Fiber Candy

But first, a contest!  Enter before April 30th for a chance to win one of five totes and/or and advance copy of a new book. 

Before we headed southeast, I received a Loopies Groupies notice about a sneak up.  I rushed over and secured my own Lawre’s Laine Baby Bag.  I’ve seen the bags in other sizes in person, and knew I wanted one of my own.  (I still want THE bag or even the Big Bag too…)  Even the Baby Bag would have allowed me to cram all three of my WIPs AND spinning bag into one place, rather than the two totes I took with us to the beach last weekend.  I love that they’re made here in Virginia, and I know I’m not alone in wishing we could order directly from the website.


(Nine interior pockets!)

I also scored some of The Loopy Ewe’s  custom dyed yarn, Michelle’s Pretty Pink Cactus.  My Loopy Goodness was sitting on the porch waiting for me on Sunday.  I had no idea it would come so quickly!






Then, there was the mandatory stop at Knitting Addiction.   I’ve eyed her cute tees before, and now that it’s warm enough to wear one, I couldn’t help myself.  There are other designs too, but I settled on that one, this time. 

Now look at the back.  That’s OBX, get it?!



I decided this little bag would be perfect for my small lace project, and it was.  (Rotten photo, I know.)





I also bought one wee skein of the Plymouth Linen Isle linen blend (far right), because Jeanne swears it is lovely, and those who were around last summer know I didn’t enjoy linen much at all.  (Don’t fall for the colorway.  The brilliant marketing team at Plymouth discontinued it.) 

Then, there was the sock yarn, because I could hardly visit Jeanne and leave without sock yarn.  (See the shirt above.  It’s true.)  Tofutsies (#855) and Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in “Lottery.”  How could I go wrong?  Also, Jeanne and I played our own little “if you could only knit with one yarn, what would it be?” game.  It shouldn’t surprise you to know I quickly announced that I could live, as long as I had an endless supply of Tofutsies.  Jeanne’s answer was Interlacements Toasty Toes.  I’ve not knitted with that before, so I’ll have to find a way to work some into my future…

I also required some of the O Wool Balance, the turquoise in the middle.  I think it could make me love cotton blends.

There was a finished object I can share.  Nichole’s contest runs through April 25th.  It was my honor to whip out a Dog Paw Scarf for the occasion.  It’s a speedy knit.  This one was done almost entirely on the 4-hour drive back from the beach, complete with interruptions by the royals with whom I travel.  PSSOs aren’t easy on bumpy roads, but I managed.  (And hopefully, Nichole will manage a better photo too.  It’s supposed to rain until Wednesday, and I really want to ship this out tomorrow!)


Pattern:  Dog’s Paw Lace Scarf   This is my second time with this pattern.  It’s quick, easy and produces a nice little finished object.  What’s not to like?

Yarn:  Rowan Kidsilk Haze in Hurricane   Ha.  Ironic, no?  I had no idea I’d be knitting on the way home from the beach, in the rain nonetheless, when I bought this.  This was my first experience with fuzzy, soft, wee yarn, and I’ll be going back for more.  The only problem I had was that the fluff stayed in my mouth.  I probably could have knitted the scarf in half the time, had I not constantly been pulling a stray fiber from my mouth.  Of course, if you don’t shove your needle in your mouth at the end of the row when you flip and turn (I do small lace projects on straights, remember?), you probably won’t have that problem. 

Needles:  Speaking of which, I used my go-to lace needles, the Bryspun straights, in size US #10.  I do have to say though, that with the PSSOs, the point wasn’t sharp enough for my liking.  

Yes, my eyes do glaze over and I do seem to buy similar colorways in different yarns.  Here’s the Loopy yarn and the CTH, side by side.  Evidently, I’ve been answering the call of my 13 yr. old inner Preppy.  You can never have too much pink and green, right?



16 comments on “Fiber Candy

  1. Mary says:

    Hand over the bag and noone gets hurt…lol Love love love the pockets!!
    The scarf is beautiful!! and WOW, motherload of yarns 🙂

  2. Amanda says:

    Fiber “brain frost”…. wow, great yarn!

    I’ve enjoyed reading about the different facets of the trip!

  3. crimsonpurl says:

    LOL @ “Life’s too short” sign! Luv it!! :oD

  4. MrPuffy says:

    I totally agree – life is too short to knit with ugly yarn!

  5. Bubblesknits says:

    I like the yarn purchases! And the t-shirt. And the bag. Remind me again why I didn’t catch a midnight flight? LOL

  6. Tee heee….your inner 13 yr old preppie! Cute T-shirt, nice bag, love the sock yarn!

  7. Nichole says:

    Ok, blame it on not enough coffee this am, but OBX?
    LOVE all your purchases… and the shirt & bag are great!!! I can’t believe you knit that scarf in the car… I did some travel knitting on Sunday (my criss cross scarf for my ISE pal) – I didn’t dare lace work though!

  8. Wendy says:

    What a great bag!!! I’ll have to post the one that Mom brought with her last week. It hasn’t left my side since! And I’m so jealous of your yarn spree. I need a little jolt in my knitting.

  9. Nancy says:

    Whew! Lots to comment on in your post! 🙂 First, that bag is great! I love the Loopy Ewe…I just became a groupy. (surprise for me!) That t-shirt is so fun…OBX, perfect! As far as purchasing similar colors from different sources…I’m right there too. I just ordered for different exchanges…both of my pals share similar likes to mine…it surprised me how all the different skeins of the ocean/blue/green/purple colors looked alike sitting on my counter!
    I love your dog’s paw! I didn’t realize kidsilk haze could produce such detail. lovely job, especially in the car knitting.

  10. Nancy says:

    I knew I’d forget something! The tank I made my friend Kathy last summer, I used linen isle. I loved it. I have some in the stash to make one for me. I think you will enjoy knitting with it, and it looks pretty as a fabric.

  11. nymphchild says:

    Chan, once again you have proven that you are kinda addicted to knitting. Who else would look out for a sign like the one displayed? And that is good as I have a question for you:
    Do you have by chance a picture of your hands knitting? I want to use it for my series of Hogwarts and Dante’s 9 Spheres of Paradiso. And to be more precise it is for the Jupiter pic that I want to dedicate to Molly Weasley. So, can you help me out?

  12. Monnibo says:

    Oooh that Pretty Pink Cactus actually makes me think WATERMELON!!

    That dogs paw scarf reminded me — Any suggestions for a lace-weight scarfy-shawly thing? I can’t find anything on Rav that I’m CRAZY about… ya know?

  13. Anita says:

    Man, I hate being sick! Look at all I missed!!!!

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all your new stuff!!!! I just have to have one of those T-shirts! Too funny! 🙂 Except mine could just say “Hand over the yarn” LOL

  14. grace says:

    I am in pure lust over everything you just showed That is swag to die for!!! You deserve it all and more!!!

  15. Anne says:

    Ooh way cute bag 😀 And the shirt is so you it’s almost a bit frightening – I still really must get myself one of the “Will Knit for Coffee” shirts. *grin*

  16. StarSpry says:

    Great purchases!

    Your Dog Paw Scarf looks beautiful 🙂

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