?) when I threw down the knitting needles, I said I’d never want to knit.  I know for a fact that about a year ago, I said I’d never have any interest in crochet.  Then, spinning.  Now, a spindle.

Meet my new source of frustration.  You might recall that after my spinning class, I had zero interest in spindles, as opposed to wheels.  Well, since I’m such a belabored shopper, I’m wanting to spin and have nothing to spin with (on?).  Anita found this spindle kit in an Etsy storeMary purchased a bottom whorl version, and two days later, I found myself purchasing the very same kit Anita purchased.

It came with instructions and a couple of sample fibers.  It should have come with its own parachute.  See that?  That’s the floor of the dog pen, below our back deck.  I was out there on the deck, spinning away, so proud of how it was going.  I stopped to wind on a bit, and next thing I knew, the tail end of what I was spinning was feeding into what I’d already spun.  I was working on untangling that mess and trying to get going again, and I suppose I overspun a bit…  Next thing I knew, my new treasure very literally took flight from my leg (I was giving it a good spin to get started), flew through the rails on the deck, and landed below.  (Couldn’t just have thudded against the rail and landed on the deck.  Not with my luck.)

Luckily, it was none the worse for wear.  I managed to get to my spindle before Sissy did, since she wasn’t quite sure what we were doing in the pen.  It’s a very pretty little spindle, but I’m going to have to get the Knight to notch it for me, at 4:00, Robin says… 

A spinning bag is also in order.  I think one of Kathy’s bags  will be ideal.  Then, I can stand and spin while playing fetch with the dogs…  I’m betting one of you spinner-types will also point me to a specially designed spinning bag, hint, hint?

I will say that I found this WORLDS lighter, prettier spindle easier to use.  It spins – as in whirling ’round and ’round – like a top, unlike the big clunker we tried in class.  Also, it’s so visually appealing that I WANT to try to make us a team.   Still, I’m planning to get a Kundert before we head to the beach.

If you look closely in the upper left corner, you can see my little helper.  I was surprised that she wasn’t curious about the spinning thingee, dangling in the air.   I think it’s neat that it’s signed and dated.  Perhaps if I do take to this form of self torture  artform, I’ll remember that this was my first, and hopefully only flying, spindle. 

I feel a multi-post day coming on.  I have a tea-along post due, and probably another coffee swap question to answer too.  However, I also have an article due for a newsletter TODAY, so I think I’ll tend to that first.  (I did get my billing done already this morning, lest you think I’m a total slacker.)  I did have to stop working on work to look for the new Panda Soy Sock Yarn.  (Thanks, Cassababe!)  Turns out it won’t be available until July, so I’ll make a shameless plug now for belated birthday gifts of the same. 

This isn’t getting that article written.  I need to remember to attach the recipe form and copy the webmaster too… but that’s not exciting, bloggable news, is it?

One more tidbit to help me avoid doing what I should  before I wrap this up.  Many of you share your children’s milestones on your blog, and I’ve been sharing Sissy’s too.  However, today was a special day in MJ’s life.  Last month, she finally learned how to check her own email account.  Today, she made her first online purchase, all by herself (if you don’t count me talking her through it).  Yes Ann, I am an enabler.  Aren’t we all?



13 comments on “Never Say Never

  1. MrPuffy says:

    I’m interested in how you find the spindle method and if it produces enough yarn to make it worth the time. Looking forward to seeing you in your tea outfit!

  2. Anita says:

    HA! And here I thought I’d be the first to throw it somewhere! SNOL!!!

    Those Kundert spindles sure are pretty things! Let me know how they compare…. I’m curious to see how one of those compares to the cheaper ones. 🙂

    I still want to see how your yarn comes out!

  3. AlisonH says:

    Wheels are SO much easier… (I’m bad!)

  4. Nichole says:

    That’s the same spindle I have… the one I was lead to (at the time on ebay, as opposed to Etsy)… the same one that my enabler told me (months later) probably wasn’t all that great and maybe I needed a better one…. hhmm…
    Anxious to see what you make of it!

  5. Bubblesknits says:

    It’s gorgeous! I love the design on the top. And don’t feel bad. I can’t count the number of times I tossed mine across the room. 🙂

  6. anniebananie says:

    And you are such a WONDERFUL enabler!!! Yeah to MJ!!! Way to go!!!

    Oh, you have gone over to the dark side. A drop spindle? You are so in for it now. I really need to see how that thing works. and it’s just beautiful.

  7. Nancy says:

    Oh…you spinner you!! That little thing looks fun and cute. (I will not go there…I will not bite..I don’t want to spin!!!) Well, I do, but I don’t.have.time.
    Congrats to MJ for her new mad computer skillz!

  8. Well, what can I say? Now you’ve gone and done it. You’ve become a spinner? What next? Let’s hope you still find knitting time!

  9. Dianne says:

    Hooray for MJ! A whole new world of shopping just opened up for her!!!

    It is so funny that you went from not being a spinner a few weeks ago, to plans of owning multiple drop spindles, and a spinning wheel. I would say “I told you so”, but I’m not that kind of a person. Hehehe!

  10. crimsonpurl says:

    DEFINITELY your new mantra for 2008!!
    And don’t forget to add ML and Noro! ;op Haha!

  11. crimsonpurl says:

    Oops I also meant to add your spindle is pretty!! :oD

  12. Natalie says:

    You resisted but I knew you’d fall. 🙂 Your a spinner. Those bags are amazing!!

    Hope you are having a great day!

  13. Amanda says:

    I think I see a wheel coming to your house soon!

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