Before I begin whining  sharing my attempts at hand spinning, here’s a link to my fabu artist friend’s blog, where you can see the beginnings of her project for which she wanted the photos of my hands knitting.  Do poke around while you’re there; I happen to think she’s very gifted and has such a fresh approach to art, combining it with literature, life, philosophy and so much more.

So, I kept in mind my promise to Mary  to spin for an hour, three days in a row, and set out for day #1 yesterday.   I started with FIRST, as I call my (duh) first hand spindle.  Anita the spinning prodigy had already told me she couldn’t keep it spinning, so when I got frustrated, I carefully pulled out my Kundert Spindle, tied on its leader, took a deep breath, and suddenly, found myself SPINNING. 

Note the thick-thin of FIRST’s yarn.  It’s still far better than what I tried to produce in our brief interaction with hand spindles in the spinning class last month, but it’s hardly worth celebrating.  In contrast, look at what a difference the Kundert made.  Both of these bits were spun with the same roving, within a minute or two of each other.  Yes, it’s hardly consistent, but it’s closer to it than FIRST’s yarn.  Best of all, while it took me about fifteen minutes or more to spin that small bit on FIRST, I spun that on the Kundert in a fraction of the time… maybe two minutes?

I’m fast learning about what I like in a spindle.  (Aside from anything Mary suggests…)  That’s an evil little cup hook, which seems to encourage overtwisting.  There’s still no notch on the thing, and as disenchanted as I am with it now, I doubt I’ll bother to have the Knight put one in.  It shall remain FIRST, and it’s easy on the eyes, but I don’t know that I’ll ever reach for this heavy, cup-hooked, non-notched fella’ again.  (After these photos, I did spin up what remained of the attached roving, but that’s probably the end of its spinning.)

There you have my beauty, in need of a stately name.  I moved the fiber out of the notch so you could see it and the hook.  (If I had my favorite book with me, I could tell you what kind of hook it is, and why it’s the best kind for top whorl spindles.)  I still have to pre-draft in a serious way, but I suspect that now that I am getting the hang of spinning with a spindle that actually SPINS, the rest of the techniques will come too.

The Kundert and I enjoyed this view while we hung out on the deck.  (FIRST might have too, but obviously, we haven’t bonded.)  That’s a trio of wild dogwoods, the State tree and flower.  The local Dogwood Festival is in full swing, with the parade and the grand ball tomorrow.  I still want a pink dogwood and a redbud, but not this weekend.  

Tomorrow, I’ll head towards Richmond for our knitting guild’s monthly meeting.  Sunday, I hope to drive over to Pop’s hometown for the Cestari Wool Festival, as a warm-up for the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival next weekend! 

15 comments on “Trying

  1. KM says:

    The Dogwood festival sounds like something I’d like to add to my “bucket list”. I love those blooms. And, I really have to find a S&WF that’s around here somewhere. I hear such fun things about the MS&WF each year.

  2. MrPuffy says:

    Live and learn I say. It is pretty and as you say, it’s your first. I haven’t seen a dogwood tree in bloom since I moved from South Bend. Takes me right back.

  3. Dianne says:

    I love the look of wild dogwoods! The “planted” ones are nice, but when you see them wild, there is something so “right” about it, don’t you think? I’ve been trying to get photos of wild dogwoods around here for a blog post. The trees are not in full bloom yet. Maybe another week.

    Your spinning looks great!

  4. nymphchild says:

    Chan, you are too sweet. I’ll try to make your hands as perfect as possible, just for the nice words you found.

    And your wool looks very unique and full of character. Who wants perfectly straight threads anyway? 😉

  5. Nichole says:

    Interesting to hear your comments and about Anita with that spindle… I think after all, it really wasn’t me and that spindle just bites. UGH. Maybe I’ll get something better at the TKGA show… you’ll have to email me about that other one you got and what it is.
    THe Dogwood festival sounds awesome!

  6. Spinning is just soo over my head. But, the beautiful dogwoods are just what is needed for this lovely spring day! Hope you had a cuppa to go with the view.

  7. StarSpry says:

    Your spinning attempt on the 2nd spindle looks great! An hour a day sounds like good practice 🙂

    Those are beautiful pictures! The Dogwood Festival sounds like fun!

  8. fireflynights says:

    What is the Cestari Wool Festival? Almost nothing about it shows up online.

  9. grace says:

    I just noticed our dogwoods are blooming too The cherry trees over power then but they are doing their thing!! Have a great weekend especially the wool festival

  10. Anita says:

    Your yarn looks awesome! You did better at your first than I did!! 🙂 Amazing how much difference a good spinning spindle makes! Now I just have to figure out how to wrap the yarn on there so it doesn’t affect the balance so much, when I get quite a bit on there it slows down….

  11. Monnibo says:

    Stop teasing me!! You’re making me want to try spinning!!

  12. crimsonpurl says:

    Well you know all the sayings “Pretty on the outside…” “All that glitters isn’t….” and so on! :o)

    But glad you got the hang of your other queen spindle! YAH!

    Ooh you are going to MS&WF?!? KEWL!!!

    Would love to hear about what demonstration/class you will have tomorrow at guild! ;o)

  13. Amanda says:

    The dogwood trees are beautiful!

    You’re really getting there with your spindle! I just can’t get the knack of those. Think a wheel would be the way for me – but those don’t agree with my wallet. So, I knit for now.

  14. Mary says:

    Oh, I want a dogwood too!!! iI surely miss those tree’s lots!
    You did great spining, hey you wanna try my bottom I cna’t figure how to get it to work, can’t find a bottom twirl video…
    Definitely a great view from the deck. Have a great weekend!!
    Love ya!!!!

  15. KSee says:

    glad to know about your experience with your 1st spindle. I received in the mail this week the gasket to make my own CD spindle but reading about your “cup hook” I think I’ll wait to get a better spindle. Virginia is a pretty state and this time of year we have so many wild and state planted trees and flowers to see.

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